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This is a list of Bomberman games.


Main Bomberman series games

Title Year Platforms Notes
Bomberman 1983 MSX, ZX Spectrum, Sharp MZ-700 MSX-only release in Japan, release for both systems in Europe as Eric and the Floaters.[1]
3-D Bomberman 1984 MSX Uses first-person perspective. Japan-only release.[2]
Bomberman Japan 1985, United States 1987 NES Game Boy Advance re-release in 2004.
Bomber Man Special 1986 MSX Information:[3]
Dyna Blaster Japan 1990, United States 1991 TurboGrafx-16, Amiga, Atari ST, PC (DOS), Game Boy Released as Bomberman only for the TG-16 release, which was the first Bomberman release to support 5 players. First Bomberman game for the IBM-PC.
Bomberman II Japan 1991, United States 1992 NES
Bomberman '93 Japan 1992, United States 1993 TurboGrafx-16 Released on Wii's Virtual Console
Bomberman 1993 Sega Genesis Factor 5/Hudson Soft. Unreleased.

This is the original Bomberman game for the Genesis. Factor 5 was asked to do a Genesis port of Bomberman and came up with this 8-player version that used multiple joystick port adaptors.

Bomberman '94 1993 PC Engine, Sega Genesis Japan-only release for PCE, released in 1994 for the Genesis as Mega Bomberman, 5-player multitap support.
Bomberman B-Daman 1996 SNES Japan-only, part of the B-Daman series. Box art:[4]
Hi-Ten Bomberman Unreleased custom NEC computer Made for high-definition, widescreen TVs, but never released. Only shown as a tech demo at the 1993 Hudson Soft Gaming Caravan event and said to be the basis for Saturn Bomberman.[5]
Super Bomberman 1993 SNES 4-player multitap support
Super Bomberman 2 1994 SNES 4-player multitap support
Super Bomberman 3 1995 SNES 5-player multitap support, Japan and Europe release only.
Super Bomberman 4 1996 SNES Japan-only release
Super Bomberman 5 1997 SNES Japan-only release
Saturn Bomberman 1996 Sega Saturn 10-player multitap support. First Bomberman game with official internet support. Regarded as one of the series' highpoints.
Atomic Bomberman 1996 PC (Windows) 10-player support through IPX networking. First Bomberman title for Windows, developed by Interplay.
Saturn Bomberman Fight!! 1997 Sega Saturn Japan-only release
Neo Bomberman 1997 Neo-Geo MVS
Bomberman 64 1997 N64 4-player support, first Bomberman game with 3D graphics.
Bomberman Hero 1998 N64 Focus on single-player adventure game.
Bomberman 64: The Second Attack 2000 N64 First appearance of Pommy, one of the Charaboms.
Bomberman World 1998 PlayStation
Bomberman 64 2001 (Japan only) N64 4-player support (not related to the 1997 title of the same name)
Bomberman Party Edition 2000 PlayStation A PlayStation port of the game.
Bomberman Online 2001 Dreamcast 4-player local, 8-player online support.
Bomberman Jetters 2002 Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2 PS2 release was Japan-only.[6][7] Based on the Bomberman Jetters anime series.
Bomberman Generation 2002 GameCube One of the first games to employ cel-shaded graphics.
Online Bomberman 2003 PC 6-player support, released only in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.
Bomberman Collection Vol.1 2003 PC Compilation of Bomberman (TG-16), Bomberman '93 and Bomberman World for Windows.[8]
Bomberman Land 2000 PlayStation Japan-only release
Bomberman Land 2 2003 GameCube, PlayStation 2 Japan-only release
Bomberman Land 3 2005 PlayStation 2 Japan-only release
Bomberman: Act Zero 2006 Xbox 360 Realistic re-envisioning of the character.
Bomberman Land (Wii) 2007 Wii Remake of the 2000 Japan-only release, designed to take advantage of the Wii controller.
Bomberman Live 2007 Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade) 8-player online support.
Bomberman Blast 2008 Wii, WiiWare One of the first games announced for WiiWare. Will also be released as an expanded retail game.
Bomberman Ultra 2009 PlayStation 3 (PlayStation Network) 8-player online support.

