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Notable Algerians include:




Authors and poets


  • M'hamed Issiakhem, painter, calligraphist
  • Mohamed Khadda, painter and sculptor
  • Baya Mahiedienne, female painter


  • Mohamed Racim, Painter, Miniaturist, Calligraphist
  • Omar Racim, Painter, Miniaturist


  • Ali Dilem, cartoonist
  • Slim, also known as Menouar Merabtene, cartoonist

Cinema artists


  • Yahia Benmabrouk, also known as "l'apprentit", comedian
  • Biyouna, female actor, dancer, comedian
  • Abderahmane Hadj, also known as "l'inspecteur tahar", comedian
  • Mohand Fellag, actor and comedian
  • Allel El Mouhib, actor and comedian
  • Hadj Smaine Mohamed Seghir, actor and comedian
  • Hassan El Hassani, actor and comedian
  • Sid Ahmed Agoumi, actor
  • Sid Ali Kouiret, actor
  • Mohamed Hilmi, actor
  • Rouiched, actor
  • Farida Saboundji, actress
  • Tayeb abou Al Hassan, actor
  • Abdelhamid Ennemri, actor
  • Sidali Mguellati, actor
  • Hadj Omar, actor
  • Bouguassi Abdelkader, actor
  • Mohamed Hamdi, actor
  • Chikh Nourredine, actor
  • Noureddine Chellouche, actor
  • Abdelhamid Habbati, actor
  • Ali Fedhi, actor
  • Sissani, actor
  • Nouriya, actor
  • Mostapha Kazdarli, actor

Directors and filmmakers

Musicians and singers


  • Cheikh Larbi Ben Sari, composer and musician from the Tlemcen school of Andalusian music
  • Abdelkrim Dali, musician and singer of Hawzi classical music
  • El Hadj Mohamed El Anka, Chaabi classical music
  • Cheikh Mohamed El Ghafour, musician from the Tlemcen school of Hawzi music
  • Mohamed Tahar Fergani, musician of the Malouf classical style
  • El Hachemi Guerouabi, musician and reformer of the Chaabi classical style
  • Fadela Dziria, singer of Hawzi classical style music
  • Kamel Messaoudi, singer of Chaabi music
  • Warda El Djazaria, singer of classical Arab oriental music
  • Dahmane El Harrachi, a singer, composer and songwriter of Chaabi music


  • Lounis Ait Menguellet, singer, musician
  • Idir, singer, musician, composer
  • Aissa Djermouni, master of the Chaoui song, performed at the Olympia in Paris in 1917
  • Matoub Lounes, rebel singer of Kabyle music
  • Djamel Allam, singer
  • Malika Domrane, singer
  • Cherif Kheddam, singer
  • Mohammed fellag, actor, comedian



  • Khaled, raï musician, also known as Khaled El Hadj Brahim
  • kamel kerbouche, raï musician, composer
  • Safy Boutella, musician, composer
  • Cheb Hasni, raï musician
  • Cheb Mami, raï musician, also known as Mohamed Khelifati
  • Faudel, raï musician
  • Cheikha Rimitti, rai musician
  • Rachid Taha, raï–rock musician
  • Ahmed Wahby, Founder of the Aasri style which will later become rai music style
  • Cheb Toufik, rai musician


  • Cheb Tarik, various influences from Arabic, rai, reggae, funk, dance, and disco

Leaders and politicians

Ancient Algeria

  • Massinissa, 3rd century BC, King of Numidia
  • Jugurtha, 2nd century BC, King of Numidia
  • Juba I, 1st century BC, King of Numidia under Roman rule
  • Juba II, 1st century BC, King of Numidia under Roman rule
  • Tacfarinas, leader of a rebellion against the Romans
  • Kahina, 7th century Queen, fought the Arab invasions
  • Tin Hinane, Queen of the Tuareg

Early Islamic Algeria

  • Tarik Ibn Ziad, One of the first Berber princes converted to Islam, he conquered Iberia in the 8th century
  • Buluggin ibn Ziri, 10th century prince, founder of the city of Algiers (Al Jazair in Arabic)

Ottoman Algeria

  • Baba Aruj, 16th century corsair, leader of the Regency of Algiers
  • Hayreddin Barbarossa, Brother and successor of Aruj
  • Hassan Agha, 16th century Prince of Algiers. Defeated Emperor Charles V in Algiers
  • Rais Hamidou, the last great leader of the Algerian Corsair Navy.
  • Salah Benmostefa, also Salah Bey, 18th century prince of Constantine
  • Sidi Nemdil, nationalist and islamic leader

Algeria under french colonization

  • Emir Abdelkader, 19th century leader of the resistance against French colonisation.
  • Hadj Ahmed Bey, last Bey of Constantine. Fought the French army during two sieges in 1836 and 1837
  • Lalla Fatma N'Soumer, 19th century female leader of the Kabyle resistance against the French.
  • Cheikh Amoud BenMokhtar, Head of the Tuareg resistance against France, 1877 to 1912
  • Mohamed El Mokrani, 19th century leader of the Kabyle resistance against the French
  • Emir Khaled, grandson of Emir Abdelkader, leader of a rebellion against French rule in Algeria in the 20th century
  • Messali Hadj, Founder of the first North African and then Algerian Nationalist Parties.

