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The Napoleonic line of succession is the line of claimants to the French imperial throne, recognized by a majority of Bonapartists. The current line was founded by Napoléon Bonaparte's younger brother Jerome Bonaparte, though earlier claimants (including the three reigning emperors, Napoléon I, Napoléon II, and Napoléon III) were descended from Napoléon himself or his younger brother Louis Bonaparte.

List of claimants

Each claimant is son of the previous claimant, except where otherwise noted.

After this point, the succession is disputed between father and son, son and grandson respectively of Napoléon VI Louis.


Current line of succession

Line of succession from Prince Charles Napoléon (Napoléon VII Charles)

  1. HIH Prince Jean-Christophe Napoléon (Born 1986), Charles' son (Napoléon VII Jean-Christophe)
  2. HIH Prince Jerome Xavier Bonaparte (Born 1957), Charles' brother

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