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List of Cambodian films
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This is an incomplete, chronological list of films produced in the Khmer language. Most films are related to the Cinema of Cambodia, but it may include films which have been partly produced in other countries but still retain Cambodian links.

For an alphabetical listing, see Category:Cambodian films. Please note that not all Khmer films are listed and many of the films produced between 1965 and 1975 were destroyed during the Khmer Rouge years.






List of Khmer films of 2010


Notable films


  • Kbone Chivt(1962)...Madam Dy Saveth 1st film
  • Chet Madai (1963) oldest existing Khmer film discovered as of 2009
  • Apsara(1965)...King Sihanouk's 1st film
  • Pao Chouk Sar(1967)
  • Puthisen Neang Kongrey(1967)
  • Tep Sodachan(1968)
  • Thavary Meas Bong (1969)


  • Sovann Pancha(1970)...known as Vann Vannak's only surviving film
  • Pous Keng Kong(1970)...Perhaps the most popular Cambodian movie of all time directed by Tea Lim Kang and was released in Cambodia for a second term in 1972.
  • Kropeu Charavan((1972)
  • Orn Euy Srey Orn(1972)
  • Pko Lon Deum Chnam(1972)
  • Pel Dael Trov Yum (1972)
  • Panjapor Tevi (1973)
  • Chnam Oun 16 (1974)-known for the famous Rock and Roll song "Sweet 16" by Ros Serey Sothea
  • Pous Trung Oun Tov (1975)-known as the last existing Khmer film before the Khmer Rouge


  • The Forced Labor of Angkar Leu(1979-1980)
  • Kone Euy Madai Ahp(1980 or 1984)
  • Chet Chong Cham (1984)
  • Tears In a Quiet Purple Evening(1987)...Tep Rundaro's debut film


  • Last Colonel Savath(1992)
  • Rice People(1994)
  • Peasants In Distress(1994)
  • Promat Promong(1994)
  • Picheyvongsa(1996)
  • Jeat Satrey(1997)...Cambodia's 1st acknowledged TV series and Pich Soporn's last film
  • Bopha Pailin(1998)...Chorn Chan Leakenna debut film

2000s (Classic must see Cambodian films of the 2000s)

  • Techo Domden(2000)
  • The Snake King's Grandchild(2001)...Internationally known sequel to the 1970 film, a joint production between Cambodia and Thailand
  • Cheam Anata(2002)...Actors Chea Yuthon and Saom Vansodany's life during the Khmer Rouge
  • Tuk Jet Mdai(2002)...Dy Saveth returns to acting for the first time in a long time
  • Min Yoke Te Pdei Jass, Saóp Nass Pdei Kmeng(2003)
  • Tum and Teav(2003)
  • Good Husband/Pdey Laó(2003)
  • 3 Ace(2004)
  • Ah Lev(2004)
  • Neang Neat(2004)
  • Moronak Meada(2004)
  • Mr. Mao(2005)
  • Neang Macha(2005)
  • The Blind and the Crippled(2005)
  • The Crocodile(2005)
  • Mjass Bomnul Kam(2006)
  • The Snake King's Grandchild(2006)
  • Staying Single When(2007)...KMF's 1st featured film(actual voice)
  • Heart Talk(2008)
  • Pume Neak Klahan(2009)
  • The Twin Diamonds(2009)

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