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Lineage Java Server - a server emulator, written in Java and Python, uses a database management system (DBMS) MySQL and simulated work of the popular MMORPG - Lineage 2. Distributed under license by GPL. Java server does not require modification of the game client, but users wishing to go to the server, you must manually edit the file and decode the client, that would change the IP-address to address their own server. All modifications take place in the file l2.ini, which is located in the directory system the game client (ie a file l2.ini responsible for the IP-address of the server). As an alternative to - edit the file hosts, should also be noted that the license agreement NCSoft may not modify the files of the client.


With the growing popularity of MMORPG Lineage 2, many players the desire to create your own server for this game and use them well, as does their creator. But, unfortunately, most of the original server software was not available to anyone other than their creators, so we had to recreate their functionality. This was done either by analyzing the data stream generated by the server or from disassembling and analyzing the existing customer.

Developers often tried to prevent the development of emulators, by encrypting the data stream, but the client still had to somehow «understood» the data came, respectively, and transcribing them into computer memory. The authors of these servers are actively used, analyzing the way in which data is decrypted, and based on that recreate the original cryptographic algorithms.


The main feature of java server is its cross-platform, and less consumption of resources. Run the PTS server is possible only on Windows Server 64bit using a database management system (DBMS) MS SQL, while the server is running PTS should be at least 4 gigabytes of RAM and Dual CPU with a clock purity 2.0 GHz. Using java, server, data characteristics enough for online in the 600 + people.

Required Program

Since the game uses Java server database management system MySQL and written in Java and Python, it is necessary to complete the work that would have established the following programs:

- Java platform


- Navicat or any other software for database management MySQL.

- L2Dat_EncDec or L2 FileEdit (To edit the file l2.ini)

Commands Server Developer

At the moment there is a long list of teams that specialize in creating Java servers of various chronicles, from the Chronicle 4: Scions of Destiny to the latest, at this moment, chronicles The 2nd Throne: Gracia Final. Here's a partial list of leash commands:

l2jfree, l2jserver, L2EmuProject, l2jarchid, l2jequal, La2base Java Developers Team, L2JOfficial, L2Dream, White Project, l2f (CCP).

Some of the assemblies shall be distributed only under license GPL, but also to sell the team for the money, as a rule, such assemblies are distinguished by their quality, greater functionality and stability.


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