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This is a list of All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship winning managers since 1972. The term manager (or coach) only came into widespread use in the 1970s. Up until then hurling teams were usually run by selection panels. Sometimes they contained up to ten members, resulting in self-interest coming to the fore more often than not. All this changed with the appointment of a strong manager, surrounded by a small group of selectors.

Over the last thirty years Brian Cody of Kilkenny leads the way in terms of All-Ireland wins. He has guided his native county to seven championship titles in ten years. This culminated in the capturing of a famous four-in-a-row between 2006 and 2009. This feat has only been equaled once before, when Cork won four in a row from 1941 to 1944, but this was in a time when selection panels rather than individual managers looked after teams, making Cody's feat unequaled in the modern era.

Offaly is the only county that has won all of its All-Ireland titles under the management of a non-native. In 1981 and 1985 Dermot Healy, a native of Kilkenny, became the first ‘outsider’ manager when he guided Offaly to the All-Ireland titles. In 1994 Éamonn Cregan steered the county to victory over his native Limerick in the All-Ireland final. Four years later in 1998 Michael Bond took over from Michael ‘Babs’ Keating, another non-native, and guided Offaly to their fourth All-Ireland championship win.

By year

Year Winning coach(es) Team Score Opponent Losing coach(es) Site
1986 Johnny Clifford Cork 4-13 : 2-15 Galway Cyril Farrell Croke Park, Dublin
1987 Cyril Farrell (2) Galway 1-12 : 0-9 Kilkenny Pat Henderson Croke Park, Dublin
1988 Cyril Farrell (3) Galway 1-15 : 0-14 Tipperary Michael ‘Babs’ Keating Croke Park, Dublin
1989 Michael ‘Babs’ Keating (1) Tipperary 4-24 : 3-09 Antrim Jim Nelson Croke Park, Dublin
1990 Fr. Michael O’Brien Cork 5-15 : 2-21 Galway Cyril Farrell Croke Park, Dublin
1991 Michael ‘Babs’ Keating (2) Tipperary 1-16 : 0-15 Kilkenny Ollie Walsh Croke Park, Dublin
1992 Ollie Walsh Kilkenny 3-10 : 1-12 Cork Fr. Michael O’Brien Croke Park, Dublin
1993 Ollie Walsh Kilkenny 2-17 : 1-15 Galway Cyril Farrell Croke Park, Dublin
1994 Éamonn Cregan Offaly 3-16 : 2-13 Limerick Tom Ryan Croke Park, Dublin
1995 Ger Loughnane (1) Clare 1-13 : 2-08 Offaly Éamonn Cregan Croke Park, Dublin
1996 Liam Griffin Wexford 1-13 : 0-14 Limerick Tom Ryan Croke Park, Dublin
1997 Ger Loughnane (2) Clare 0-20 : 2-19 Tipperary Len Gaynor Croke Park, Dublin
1998 Michael Bond Offaly 2-16 : 1-13 Kilkenny Liam Fennelly Croke Park, Dublin
1999 Jimmy Barry-Murphy Cork 0-13 : 0-12 Kilkenny Brian Cody Croke Park, Dublin
2000 Brian Cody (1) Kilkenny 5-15 : 1-14 Offaly Pat Fleury Croke Park, Dublin
2001 Nicky English Tipperary 2-18 : 2-15 Galway Noel Lane Croke Park, Dublin
2002 Brian Cody (2) Kilkenny 2-20 : 0-19 Clare Cyril Lyons Croke Park, Dublin
2003 Brian Cody (3) Kilkenny 1-14 : 1-11 Cork Dónal O'Grady Croke Park, Dublin
2004 Dónal O'Grady Cork 0-17 : 0-09 Kilkenny Brian Cody Croke Park, Dublin
2005 John Allen Cork 1-21 : 1-16 Galway Conor Hayes Croke Park, Dublin
2006 Brian Cody (4) Kilkenny 1-16 : 1-13 Cork John Allen Croke Park, Dublin
2007 Brian Cody (5) Kilkenny 2-19 : 1-15 Limerick Richie Bennis Croke Park, Dublin
2008 Brian Cody (6) Kilkenny 3-30 : 1-13 Waterford Davy Fitzgerald Croke Park, Dublin
2009 Brian Cody (7) Kilkenny 2-22 : 0-23 Tipperary Liam Sheedy Croke Park, Dublin

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