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Lipstick feminism, also referred to as "stiletto feminism" or "slut feminism", [1] is a branch of feminism in which it is not seen as contradictory to both be a feminist and to put on a show to attract men/women. Besides the acceptance of makeup that the title implies, lipstick feminists also do not find stripping, pole dancing, flashing, girl-on-girl exhibitionism, or sometimes even glorification of prostitution to be in conflict with feminism. Lipstick feminism also associates sex with power and the power of sexual allure as power over men.

A more mild degree of lipstick feminism allows followers to call themselves feminists while still wearing makeup, suggestive clothing such as short skirts, and other suggestive items that are usually condemned for various reasons by traditional feminists. Many traditional feminists see lipstick feminism as a contradictory philosophy in which women willingly objectify themselves while calling it empowerment.





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