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There are 26 States of Brazil, or Estados in Portuguese, which are the federal states of Brazil, plus the Federal District which holds the capital city, Brasília. Below are these states listed in order of the population, from São Paulo with the greatest population, to Roraima with the least. The second number in bold corresponds to the map. Brazil has a total population of 174,468,575, it is ranked 5th in the world. This and the figures below are based on 2006 estimate.

Brazilian states by population.
Rank State Population Comparable country by population
1  São Paulo 41,055,734  Argentina
2  Minas Gerais 20.033.665  Romania
3  Rio de Janeiro 15,761,720  Burkina Faso
4  Bahia 13,950,146  Ecuador
5  Rio Grande do Sul 10,963,219  Belgium
6  Paraná 10,387,378  Tunisia
7  Pernambuco 8,502,603  Azerbaijan
8  Ceará 8,217,085  Burundi
9  Pará 7,110,465  Hong Kong
10  Maranhão 6,184,538  El Salvador
11  Santa Catarina 5,958,266  Nicaragua
12  Goiás 5,730,753  Sierra Leone
13  Paraíba 3,723,215  Palestine
14  Espírito Santo 3,464,285  Panama
15  Amazonas 3,311,026  Mauritania
16  Alagoas 3,050,652  Albania
17  Rio Grande do Norte 3,043,760  Kuwait
18  Piauí 3,036,290  Oman
19  Mato Grosso 2,856,999  Jamaica
A  Distrito Federal 2,383,784  Latvia
20  Mato Grosso do Sul 2,297,981  Namibia
21  Sergipe 2,000,738  Lesotho
22  Rondônia 1,562,417  Guinea-Bissau
23  Tocantins 1,332,441  Trinidad and Tobago
24  Acre 686,652  Comoros
25  Amapá 615,715  Montenegro
26  Roraima 403,344  Brunei

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