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The following is a list of affiliates of the CW Television Network, which launched September 18, 2006, following the merger of The WB and UPN networks, both of which began broadcasting in January 1995.

The CW is based around 16 former WB affiliates owned by the Tribune Company (which was a joint owner of The WB along with Time Warner) and 11 UPN affiliates owned by that network's owner, CBS. The largest of the additional affiliate groups are: Pappas Telecasting Companies, with ten affiliates (six broadcast stations, one digital and three local cable channels); Sinclair Broadcast Group, which affiliated eight of its stations to The CW after a reported two month dispute over reverse compensation to the network; and ACME Communications, which committed broadcast stations in all seven markets in which it operates.

The CW covers just more than 95 percent of television homes in the United States. The network has over-the-air coverage (analog, low-power, or digital signals) in all but one of the top 100 Nielsen-ranked markets (Toledo, Ohio is the exception, they are served by cable-only WT05, and viewers close to the Michigan border with outdoor antennas can receive CW from WKBD-TV in Detroit). The remaining markets are covered either over-the-air or through cable-only channels (including those served by The CW Plus) or affiliates in neighboring markets.

KNVA in Austin, Texas owned by LIN Television and KWKB in Iowa City, Iowa owned by KM Communications are the only two stations carrying both The CW (as a primary) and MyNetworkTV (as a secondary). In addition, WTVY in Dothan, Alabama, a CBS affiliate owned by Gray Television, now carries MyNetworkTV on a digital subchannel which was previously affiliated with UPN, and also added a third digital subchannel for the CW. WTOK-TV in Meridian, Mississippi, also owned by Gray, added two more digital subchannels for the CW and MyNetworkTV, in addition to ABC on its main channel and Fox on another subchannel.



City State Station Formerly Ownership
New York New York WPIX 11 WB Tribune Broadcasting
Los Angeles California KTLA 5 WB Tribune Broadcasting
Chicago Illinois WGN-TV 9 WB Tribune Broadcasting
Philadelphia Pennsylvania WPSG 57 UPN CBS Corporation
Dallas Texas KDAF 33 WB Tribune Broadcasting
San Francisco California KBCW 44 UPN CBS Corporation
Boston Massachusetts WLVI-TV 56 WB Sunbeam Television
Atlanta Georgia WUPA 69 UPN CBS Corporation
Washington District of Columbia WDCW 501 WB Tribune Broadcasting
Houston Texas KIAH 39 WB Tribune Broadcasting
Detroit Michigan WKBD-TV 50 UPN CBS Corporation
Phoenix Arizona KASW 61 WB Belo Corporation
Tampa Florida WTOG 44 UPN CBS Corporation
Seattle Washington KSTW 11 UPN CBS Corporation
Minneapolis Minnesota WUCW 23 WB Sinclair Broadcast Group
Miami Florida WSFL-TV 39 WB Tribune Broadcasting
Cleveland Ohio WBNX-TV 55 WB Winston Broadcasting Network
Denver Colorado KWGN-TV 2 WB Tribune Broadcasting
Orlando Florida WKCF 18 WB Hearst-Argyle Television
Sacramento California KMAX-TV 31 UPN CBS Corporation
St. Louis Missouri KPLR-TV 11 WB Tribune Broadcasting
Portland Oregon KRCW-TV 32 WB Tribune Broadcasting
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania WPCW 19 UPN CBS Corporation
