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Lisa Alther (born July 23, 1944, in Kingsport, Tennessee) is an American author and novelist. Her first name is pronounced as if it were spelled Liza.



She graduated from Wellesley College with a B.A. in English literature in 1966. After a brief time in the publishing industry, she moved to Hinesburg, Vermont to raise her daughter. According to Ms. Alther, she wrote two novels, a host of short stories, and received "hundreds of rejection slips" between age 16 and 30, before Kinflicks was accepted for publication.

Alther is the author of five novels, Kinflicks, Original Sins, Other Women, Bedrock, and Five Minutes In Heaven, as well as a small number of published short stories and many magazine articles.

Alther's most recent book, published in spring 2007, is a nonfiction work entitled Kinfolks: Falling Off the Family Tree--the Search for My Melungeon Ancestors (ISBN 1-55970-832-8).


  • Kinflicks (1975)
  • Original Sins (1981)
  • Other Women (1985)
  • Bedrock (1990)
  • Five Minutes In Heaven (1995)
  • Kinfolks: Falling Off the Family Tree--the Search for My Melungeon Ancestors (2007)


  • Other Women - briefly noted in The New Yorker 60/49 (21 January 1985) : 94

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Lisa Alther (born July 23, 1944) is an American author and novelist.


  • One day, maybe she'd stick around to explore her own capacity for the dark, but at the moment all she wanted was a cheeseburger.
    • Kinflicks
  • Two people sat talking in a small room for several weeks, and things started happening. They began thinking about each other; one would dream about the other; they copied each other's mannerisms. What was it really all about? She liked to think she had a firm hold on the reins at all times, but the truth was that often she was just along for the ride.
    • Other Women
  • The Sizemores are the laughing stock of wannabee genealogy. They claim Cherokee descent, but their paper trail shows them to be white.
    • Kinfolks

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