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This is a list of Academy Award records. This list is current as of the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony held on March 7, 2010.


Most awards

  • Films
    • The highest number of Academy Awards won by any film is 11. Three films have achieved this:
      • Ben-Hur (1959) (11/12)
      • Titanic (1997) (11/14)
      • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) (11/11)
  • Directing
    • John Ford won the most directing awards, with 4
  • Cinematography
    • The highest number of Academy Awards won by any cinematographer is 3. They are:
  • Overall
    • Walt Disney won the most Academy Awards, with 26 (22 competitive, 4 honorary)
    • Nick Park has won 4 Academy Awards, and nominated for other 2.[1]
    • Disney also won the most Oscars in one year, 4.
    • Costume designer Edith Head won a total of 8 Oscars, more than any other woman.
    • Meryl Streep holds the record of 16 for the most acting Academy Award nominations received by any actor (male or female). From these 16 nominations, she won two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress for Kramer vs. Kramer in 1979 and Best Actress for Sophie's Choice in 1982.
    • Ingmar Bergman was nominated for nine Oscars overall as a director or screenwriter without winning any.
    • Peter O'Toole has been nominated for eight Oscars overall as an actor without winning any (he received an Honorary Award in 2002).

Awards for debut acting or directing performances on film


Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Honorary Juvenile Award

Best Director

Big Five winners

Three films have received the so-called Big Five Academy Awards (best picture, director, actor, actress, and writing):[9][10][11]

Consecutive awards

Age-related records

17th Academy Awards – 1944

Barry Fitzgerald became the first actor to be nominated for two Academy Awards for the same performance when he was nominated for both Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for Going My Way. He won Best Supporting Actor, while losing Best Actor to Bing Crosby (also for Going My Way). As a result of this, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences subsequently changed its rules to prevent an acting performance from being nominated for more than one award.[21][22][23]

19th Academy Awards – 1946

Harold Russell became the first (and only) actor to receive two Academy Awards for the same performance when he won the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in The Best Years of Our Lives and was also presented with an Academy Honorary Award "for bringing hope and courage to his fellow veterans through his appearance in The Best Years of Our Lives".[24][25][26]

  • In 1944, Laurence Olivier was presented with a Special Academy Award for his "outstanding achievement as actor, producer and director in bringing Henry V to the screen". He was also nominated for Best Actor for his performance in the title role, but did not win.

23rd Academy Awards – 1950

All About Eve set the current record of 14 for the most Academy Award nominations received by a film. This record was subsequently matched by Titanic in 1997. All About Eve won six Academy Awards and Titanic won eleven.[9][27][28]

32nd Academy Awards – 1959

Ben-Hur set the current record at 11 for the most Academy Awards won by a film. This record was subsequently matched by Titanic in 1997 and again by The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in 2003. Of these three films, only The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King won every Academy Award for which it was nominated, as Ben-Hur had been nominated for 12 awards, and Titanic for 14.[9][29][30]

54th Academy Awards – 1981

Katharine Hepburn set the current record of four for the most acting Academy Awards won by an individual when she won Best Actress for On Golden Pond. Previously, she won Best Actress for Morning Glory in 1933, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner in 1967, and The Lion in Winter in 1968.

71st Academy Awards – 1999

Roberto Benigni became the first male actor to win an acting Oscar for an entirely foreign language performance. He became the first male actor to win for a Italian-language performance; he won the Best Actor award for his work in Life is Beautiful.

75th Academy Awards – 2002

Jack Nicholson set the then-current record of 12 for the most acting Academy Award nominations received by an actor when he was nominated for Best Actor for About Schmidt. From these 12 nominations, he won three Academy Awards: Best Actor for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in 1975, Best Supporting Actor for Terms of Endearment in 1983, and Best Actor for As Good as It Gets in 1997.

76th Academy Awards – 2003

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King becomes the third movie to win eleven Academy Awards and the only movie of the three which won every award for which it was nominated.

Shohreh Aghdashloo became the first Middle-Eastern actor or actress to be nominated in an acting category for her performance in House of Sand and Fog.

80th Academy Awards – 2007

Marion Cotillard became the third person to win an acting Oscar for an entirely foreign language performance. She became the first actress to win for a French-language performance; she won the Best Actress award for her work as Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose.