Revolutionary War of Independence

  • Abane Ramdane, political leader of the independence war, author of the "political over military" and "interior over exterior" principles.
  • Krim Belkacem, independence war hero, Vice president of the provisional government of Algeria.
  • Larbi Ben M'hidi, Commander of Zone 5 during the independence war
  • Mostefa Benboulaid, Commander of Zone 1 during the independence war
  • Mourad Didouche, Commander of Zone 2 during the independence war.
  • Zighout Youcef, Commander of Zone 2 during the independence war
  • Colonel Amirouche, independence war hero.
  • Ferhat Abbas, President of the provisional government of Algeria before independence, 1958-1961
  • Yacef Saadi, fighter in the independence war in the Battle of Algiers. Also actor in film by the same name after independence.
  • Hadj Smaine Mohamed El Hadi, Political Advisor to Yacef Saadi in the Autonomous Zone of Algiers during the Battle of Algiers. After establishing contact with French ethnologist Germaine Tillon to negotiate with the FLN in Algiers (Alistair Horne's: "A Savage War of Peace"), he was arrested by Colonel Godard's Paras in 1958 (General Massu's: La Vraie Bataille d'Alger), former advisor to President Benbella (1962-1963), Ministre of Justice under President Benbella (1963-1965), Ministre of Urban Planning under President Boumedienne (1965-1970).
  • Ali Ammar, also known as Ali la Pointe, independence war hero.
  • Hassiba Benbouali, female hero of the independence war
  • Djamila Bouhired, female hero of the revolution

Independent Algeria

  • Ahmed Ben Bella, Algeria's first President, 1962-1965
  • Hadj Smaine Mohamed El Hadi, former Political and Legal advisor to Algeria's first President Ahmed Benbella (1962-1963), Ministre of Justice under President Benbella (1963-1965), Ministre of Urban Planning under President Boumedienne (1965-1970).
  • Abdelhafidh Bouaoudia, Mayor of Béjaïa, 2005 - 2007
  • Houari Boumedienne, President of Algeria, 1965-1978
  • Chadli Bendjedid, President of Algeria, 1979-1992
  • Mohamed Boudiaf, President of Algeria, 1992 (also a prominent Independence war leader)
  • Liamine Zeroual, President of Algeria, 1994-1999
  • Abdelaziz Bouteflika, President since 1999
  • Ahmed Ouyahia, Former Prime Minister
  • Hocine Ait Ahmed, political leader and head of the Socialist Forces Front opposition party (also a prominent independence war leader)
  • Rabah Bitat, Vice president of Algeria's first government, president of parliament
  • Drif-Bitat Zohra, Vice-president of the Senate (also a female figure of the independence war)
  • Lakhdar Brahimi, Former Foreign Affairs Minister, Peace Envoy in Lebanon, Afghanistan and Irak
  • Mahfoud Nahnah, founder and former leader of the HMS party
  • Abdallah Djaballah, founder and leader of Al-Islah party
  • Said Sadi, founder and leader of the RCD party
  • Louisa Hanoune, founder and female leader of the PT (Workers Party)
  • Redha Malek, founder and leader of the ANR party
  • Abassi Madani, founder and leader of the Front Islamic of Salvation (FIS) party

Military and intelligence services

Religious figures

  • Augustine of Hippo, Christian theologian
  • Abdelhamid Benbadis, 20th century religious reformer
  • Sidi Nemdil, nationalist and islamic leader

Scholars and academics


  • Mohamed Harbi independence war historian
  • Mahfoud Kaddache historian

Scientists and philosophers

  • Frantz Fanon, psychologist
  • Mohamed Arkoun, author, philosopher, historian
  • Malek Bennabi, social and religious philosopher
  • Ibn Qunfudh Al Qassantini, 14th century astronomer and mathematician
  • Mouloud Mammeri, anthropologue, poet, writer
  • Djilali Liabes, Minister for Scientific Research from 1992 to 1993

Inventors and industrialists

Webmasters and internet

  • Karim Lounes, Webmaster and owner of "" and "", he has been promoting Algeria on the Web for more than a decade and encouraging other Algerian webmasters doing the same through their portals.
  • Abdelaziz Nemdil, Webmaster and owner of "" and "", he made many web TVs (around 100), games TV (new invention "play flash games in full screen" , 130 google gadgets in different areas and much more.

Explorers and travellers



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