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This is a list of Asterix games of all varieties (book, board and video).



  • Asterix Adventure Games — a series of game books in the style of the Choose Your Own Adventure books but with some randomization by way of dice and included props. Written by Stephen Thraves.
    1. Asterix to the Rescue (1986) — rescue the captured druid from Rome.
    2. Operation Britain (1987) — get mistletoe from Britain for the potion.
    3. Asterix Against All Odds (1992) — circumnavigate occupied Gaul (based on Asterix and the Banquet]]).
  • Alea jacta est! — a roleplaying system including attributes and combat. The reader plays the part of Justforkix from Asterix and the Normans in a series of scenarios moderated by the game books. Translated by Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge.
    1. Le rendez-vous du chef (1988) — English: The Meeting of the Chieftains (1989)
    2. La vedette armoricaine (1988) — English: The Idol of the Gauls (1990)
    3. L'affaire des faux menhirs (1988) — English: The Roman Conspiracy (1991)
    4. Le grand jeu (1988) — English: The Great Game (not translated)
  • Find Asterix (1998) — a Where's Wally? clone with Asterix as the object of the search in crowded scenes from the world of 50 BC.

Board games

  • Astérix en Égypte (Asterix in Egypt) from Jeux Noel (1971)
  • Le tour de Gaule d'Astérix from Jeux Dargaud (1978)
  • Les Voyages D'Asterix from Jeux Dargaud (1978)
  • Astérix et la potion magique from Jeux Nathan (1985)
  • Asterix the Board Game from Spear Spiele (1990)
  • Astérix et les Romains or Asterix en de Romeinen or Asterix und die Römer from Ravenburger (1990)
  • Asterix das Kartenspiel from FX Schmid-Spears (1992)
  • Asterix & Obelix - Die Lorbeeren des Caesar from N&W Spiele (1997)
  • Asterix & Obelix from Kosmos (2006)

Video games

European and Australian PAL releases:

Most of the games were only released in PAL format for Europe (and also Australia), because of the comic's acceptance in that region, opposed to the lower popularity in other regions.

Some of the releases in other regions are:

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