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A list of films produced in Argentina in 2001:



Title Director Actors Genre Comments
Un Amor en Moisés Ville Daniel Barone Víctor Laplace Drama
El Amor y el espanto Juan Carlos Desanzo Víctor Laplace Drama A fictious event in the life of Jorge Luis Borges
Animalada Sergio Bizzio Carlos Roffé Black comedy A wealthy man falls in love with a sheep
Antigua mia vida Héctor Olivera Ana Belén, Cecilia Roth Drama About the troubled relationships of two upper class women in Buenos Aires
El Armario Gustavo Corrado Jean Pierre Reguerraz, Pamela Rementería
Arregui, la noticia del día Enrique Pinti, Carmen Maura Comedy A tragicomedy about corruption
Bolivia Israel Adrián Caetano Freddy Flores Drama The film takes place in a café in the suburb of Villa Crespo
La Ciénaga Lucrecia Martel Graciela Borges, Mercedes Morán, Martín Adjemián Drama About life in a self-pitying bourgeois family
Déjala correr Alberto Lecchi Nicolás Cabré, Fabián Vena, Pablo Rago, Florencia Bertotti, Gabriel Goity, Julieta Díaz Comedy
Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Chiquititas: Rincón de luz José Luis Massa Romina Yan, Facundo Arana Adventure The story of a young girl given the option to live whatever predestined life she wants or to form her own destiny
Freedom Lisandro Alonso Screened at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival
La Fuga Eduardo Mignogna Ricardo Darín, Patricio Contreras, Miguel Ángel Solá Drama In 1928, seven inmates flee from a prison. The film follows their fates.
El Hijo de la Novia Juan J. Campanella Ricardo Darín, Norma Aleandro, Héctor Alterio Comedy Nominated for an Academy Award
Figli/Hijos Marco Bechis
Rosarigasinos Rodrigo Grande Federico Luppi, Ulises Dumont Two friends from prison cope with life outside after being released.
Plaga Zombie: Zona Mutante Pablo Parés Berta Muñiz, Pablo Parés Horror A zombie-horror film and a sequel to Plaga Zombie.
Los pasos perdidos Manane Rodríguez Irene Visedo, Luis Brandoni, Federico Luppi Drama A family drama about an Argentine family in Spain

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