Portable Bomberman games

Title Year Platforms Notes
Atomic Punk 1991 Game Boy Known as Bomber Boy in Japan, Dyna Blaster in Europe
Pocket Bomberman 1998 Game Boy, Game Boy Color GBC release only in the US
Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! 1994 Game Boy Known as Bomberman GB in Japan. Also Nintendo's earliest crossover game.
Bomberman GB 2 1995 Game Boy Known as Bomberman GB in North America.
Bomberman GB 3 1996 Game Boy Japan-only release
Panic Bomber 1994, 1995 Neo-Geo, Virtual Boy Puzzle game resembling Tetris. VB version is a port of the Neo-Geo release. Info:[9]
Bomberman Quest 1999 Game Boy Color Role-playing game. Info:[10]
Bomberman Max 2000 Game Boy Color Released in two variants, Red Challenger and Blue Champion editions.
Bomberman Tournament 2001 Game Boy Advance 4-player support
Bomberman Max 2 2002 Game Boy Advance Released in two variants, Blue Advance and Red Advance.
Bomberman Jetters 2002 Game Boy Advance Japan-only release. Inspired an anime series, Bomberman Jetters.
Bomberman 2003 Mobile phones Info:[11]
Bomberman 2004 N-Gage
Bomberman Special 2004 Mobile phones Info:[12]
Super Bomberman  ? Mobile phones
Bomberman DS 2005 Nintendo DS 8-player support over wireless play, but no internet Wi-Fi support.
Hudson Best Collection Vol. 1 - Bomberman Collection 2005 Game Boy Advance Compilation title of the first two NES Bomberman games. Japan-only release.
Bomberman: Bakufuu Sentai Bombermen 2006 PlayStation Portable Japan-only release
Bomberman (PSP) September 2006 PlayStation Portable 4-player support over wireless play. North America.
Bomberman Land Touch! November 2006 Nintendo DS 8-player support over wireless play, 4-player internet Wi-Fi.
Bomberman Story DS March 2007 Nintendo DS
Bomberman Land (PSP) March 2007 PlayStation Portable
Bomberman December 2007 iPod
Gachapin☆Bomberman 2007 i-mode A Bomberman game using Gachapin characters. Japan-only release
Bomberman Land Touch! 2 January 2008 Nintendo DS
Bomberman Touch: The Legend of Mystic Bomb May 2008 iPhone OS
Bomberman 2 December 2008 Nintendo DS Known as Custom Battler Bomberman in Japan
Bomberman Touch 2: Volcano Party June 2009 iPhone OS
Bomberman Blitz November 2009 DSiWare


Title Year Platforms Notes
Robowarrior 1987 Famicom Released in Japan under the title Bomber King. Bomberman-Like Progressive Adventure Game.
Blaster Master Boy/Jr. 1991 Game Boy Bomber King: Scenario 2. Slightly altered and released by Sunsoft in America and PAL regions under the Blaster Master license.
Bomberman Wars 1998 PlayStation, Sega Saturn Japan-only release. Strategy RPG.
Bomberman Fantasy Race 1999 PlayStation Racing game
Bomberman Party Edition 2000 PlayStation Enhanced remake of the NES version of Bomberman with the addition of a battle mode.
Bomberman Kart 2001 PlayStation 2 Released only in Japan and PAL regions. Kart racing game.
BoBomberman 2004 Game Boy Advance Minigame based on the NES version of Bomberman, but using characters from the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo series. Unlocked in the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo GBA game, Bakutou Hajike Taisen.
Bomberman Hardball 2005 PlayStation 2 Released only in Japan and PAL regions. Sports and party game.
Bomberman: Panic Bomber 2005 PlayStation Portable Puzzle game, similar to Puyo Puyo and Tetris.


Title Year Platform Notes
BomberMan/Dyna Blaster/Atomic Punk 1991 Arcade
BomberMan World/New Atomic Punk 1992 Arcade
Panic Bomber 1994 Neo Geo
Neo Bomberman 1997 Neo Geo


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