Charlotte North Carolina WJZY-TV 46 UPN Capitol Broadcasting Company
Indianapolis Indiana WTTV 4
WB Tribune Broadcasting
Baltimore Maryland WNUV-TV 54 WB Sinclair Broadcast Group
Raleigh North Carolina WLFL-TV 22 WB Sinclair Broadcast Group
San Diego California XETV 6 Fox Televisa
Nashville Tennessee WNAB 58 WB Sinclair Broadcast Group
Hartford Connecticut WTXX 20 WB Tribune Broadcasting
Kansas City Missouri KCWE 294 UPN Hearst-Argyle Television
Columbus Ohio WWHO 53 UPN/WB LIN Television
Salt Lake City Utah KUCW 30 WB High Plains Broadcasting
Cincinnati Ohio WKRC-DT 12.22 Newport Television
Milwaukee Wisconsin WVTV 18 WB Sinclair Broadcast Group
Greenville North Carolina WYCW 62 UPN Media General
San Antonio Texas KCWX 2 UPN Corridor Television
West Palm Beach Florida WTVX 34 UPN Four Points Media Group
Grand Rapids Michigan WWMT-DT 3.22 Freedom Communications
Birmingham Alabama WTTO 21 WB Sinclair Broadcast Group
Harrisburg Pennsylvania WLYH-TV 15 UPN Nexstar Broadcasting
Las Vegas Nevada KVCW 33 Independent Sinclair Broadcast Group
Norfolk Virginia WGNT 27 UPN CBS Corporation
Albuquerque New Mexico KWBQ 19 WB ACME Communications
Oklahoma City Oklahoma KOCB 34 WB Sinclair Broadcast Group
Winston-Salem North Carolina WCWG 20 WB Pappas Telecasting Companies
Jacksonville Florida WCWJ 17 WB Media General
Memphis Tennessee WLMT 30 UPN/WB Newport Television
Austin Texas KNVA 54 WB LIN Television
Louisville Kentucky WBKI-TV 34 WB Cascade Broadcasting Group
Buffalo New York WNLO-TV 23 UPN LIN Television
Providence Rhode Island WLWC 28 UPN/WB Four Points Media Group
New Orleans Louisiana WNOL-TV 38 WB Tribune Broadcasting
Scranton Pennsylvania WSWB 38
WOLF-DT 56.2
WB/UPN Mystic Television of Scranton LLC
New Age Media
Fresno California KFRE-TV 59 WB Pappas Telecasting Companies
Little Rock Arkansas KASN 38 UPN Newport Television
Albany New York WCWN 45 WB Freedom Communications
Richmond Virginia WUPV 65 UPN Southeastern Media Holdings
Knoxville Tennessee WBXX-TV 20 WB ACME Communications
Mobile Alabama WFNA 55 WB LIN Television
Tulsa Oklahoma KQCW 19 WB Griffin Communications
Fort Myers Florida WXCW 46 WB Sun Broadcasting
Lexington Kentucky WKYT-DT 27.22 UPN Gray Television
Dayton Ohio WBDT 26 WB ACME Communications
Charleston West Virginia WQCW 30
WB/UPN Lockwood Broadcasting Group
Flint Michigan WBSF 46 WB Barrington Broadcasting
Roanoke Virginia WWCW-DT 21.22
WFXR-DT 27.2
WB Grant Broadcasting System II
Tucson Arizona KWBA 58 WB Journal Communications
Wichita Kansas KSCW 33 WB Schurz Communications
Green Bay Wisconsin WIWB 14 WB ACME Communications
Des Moines Iowa KCWI-TV 23 WB Pappas Telecasting Companies
Honolulu Hawaii KHON-DT 2.22 New Vision Television
Toledo Ohio "WT05" 5 (cable-only) WB Block Communications
Springfield Missouri K15CZ 15
KYTV-DT 33.2
UPN Schurz Communications
Spokane Washington KSKN 22 WB Belo Corporation
Omaha Nebraska KXVO 15 WB Pappas Telecasting Companies
Portland Maine WPXT 51 WB New Age Media, LLC
Paducah Kentucky WQTV-LP 24 UPN Raycom Media
Columbia South Carolina WZRB 47 UPN Roberts Broadcasting
Rochester New York WHAM-DT 13.22 WB Newport Television
Syracuse New York WSTQ-LP 14 UPN Barrington Broadcasting
Huntsville Alabama WHDF 15 UPN Lockwood Broadcasting Group