81st Academy Awards – 2009

Slumdog Millionaire is the lowest-budget film to win the most Oscars (8), including Best Picture, since 1961 (West Side Story).[31] It is also the first film since Schindler's List (1993) to win Best Picture, Director and Screenplay at the Golden Globes, BAFTAs and Oscars.[32]

A. R. Rahman is the first Indian to win two Oscars, and the first Asian to do so in the same year. His and Gulzar's song "Jai Ho" is also the third foreign-language song to win Best Original Song. Resul Pookutty is also the first and only Asian to win the Academy Award for Best Sound.

The Dark Knight is the first comic book movie ever to get 8 Academy Award nominations. It is also the second comic book movie to get a nomination for Best Film Editing (Superman was the first movie to do so in 1978) and is the fourth to get a Best Supporting Actor nomination (Dick Tracy was the first movie to do so in 1990, Road To Perdition was the second one in 2002, and A History of Violence was the third in 2005). Furthermore, it is the first superhero movie to win a major Academy Award. Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor for portraying the Joker, becoming the second actor to win an Oscar posthumously (Peter Finch won Best Actor for Network (film) in 1976).

82nd Academy Awards – 2010

Meryl Streep set the current record of 16 for the most acting Academy Award nominations received by any actor (male or female) when she was nominated for Best Actress for Julie & Julia. From these 16 nominations, she won two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress for Kramer vs. Kramer in 1979 and Best Actress for Sophie's Choice in 1982.

Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to win Best Director for The Hurt Locker. At the time of winning, the The Hurt Locker was also lowest grossing film to win Best Picture with a domestic box office total of $15 million.[33].

Film records

  • In 2003, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King became the first fantasy film to win the Oscar for Best Picture.
  • The film which received the most Oscars without winning Best Picture is Cabaret with 8 awards in 1972. Although the film was nominated for Best Picture, it lost to The Godfather.
  • The two films which share the record for most nominations (11) with no Oscar wins are The Turning Point (1977) and The Color Purple (1985).
  • The film with the most nominations without a Best Picture nomination is They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969) with nine nominations.
  • The only two animated films ever nominated for Best Picture are Beauty and the Beast (1991) and Up (2009). Beauty and the Beast shares the record for the most nominations for an animated film, six, with WALL-E (2008). The earlier film's nominations spanned only four categories, however, with three nominations for Best Original Song; the latter title has been nominated in six separate categories. Also in 2008, Waltz with Bashir also became the first animated film to be nominated for Best Foreign Language Film (representing Israel).
  • No film to date has produced Oscar-winning performances in each of the four competitive acting categories (Leading Actor, Leading Actress, Supporting Actor, and Supporting Actress). The two films which came closest to achieving this feat were A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) and Network (1976) with each film earning three out of the four acting Oscars.
  • The Red Balloon (1956), a film with no dialogue, is the only such film ever to win an Oscar (as even silent films have scripted dialogue). This film won the Best Original Screenplay Award. It is also the only short film to win an Oscar outside of the short film categories.
  • In 2006, Dreamgirls became the first film to ever have the most Oscar nominations of that year without having a Best Picture nomination. The film did win Best Picture at the Golden Globes in that same year. Though films from previous years had had more nominations without receiving a Best Picture nomination, there was always at least one other film with more nominations that included Best Picture.
  • Films that won Best Picture without receiving a single acting nomination include: Wings (1927), All Quiet on the Western Front (1930), Grand Hotel (1932), An American in Paris (1951), The Greatest Show on Earth (1952), Around the World in 80 Days (1956), Gigi (1958), The Last Emperor (1987), Braveheart (1995), The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003), and Slumdog Millionaire (2008).
  • Grand Hotel (1932) is the only film to win Best Picture without receiving any other nominations.
  • Midnight Cowboy (1969) is to date the only X-rated film to win an Oscar for Best Picture. A Clockwork Orange (1971) is the only other X-rated film to be nominated for Best Picture, or any Oscar for that matter.

Acting records

Most consecutive leading actor nominations

  • Bette Davis and Greer Garson are the most consecutively nominated leading actresses, with each having five nominations in a row (Davis 1938–1942, Garson 1941–1945), followed by Elizabeth Taylor, with four consecutive nominations (1958–1961) and Jennifer Jones with four consecutive nominations (1943–1946). Marlon Brando is the most consecutively nominated leading actor (with four nominations from 1951–1954).

