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In 1997, there were forty This American Life episodes.

  • Episode 48Justice
  • Episode 49Animals
    • Prologue
    • Act 1: Food Chain in a New York Apartment - Paul Tough
    • Act 2: More Animals Eating Other Animals - David Sedaris
    • Act 3: The Moment Humans Stopped Being Animals - Scott Carrier
  • Episode 50Shoulda Been Dead
  • Episode 51Animals Die, People Ponder
  • Episode 52Edge of Sanity
  • Episode 53Valentine's Day '97
  • Episode 54Sinatra
  • Episode 55Three Women and the Sex Industry
  • Episode 56Name Change
  • Episode 57Delivery
  • Episode 58Small Towns
  • Episode 59Fire
  • Episode 60Business of Death
  • Episode 61Fiasco!
    • Prologue: What Makes a Fiasco?
    • Act 1: Opening Night
    • Act 2: What We Wanted to Do
    • Act 3: Car Wars
    • Act 4: Fiascoes as a Force for Good in this World
  • Episode 62Something for Nothing
  • Episode 63One Thing
  • Episode 64Summer
  • Episode 65Who's Canadian
  • Episode 66Tales from the Net
  • Episode 67Your Dream, My Nightmare
  • Episode 68Lincoln's Second Inaugural
  • Episode 69Dreamhouse
    • Act #1: Meema's Adventures - Meema Spadola
    • Act #2: Blue Sky Dreams - David Beers
  • Episode 70Other People's Mail
  • Episode 71Defying Sickness
  • Episode 72Trek
  • Episode 73Blame it on Art
    • Act 1: Life in a Bubble
    • Act 2: Still Life - David Sedaris reads a version of his story "Twelve Moments in the Life of the Artist," from his collection Me Talk Pretty One Day
    • Act 3: Reverb
    • Act 4: Grace Note
  • Episode 74Conventions
  • Episode 75Kindness of Strangers
  • Episode 76Mob
  • Episode 77Pray
  • Episode 78How Bad is Bad?
  • Episode 79Stuck in the Wrong Decade
  • Episode 80Running After Antelope
    • Show description: Stories of people engaged in a battle with nature, a battle they don't stand much chance of winning.
    • Prologue: Chris McKinney, a boy scout trying to singlehandedly stop erosion on a Virginia beach
    • Act #1: Running After Antelope - Scott Carrier
      • Scott Carrier talks about trying to chase down and catch an antelope
    • Act #2: Natural Distaster
  • Episode 81Guns
    • Show description: How guns affect us.
    • Prologue: Ira Glass reads an open letter advertisement from American Handgunner
    • Act #1: NRA meets NEA - Sarah Vowell
      • Sarah Vowell talks about firing off a homemade cannon with her father
    • Act #2: Fists and Guns - Geoffry Canada
      • Geoffry Canada, author of the book Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence in America, talks about what it's like to carry a gun.
    • Act #3: Shooter - Bryan Magnus
      • Bryan Magnus with a quintessential gun story from his childhood in Wisconsin
    • Act #4: Po-tay-to, Po-ta-to -
      • Two people who've nearly died in gun battles, Mike Robbins, a Chicago police officer and Suzanna Gratia-Hupp, a Texas chiropractor, draw opposite conclusions from their near-death experiences.
    • Act #5: Strawman - Tori Marlan
      • Chicago writer Tori Marlan with a man who sold guns to criminals for two years.
  • Episode 82Haunted by Ghosts
  • Episode 83One of Us
  • Episode 84Harold
  • Episode 85Poultry Slam '97
  • Episode 86How To Take Money From Strangers
  • Episode 87A Very Special Sedaris Christmas
  • Stories from David Sedaris's book Holidays on Ice (ISBN 0-316-77998-9), recorded live at the Wadsworth Theatre in Los Angeles

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