Champaign Illinois WBUI 23 WB GOCOM Media
Shreveport Louisiana KPXJ 21 UPN Minden Television Corp
Madison Wisconsin WBUW 57 WB ACME Communications
Chattanooga Tennessee WFLI-TV 53 WB MPS Media
McAllen Texas KSFE-LP 67
KNVO-DT 48.4
Entravision Communications
Cedar Rapids Iowa KWKB 20 WB KM Communications
South Bend Indiana WCWW-LP 25 WB Weigel Broadcasting
Jackson Mississippi WRBJ 34 UPN Roberts Broadcasting
Colorado Springs Colorado KXTU-LP 57 UPN Barrington Broadcasting
Bristol Virginia WCYB-DT 5.22 WB Bonten Media Group
Burlington Vermont WFFF-DT 44.22 Smith Media, LLC
Waco Texas KWTX-DT 10.22
KBTX-DT 3.22
UPN Gray Television
Baton Rouge Louisiana WBRL-CA 21 WB Communications Corporation of America
Savannah Georgia WGSA 34 UPN Southern TV Corporation
Davenport Iowa KGCW-TV 26 WB Grant Broadcasting System II
El Paso Texas KVIA-DT 7.22 News-Press & Gazette Company
Charleston South Carolina WCBD-DT 2.22 Media General
Fort Smith Arkansas KHBS-DT 40.22
KHOG-DT 29.22
Hearst-Argyle Television
Altoona Pennsylvania (served by WPCW, Jeannette PA)
Evansville Indiana WAZE-TV 19 WB Roberts Broadcasting
Greenville North Carolina WNCT-DT 9.22 Media General
Myrtle Beach South Carolina WWMB 21 UPN SagamoreHill Broadcasting
Tallahassee Florida WFXU 57
WTLH-DT 49.2
WB New Age Media LLC
Lincoln Nebraska (served by KXVO, Omaha NE)
Fort Wayne Indiana WPTA-DT 21.22 WB Malara Broadcasting
Reno Nevada KREN-DT 27.2 & KRNS-CA 462 TuVision Entravision Communications
Youngstown Ohio WFMJ-DT 21.22 WB Vindicator Publishing
Tyler Texas KCEB 54 WB Dimension Broadcasting
Springfield Massachusetts WBQT 16 (cable only) WB operated by Comcast
Boise Idaho KNIN-TV 9 UPN Journal Communications
Sioux Falls South Dakota KWSD 36 WB Rapid Broadcasting
Lansing Michigan WLAJ-DT 53.22 WB Freedom Communications
Augusta Georgia WAGT-DT 26.22 Schurz Communications
Bloomington Illinois WHOI-DT 19.22 WB Barrington Broadcasting
Traverse City Michigan WGTU-DT29.22 WB Max Media of Traverse City LLC
Montgomery Alabama WBMM 22 Daystar SagamoreHill Broadcasting
Eugene Oregon KMTR-DT 16.22 WB Newport Television
Fargo North Dakota WDAY-DT 6.22
WDAZ-DT 8.22
WB Forum Communications
Santa Barbara California KSBY-DT 6.22 WB Evening Post Publishing Company
Macon Georgia WBMN (cable-only) WB Cox Communications
Lafayette Louisiana KLWB 50 WB Dimension Broadcasting
Salinas California KION-DT 46.22 Cowles Publishing Company
Bakersfield California KGET-DT 17.22 WB High Plains Broadcasting
Yakima Washington KIMA-DT 29.22
KEPR-DT 19.22
Fisher Communications
La Crosse-Eau Claire Wisconsin WXOW-DT 19.22
WQOW-DT 18.22
WB Quincy Newspapers
Columbus Georgia WLTZ 38.22
SagamoreHill Broadcasting
Corpus Christi Texas KRIS-DT 6.22 Evening Post Publishing Company
Redding California KHSL-DT 12.22 UPN Catamount Broadcasting
Amarillo Texas KVII-DT 7.22 Barrington Broadcasting
Rockford Illinois WREX-DT 13.22 WB Quincy Newspapers
Tupelo Mississippi WCBI-DT 4.32 Morris Multimedia
Wilmington North Carolina WBW 29 (cable only) WB Morris Multimedia
Wausau Wisconsin WAOW-DT 9.22
WYOW-DT 34.22
WB Quincy Newspapers
Monroe Louisiana KNOE-DT 8.22 WB Hoak Media
Jefferson City Missouri KOMU-DT 8.32 WB University of Missouri
Duluth Minnesota KDLH-DT 3.22
KRII-DT 11.22