Actors who have won in two different categories

Most acting nominations or wins

  • Meryl Streep holds the record for most nominations of any actor (male or female) with 16 as of 2010.
  • Katharine Hepburn holds the record for the longest time span between first and last Oscar nominations (48 years from 1932/33 to 1981). She also holds the record for having won most acting Oscars, with 4. She did not attend any of the Oscars ceremonies in the years she won.
  • Peter O'Toole holds the record for having the most Oscar nominations (8 for Best Actor) without ever winning a competitive acting award. He was given an Honorary Award in 2002.
  • Richard Burton received the highest number of acting nominations (7) with two distinctions combined: without winning and without ever being given any kind of honorary award.

Posthumous acting nominations and winners

  • Jeanne Eagels was the first female and only the second person to be posthumously nominated for any Oscar (Best Actress, 1929, for The Letter). She is still the only woman ever posthumously nominated for an Oscar in an acting category.
  • James Dean was the first male to receive a posthumous acting nomination. He is also the only actor (male or female) to receive two posthumous acting nominations, and the only actor (male or female) to be posthumously nominated in different years. Dean was nominated for the Best Actor Award in 1956 for East of Eden (1955) and again in 1957 for Giant (1956).
  • Peter Finch and Heath Ledger, both of whom were Australians, are the only persons posthumously nominated for an acting Oscar to win the award. Finch is the sole posthumous Best Actor winner (for Network, 1976) and Ledger is the sole posthumous Best Supporting Actor winner (for The Dark Knight, 2008).

Shortest performances to win an acting Oscar

Non-speaking roles

Actors who have declined to accept their Oscars

  • Only two actors have ever declined to accept their Oscars. George C. Scott refused to accept the Best Actor Award for Patton (1970); he claimed that acting should not be competitive. Marlon Brando refused to accept the Best Actor Award for The Godfather (1972); he sent Sacheen Littlefeather (nee Maria Cruz) to decline it on his behalf to protest America's treatment of indigenous peoples.

Actors who have won for performing in a language other than English

Actors who have won acting Oscars via direction of themselves

Actors who have been nominated in leading and supporting categories during the same year

Actors who have won or been nominated for playing a real-life acting Oscar winner or nominee

African winners

Black winners


Denzel Washington is the only black actor to have won two acting Oscars — the first for Supporting Actor, the second for Leading Actor — an achievement that landed him in the company of only ten other performers to have won Oscars in both the leading and supporting categories:

Films receiving 3 or more acting nominations

(Note: the films in bold received acting nominations in all four acting categories.)
No. Won Film Year Nominees
5 1 All About Eve 1950 Actress (Anne Baxter and Bette Davis); Supporting Actor (George Sanders–won); Supporting Actress (Celeste Holm and Thelma Ritter)
5 1 Bonnie and Clyde 1967 Actor (Warren Beatty); Actress (Faye Dunaway); Supporting Actor (Gene Hackman and Michael J. Pollard); Supporting Actress (Estelle Parsons–won)
5 2 From Here to Eternity 1953 Actor (Montgomery Clift and Burt Lancaster); Actress (Deborah Kerr); Supporting Actor (Frank Sinatra–won); Supporting Actress (Donna Reed–won)
5 1 The Godfather Part II 1974 Actor (Al Pacino); Supporting Actor (Robert De Niro–won, Michael V. Gazzo, and Lee Strasberg); Supporting Actress (Talia Shire)
5 2 Mrs. Miniver 1942 Actor (Walter Pidgeon); Actress (Greer Garson–won); Supporting Actor (Henry Travers); Supporting Actress (May Whitty and Teresa Wright–won)
5 3 Network 1976 Actor (Peter Finch–won and William Holden); Actress (Faye Dunaway–won); Supporting Actor (Ned Beatty); Supporting Actress (Beatrice Straight–won)
5 2 On the Waterfront 1954 Actor (Marlon Brando–won); Supporting Actor (Lee J. Cobb, Karl Malden, and Rod Steiger); Supporting Actress (Eva Marie Saint–won)
5 0 Peyton Place 1957 Actress (Lana Turner); Supporting Actor (Arthur Kennedy and Russ Tamblyn); Supporting Actress (Hope Lange and Diane Varsi)
5 0 Tom Jones 1963 Actor (Albert Finney); Supporting Actor (Hugh Griffith); Supporting Actress (Diane Cilento, Edith Evans, and Joyce Redman)
4 1 Chicago 2002 Actress (Renée Zellweger); Supporting Actor (John C. Reilly); Supporting Actress (Queen Latifah and Catherine Zeta-Jones–won)
4 2 Coming Home 1978 Actor (Jon Voight–won); Actress (Jane Fonda–won); Supporting Actor (Bruce Dern); Supporting Actress (Penelope Milford)
4 0 Doubt 2008 Actress (Meryl Streep); Supporting Actor (Philip Seymour Hoffman); Supporting Actress (Amy Adams and Viola Davis)
4 1 For Whom the Bell Tolls 1943 Actor (Gary Cooper); Actress (Ingrid Bergman); Supporting Actor (Akim Tamiroff); Supporting Actress (Katina Paxinou–won)
4 1 Gentleman's Agreement 1947 Actor (Gregory Peck); Actress (Dorothy McGuire); Supporting Actress (Celeste Holm–won and Anne Revere)
4 1 The Godfather 1972 Actor (Marlon Brando–won); Supporting Actor (James Caan, Robert Duvall, and Al Pacino)
4 2 Gone with the Wind 1939 Actor (Clark Gable); Actress (Vivien Leigh–won); Supporting Actress (Olivia de Havilland and Hattie McDaniel–won)
4 1 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 1967 Actor (Spencer Tracy); Actress (Katharine Hepburn–won); Supporting Actor (Cecil Kellaway); Supporting Actress (Beah Richards)
4 0 The Hustler 1961 Actor (Paul Newman); Actress (Piper Laurie); Supporting Actor (Jackie Gleason and George C. Scott)
4 1 Johnny Belinda 1948 Actor (Lew Ayres); Actress (Jane Wyman–won); Supporting Actor (Charles Bickford); Supporting Actress (Agnes Moorehead)
4 1 Judgment at Nuremberg 1961 Actor (Maximilian Schell–won and Spencer Tracy); Supporting Actor (Montgomery Clift); Supporting Actress (Judy Garland)
4 2 Julia 1977 Actress (Jane Fonda); Supporting Actor (Jason Robards–won and Maximilian Schell); Supporting Actress (Vanessa Redgrave–won)
4 2 Kramer vs. Kramer 1979 Actor (Dustin Hoffman–won); Supporting Actor (Justin Henry); Supporting Actress (Jane Alexander and Meryl Streep–won)
4 2 The Last Picture Show 1971 Supporting Actor (Jeff Bridges and Ben Johnson–won); Supporting Actress (Ellen Burstyn and Cloris Leachman–won)
4 0 My Man Godfrey 1936 Actor (William Powell); Actress (Carole Lombard); Supporting Actor (Mischa Auer); Supporting Actress (Alice Brady)
4 1 Reds 1981 Actor (Warren Beatty); Actress (Diane Keaton); Supporting Actor (Jack Nicholson); Supporting Actress (Maureen Stapleton–won)
4 0 Rocky 1976 Actor (Sylvester Stallone); Actress (Talia Shire); Supporting Actor (Burt Young and Burgess Meredith)
