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Line 1 Stations
(*) 2010 MBmapainicio.png Basauri
(*) 2010 MBmapaestacion.png Ariz
ZonaB0.png IconoL1.png MBmapainicio.png Etxebarri
ZonaA.png Euskotren1.PNGEuskotren1d.PNGEuskotren3.PNGIconoL1.png MBmapaestacion.png Bolueta
IconoL1.png MBmapaestacion.png Basarrate
IconoL1.png MBmapaestacion.png Santutxu
IconoL3.png (*) 2011 Atención a usuarios de Metro BilbaoEuskotren4.PNGIconoL1.png MBmapaestacion.png Casco Viejo
IconoC1.png IconoC2.png IconoC3.png EuskotranA.PNGIconoL1.png MBmapaestacion.png Abando
IconoL1.png MBmapaestacion.png Moyua
IconoL1.png MBmapaestacion.png Indautxu
IconoC1.png IconoC2.pngEuskotranA.PNGTermibusIconoL1.png MBmapaestacion.png San Mames
IconoL1.png MBmapaestacion.png Deusto
IconoL1.png MBmapaestacion.png Sarriko
Atención a usuarios de Metro BilbaoIconoL1.png MBmapaestacion.png San Inazio
ZonaB1.png MBmapaestacion.png Lutxana
MBmapaestacion.png Erandio
MBmapaestacion.png Astrabudua
MBmapaestacion.png Leioa
MBmapaestacion.png Lamiako
Atención a usuarios de Metro Bilbao MBmapaestacion.png Areeta
MBmapaestacion.png Gobela
MBmapaestacion.png Neguri
MBmapaestacion.png Aiboa
MBmapaestacion.png Algorta
MBmapaestacion.png Bidezabal
(*) 2010 MBmapano.png Ibarbengoa
MBmapaestacion.png Berango
ZonaC.png MBmapaestacion.png Larrabasterra
MBmapaestacion.png Sopelana
MBmapaestacion.png Urduliz
MBmapafin.png Plentzia
(*) under construction
Line 1 (Etxebarri - Plentzia)
Opened November 11, 1995
Operated by Metro Bilbao S.A.
Current stations 28
Latest expansion January 8, 2005 (Etxebarri Station)
Future expansions Basauri, Ariz and Ibarbengoa
Total length 31 km
Municipalities covered Etxebarri, Bilbao, Erandio, Leioa, Getxo, Berango, Sopelana, Urduliz and Plentzia

Currently, Line 1 of Metro Bilbao starts on the station of Etxebarri and finishes in the station of Plentzia. Its route covers the municipality of Etxebarri, the city of Bilbao, the right bank of the Nervión river and Uribe Kosta. The line has 28 stations.


On November 11, 1995, Lehendakari José Antonio Ardanza Garro opened the first 23 stations of Metro Bilbao, the route between Casco Viejo and Plentzia.

One year later, June 24, 1996, Gobela Station, between the stations of Areeta and Neguri, opened, in the municipality of Getxo. On July 5, 1997, three new stations were opened, Santutxu Station, Basarrate Station and Bolueta Station.

In 1999 the constructions of the intermodal station of San Mames started. Today, that stations connects Cercanías, EuskoTran, the Termibus station and the Metro system. On January 5, 2005, the Etxebarri Station opened, which today is the terminal station.



Future ampliations

The Line 1 of Metro Bilbao will be expanded with three new stations.

  • 2010. The stations of Ariz and Basauri will be opened.
  • 2011. The station of Iberbengoa, between Bidezabal and Berango will be opened to public.

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