WB Malara Broadcasting
Topeka Kansas KTKA-DT 49.32 Free State Communications
Medford Oregon KTVL-DT 10.22 Freedom Communications
Beaumont Texas KFDM-DT 6.22 WB Freedom Communications
Palm Springs California KCWQ-LP 2
KESQ-DT 42.3
WB News-Press & Gazette Company
Lubbock Texas KLCW-TV 22 WB Woods Communications Corporation
Salisbury Maryland WMDT-DT 47.22 WB Delmarva Broadcast Service General Partnership
Wichita Falls Texas KAUZ-DT 6.22 Hoak Media
Erie Pennsylvania WSEE-DT 35.22 Lilly Broadcasting of Pennsylvania
Albany Georgia Your Albany CW (cable-only[1]) WB
Joplin Missouri KSXF (cable-only) WB
Sioux City Iowa KTIV-DT 4.22 WB Quincy Newspapers
Anchorage Alaska KIMO-DT 13.22 Smith Media, LLC
Panama City Florida WJHG-DT 7.22 Gray Television
Terre Haute Indiana (served by WTTV, Bloomington IN)
Bangor Maine WABI-DT 5.22 WB Diversified Communications
Rochester Minnesota KTTC-DT 10.22 WB Quincy Newspapers
Bluefield West Virginia WVVA-DT 6.22 WB Quincy Newspapers
Midland Texas KWWT 30 WB Winstar Odessa
Binghamton New York WBNG-DT 12.23 WB Granite Broadcasting Corporation
Bismarck North Dakota KWMK 14 (cable only) WB Midcontinent Communications
Wheeling West Virginia WBWO 18 (cable only) WB Turnpike Television
Gainesville Florida WCJB-DT 20.22 Diversified Communications
Sherman Texas KTEN-DT 10.22 Lockwood Broadcasting Group
Idaho Falls Idaho KIFI-DT 8.32 News-Press & Gazette Company
Biloxi Mississippi WBGP 7 & 80 (cable only) WB
Yuma Arizona KSWT-DT 13.22 WB Pappas Telecasting Companies
Abilene Texas KTXS-DT 12.22 Bonten Media Group
Missoula Montana KPAX-DT 8.22 Evening Post Publishing Company
Hattiesburg Mississippi WBH2 59 (cable only) WB Comcast Cable Television
Clarksburg West Virginia WVFX-DT 46.22 WB Withers Broadcasting
Utica New York WKTV-DT 2.22 WB Smith Media, LLC
Billings Montana KTVQ-DT 2.22 Evening Post Publishing Company
Quincy Illinois WGEM-DT 10.32 WB Quincy Newspapers
Dothan Alabama WTVY-DT 4.22 UPN Gray Television
Jackson Tennessee WBJK 2 (cable only) WB Charter Communications
Rapid City South Dakota KWBH-LP 27 WB Rapid Broadcasting
Elmira New York Twin Tiers CW (cable only) WB Lilly Broadcasting LLC
Lake Charles Louisiana WBLC (cable-only) WB
Watertown New York WWTI-DT 50.32 WB Newport Television
Harrisonburg Virginia (served by WVIR-DT, Charlottesville VA)
Alexandria Louisiana KBCA-TV 41 WB Dimension Broadcasting
Marquette Michigan WBKP 5 ABC Stephan Marks
Jonesboro Arkansas Jonesboro CW (cable-only) WB
Bowling Green Kentucky WBKO-DT 13.22 WB Gray Television
Charlottesville Virginia WVIR-DT 29.32 Waterman Broadcasting Corporation
Grand Junction Colorado KKCO-DT 11.22 Gray Television
Meridian Mississippi WTOK-DT 11.32 Gray Television
Lima Ohio WBOH (cable only) WB Block Communications
Greenville Mississippi Piedmont CW (cable-only)
Laredo Texas KGNS-DT 8.22 SagamoreHill Broadcasting
Lafayette Indiana (served by WTTK, Kokomo IN)
Bozeman Montana KXLF-DT 4.22 Evening Post Publishing Company
Great Falls Montana KRTV-DT 3.22 Evening Post Publishing Company
Bend Oregon KTVZ-DT 21.22 News-Press & Gazette Company
Parkersburg West Virginia (Served by WQCW, Charleston WV)
Twin Falls Idaho KTWT-LP 43 UPN Neuhoff Family Limited Partnership
Eureka California KUVU-LP 9
UPN Sainte Partners II, L.P.