4 1 The Song of Bernadette 1943 Actress (Jennifer Jones–won); Supporting Actor (Charles Bickford); Supporting Actress (Gladys Cooper and Anne Revere)
4 3 A Streetcar Named Desire 1951 Actor (Marlon Brando); Actress (Vivien Leigh–won); Supporting Actor (Karl Malden–won); Supporting Actress (Kim Hunter–won)
4 0 Sunset Boulevard 1950 Actor (William Holden); Actress (Gloria Swanson); Supporting Actor (Erich von Stroheim); Supporting Actress (Nancy Olson)
4 2 Terms of Endearment 1983 Actress (Shirley MacLaine–won and Debra Winger); Supporting Actor (John Lithgow and Jack Nicholson–won)
4 0 The Turning Point 1977 Actress (Anne Bancroft and Shirley MacLaine); Supporting Actor (Mikhail Baryshnikov); Supporting Actress (Leslie Browne)
4 2 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1966 Actor (Richard Burton); Actress (Elizabeth Taylor–won); Supporting Actor (George Segal); Supporting Actress (Sandy Dennis–won)
3 1 Adaptation 2002 Actor (Nicolas Cage); Supporting Actor (Chris Cooper–won); Supporting Actress (Meryl Streep)
3 0 Anatomy of a Murder 1959 Actor (James Stewart); Supporting Actor (Arthur O'Connell and George C. Scott)
3 0 Anne of the Thousand Days 1969 Actor (Richard Burton); Actress (Genevieve Bujold); Supporting Actor (Anthony Quayle)
3 0 The Apartment 1960 Actor (Jack Lemmon); Actress (Shirley MacLaine); Supporting Actor (Jack Kruschen)
3 2 As Good as It Gets 1997 Actor (Jack Nicholson–won); Actress (Helen Hunt–won); Supporting Actor (Greg Kinnear)
3 1 The Aviator 2004 Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio); Supporting Actor (Alan Alda); Supporting Actress (Cate Blanchett–won)
3 0 Becket 1964 Actor (Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole); Supporting Actor (John Gielgud)
3 0 Birdman of Alcatraz 1962 Actor (Burt Lancaster); Supporting Actor (Telly Savalas); Supporting Actress (Thelma Ritter)
3 0 Broadcast News 1987 Actor (William Hurt); Actress (Holly Hunter); Supporting Actor (Albert Brooks)
3 0 Brokeback Mountain 2005 Actor (Heath Ledger); Supporting Actor (Jake Gyllenhaal); Supporting Actress (Michelle Williams)
3 0 Bugsy 1991 Actor (Warren Beatty); Supporting Actor (Harvey Keitel and Ben Kingsley)
3 1 Children of a Lesser God 1986 Actor (William Hurt); Actress (Marlee Matlin–won); Supporting Actress (Piper Laurie)
3 0 The Color Purple 1985 Actress (Whoopi Goldberg); Supporting Actress (Margaret Avery and Oprah Winfrey)
3 0 Dances with Wolves 1990 Actor (Kevin Costner); Supporting Actor (Graham Greene); Supporting Actress (Mary McDonnell)
3 0 Death of a Salesman 1951 Actor (Fredric March); Supporting Actor (Kevin McCarthy); Supporting Actress (Mildred Dunnock)
3 1 The Deer Hunter 1978 Actor (Robert De Niro); Supporting Actor (Christopher Walken–won); Supporting Actress (Meryl Streep)
3 1 Driving Miss Daisy 1989 Actor (Morgan Freeman); Actress (Jessica Tandy–won); Supporting Actor (Dan Aykroyd)
3 1 The English Patient 1996 Actor (Ralph Fiennes); Actress (Kristin Scott Thomas); Supporting Actress (Juliette Binoche–won)
3 0 The Exorcist 1973 Actress (Ellen Burstyn); Supporting Actor (Jason Miller); Supporting Actress (Linda Blair)
3 0 Giant 1956 Actor (James Dean and Rock Hudson); Supporting Actress (Mercedes McCambridge)
3 1 Good Will Hunting 1997 Actor (Matt Damon); Supporting Actor (Robin Williams–won); Supporting Actress (Minnie Driver)
3 1 The Goodbye Girl 1977 Actor (Richard Dreyfuss–won); Actress (Marsha Mason); Supporting Actress (Quinn Cummings)
3 0 The Graduate 1967 Actor (Dustin Hoffman); Actress (Anne Bancroft); Supporting Actress (Katharine Ross)
3 0 Heaven Can Wait 1978 Actor (Warren Beatty); Supporting Actor (Jack Warden); Supporting Actress (Dyan Cannon)
3 1 The Hours 2002 Actress (Nicole Kidman–won); Supporting Actor (Ed Harris); Supporting Actress (Julianne Moore)
3 2 Hud 1963 Actor (Paul Newman); Actress (Patricia Neal–won);

