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Lisa De Leeuw
Birthdate July 3, 1958 (1958-07-03) (age 51) [1]
Birth location Moline, Illinois, US[2]
Birth name Lisa Trego
Hair color Red
Skin color White
Ethnicity Caucasian
Alias(es) Lisa DeLeeue, Lisa DeLeeuw, Lisa Deleuw, Lisa Leeua, Lisa de Ugga, Lisa Woods, Lil' Redhead
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Lisa De Leeuw was an American pornographic actress, and allegedly one of the few to have died of AIDS.


Lisa De Leeuw reportedly got into porn at the urging of a boyfriend who managed an X-rated movie theater. She went on to appear in almost 200 films and was inducted into both the X-Rated Critics' Organization Hall of Fame and the AVN Hall of Fame.[3][4] Her large natural bust, freckles, and red mane and pubic hair made her a star during the Golden Age of Porn.[1] She made the transition to videos by becoming one of the first "Vivid Girls." [1]

Alleged death

Headpress 25 (2003) noted that DeLeeuw died of complications from AIDS on November 11, 1993.[5] But in the book Skinflicks: The Inside Story of the X-Rated Video Industry (2000), writer and porn producer David Jennings, describing the stigma and rumors surrounding AIDS in the porn community in the late 1980s and early 1990s, wrote, "Reputed to be dead of AIDS, Lisa DeLeeuw and Brandy Alexandre, now out of the industry, proclaimed themselves alive and healthy." [6]


  • 1981 CAFA Award for "Best Supporting Actress" – Amanda by Night[7]
  • 1982 CAFA Award for "Best Supporting Actress" – Blonde Heat[7]
  • 1985 AVN Award for "Best Supporting Actress – Film" – Dixie Ray, Hollywood Star[8]
  • 1986 AVN Award for "Best Supporting Actress – Film" – Raw Talent[8]


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