San Angelo Texas KWSA (cable-only) WB various cable systems
Casper Wyoming K26ES 26 UPN Wyomedia Corporation
Cheyenne Wyoming KGWN-DT 5.22 SagamoreHill Broadcasting
Mankato Minnesota (served by WUCW, Minneapolis MN)
Ottumwa Iowa Southeast Iowa CW (cable-only)
St. Joseph Missouri WBJO (cable-only) WB News-Press & Gazette Company
Fairbanks Alaska KATN-DT 2.22 Smith Media, LLC
Zanesville Ohio (served by WWHO, Chillicothe OH)
Presque Isle Maine WBPQ 13 (cable only) WB
Victoria Texas (served by KIAH, Houston TX)
Helena Montana KMTF 10 WB Rocky Mountain Broadcasting Company
Juneau Alaska KJUD-DT 8.22 Smith Media, LLC
Alpena Michigan Alpena's CW 21 (cable-only) WB various vable systems
North Platte Nebraska KWPL (cable-only) WB Pappas Telecasting Companies
Glendive Montana CW Glendive (cable only) WB
Hagåtña Guam KTKB-LP 26 Marianas Media
Aguadillia Puerto Rico WSJP-LP 30 UPN and WB LKK Group
Saint Croix Virgin Islands WCVI-TV 39 UPN Virgin Blue Inc.
Stony River Alaska K02JZ 2 Stony River Traditional Council


  • 1 In areas of the United States where CW programming is not available, WDCW (Washington) is available to subscribers of DirecTV on channel 385.
  • 2 These stations carry the CW on a digital subchannel, which is available to viewers of digital television. Most of these digital subchannels should also be available in their respective markets through local cable television providers.
  • 3 Cable channel already operational, but not yet broadcasting via a digital subchannel.
  • 4 KCWE is available to cable subscribers in the St. Joseph Market, as are the other Kansas City network affiliates.

Former Affiliates

City Station Ownership Years with CW Notes
San Diego, CA KSWB-TV 69 Tribune Company 9/2006-7/2008 Joined FOX on 8/1/2008; replaced by XETV
Lincoln, NE KCWL-TV 51 Omaha World-Herald
(operated by Pappas Telecasting Companies)
9/2006-6/2009 Analog signal signed off June 9, 2009; digital signal signed on as FOX affiliate KFXL-TV June 12; replaced by KXVO
Reno, NV KREN-TV 27 Pappas Telecasting Companies;
Entravision Communications
9/2006-?/2009 Became a Univision affiliate in early 2009; CW programming moved to KAZR/KRNS which is KREN-DT2. (see above)
Walla Walla, WA KCWK 9 Pappas Telecasting Companies 9/2006-5/2008 Ceased operations 5/2008 after filing for bankruptcy; was replaced by subchannels from KEPR-TV/KIMA-TV on March 31, 2009
Columbus, GA WLGA 66 Pappas Telecasting Companies 9/2006-4/2009 Became an independent station on April 27; was replaced by subchannel from WLTZ
Topeka, KS KSNT-DT 27.2 New Vision Television 9/2006-11/2008 Replaced CW programming with a simulcast of FOX affiliate KTMJ-CA in 11/2008; was replaced by subchannel from KTKA-TV on 6/2/2009
Idaho Falls, ID KPIF 15 KM Communications 9/2006-9/2009 Became an RTV affiliate on 9/7/2009; replaced by subchannel from KIFI-TV
Lima, OH WLIO-DT Block Communications 9/2006-9/2008 Subchannel discontinued on 9/17/2008 and replaced by WBOH
Parkersburg, WV WBPB WHIZ Media Group 2006-2008 Cable only, operated by WHIZ-TV; ceased operations and replaced by WQCW
Zanesville, OH WBZV WHIZ Media Group 2006-2008 Cable only, operated by WHIZ-TV; ceased operations and replaced by WWHO

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