Supporting Actor (Melvyn Douglas–won)

3 0 In the Bedroom 2001 Actor (Tom Wilkinson); Actress (Sissy Spacek); Supporting Actress (Marisa Tomei)
3 0 In the Name of the Father 1993 Actor (Daniel Day-Lewis); Supporting Actor (Pete Postlethwaite); Supporting Actress (Emma Thompson)
3 1 Iris 2001 Actress (Judi Dench); Supporting Actor (Jim Broadbent–won); Supporting Actress (Kate Winslet)
3 0 Love Story 1970 Actor (Ryan O'Neal); Actress (Ali MacGraw); Supporting Actor (John Marley)
3 1 A Man for All Seasons 1966 Actor (Paul Scofield–won); Supporting Actor (Robert Shaw); Supporting Actress (Wendy Hiller)
3 1 Marty 1955 Actor (Ernest Borgnine–won); Supporting Actor (Joe Mantell); Supporting Actress (Betsy Blair)
3 1 Michael Clayton 2007 Actor (George Clooney); Supporting Actor (Tom Wilkinson); Supporting Actress (Tilda Swinton–won)
3 0 Midnight Cowboy 1969 Actor (Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight); Supporting Actress (Sylvia Miles)
3 2 Million Dollar Baby 2004 Actor (Clint Eastwood); Actress (Hilary Swank–won); Supporting Actor (Morgan Freeman–won)
3 2 Moonstruck 1987 Actress (Cher–won); Supporting Actor (Vincent Gardenia); Supporting Actress (Olympia Dukakis–won)
3 0 Mutiny on the Bounty 1935 Actor (Clark Gable, Charles Laughton, and Franchot Tone)
3 1 My Fair Lady 1964 Actor (Rex Harrison–won); Supporting Actor (Stanley Holloway); Supporting Actress (Gladys Cooper)
3 2 Mystic River 2003 Actor (Sean Penn–won); Supporting Actor (Tim Robbins–won); Supporting Actress (Marcia Gay Harden)
3 2 On Golden Pond 1981 Actor (Henry Fonda–won); Actress (Katharine Hepburn–won); Supporting Actress (Jane Fonda)
3 2 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975 Actor (Jack Nicholson–won); Actress (Louise Fletcher–won); Supporting Actor (Brad Dourif)
3 0 Only When I Laugh 1981 Actress (Marsha Mason); Supporting Actor (James Coco); Supporting Actress (Joan Hackett)
3 1 Ordinary People 1980 Actress (Mary Tyler Moore); Supporting Actor (Timothy Hutton–won and Judd Hirsch)
3 1 Places in the Heart 1984 Actress (Sally Field–won); Supporting Actor (John Malkovich); Supporting Actress (Lindsay Crouse)
3 1 Prizzi's Honor 1985 Actor (Jack Nicholson); Supporting Actor (William Hickey); Supporting Actress (Anjelica Huston–won)
3 0 Pulp Fiction 1994 Actor (John Travolta); Supporting Actor (Samuel L. Jackson); Supporting Actress (Uma Thurman)
3 1 Raging Bull 1980 Actor (Robert De Niro–won); Supporting Actor (Joe Pesci); Supporting Actress (Cathy Moriarty)
3 1 Room at the Top 1959 Actor (Laurence Harvey); Actress (Simone Signoret–won); Supporting Actress (Hermione Baddeley)
3 2 Separate Tables 1958 Actor (David Niven–won); Actress (Deborah Kerr); Supporting Actress (Wendy Hiller–won)
3 2 Shakespeare in Love 1998 Actress (Gwyneth Paltrow–won); Supporting Actor (Geoffrey Rush); Supporting Actress (Judi Dench–won)
3 1 Sweet Bird of Youth 1962 Actress (Geraldine Page); Supporting Actor (Ed Begley–won); Supporting Actress (Shirley Knight)
3 1 They Shoot Horses, Don't They? 1969 Actress (Jane Fonda); Supporting Actor (Gig Young–won); Supporting Actress (Susannah York)
3 1 Tootsie 1982 Actor (Dustin Hoffman); Supporting Actress (Teri Garr and Jessica Lange–won)
3 0 Up in the Air 2009 Actor (George Clooney); Supporting Actress (Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick)
3 0 Victor/Victoria 1982 Actress (Julie Andrews); Supporting Actor (Robert Preston); Supporting Actress (Lesley Ann Warren)
3 0 Working Girl 1988 Actress (Melanie Griffith); Supporting Actress (Joan Cusack and Sigourney Weaver)

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