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This is a list of episodes in the American animated television series Courage the Cowardly Dog.


Pilot: 1995

Episode # Airdate Title Summary
Pilot December 31, 1995 The Chicken from Outer Space An Oscar-nominated episode,[1] and John Dilworth's first foray into the Courage universe. A fearful dog named Courage must stop an alien chicken while at his owners' farm (Muriel Bagge and her husband Eustace). During the short, Muriel gets some eggs from the alien chicken and feeds it to her husband Eustace which turns him into a chicken. Meanwhile, Courage is fighting with the alien chicken by challenging him to several contest. At the end of the short, Courage uses the alien chicken's laser gun and shot Eustace (now transform into a chicken) to save Muriel and a lowly mouse appears and starts to eat Eustace-chicken's ashes which is about to start transforming him into a chicken with the beginning of the red eyes.

Season 1: 1999-2000

Episode # Airdate Title Summary
1 November 12, 1999 A Night at the Katz Motel Courage and his owners have just returned from vacation and stop at a nearby motel. Eustace leaves Courage tied up outside and goes off to sleep, while Muriel takes a bath. Courage meets the motel's owner -- a crazy, smooth red cat with a British accent, named Katz-- who captures Eustace as spider's food and sneaks a spider into Muriel's bath. Courage must escape and challenge Katz to a dynamic racketball game to save his owners.
Cajun Granny Stew A sly Cajun Fox eyes Muriel as the final ingredient in his 'Cajun Granny Stew'. Courage embarks on a tumultuous chase to get his Muriel back.
2 November 19, 1999 The Shadow of Courage A wealthy miser dies alone in his observatory, releasing his playful shadow. The shadow plays tricks and pranks aplenty on the denizens of Nowhere, until Courage encourages him to become shadow to a star in the sky.
Dr. Le Quack, Amnesia Specialist Caught in the backlash of a freak roofing accident, Muriel is struck with amnesia, leaving Eustace free rein to make the house just as he has always wanted it: without Courage. Cast out of his home, Courage calls in the help of Dr. Le Quack, a purported amnesiac therapist.
3 November 26, 1999 Courage Meets Bigfoot Bigfoot is spotted near the Bagge home, and a reward is offered for his capture. But an unexpectedly gentle Bigfoot soon befriends (at first they had an unfriendly food fight, until a bunch of fruit fell on them (as a skirt and fruit hat) the music goes caramba) Courage, who now has to keep his new friend from the clutches of Eustace, predictably after the bounty.
Hothead Tired of his less than opulent scalp, Eustace participates in an experimental trial to cure male-pattern baldness. The medicine he acquires does not offer him a single follicle, but gifts him with the ability to blow up anything he feels rage towards. Courage must find a way from keeping his irate master from anger, or risk his beloved Muriel exploding.
4 December 3, 1999 The Demon in the Mattress Inadvertently purchasing a cursed mattress, Muriel finds herself possessed by a vindictive demon. Eustace and Courage must find a way to extract the devilish parasite and rid the house of its ghoulish presence. The episode is a direct parody/homage of The Exorcist.
Freaky Fred What should be a delightful visit from a rarely-seen nephew goes frightfully awry in this episodic parody of Sweeney Todd. Muriel's nephew Fred is a mentally unhinged barber with a habit of shaving anyone and everything more than averagely hairy. In his sights is Courage, and his fluffy, pink fur, who finds himself visited upon by an over-friendly razor.
5 December 17, 1999 Night of the Weremole In trying to feed an adorable rabbit, Muriel is bitten by a "Weremole". The following night, she is afflicted with a monstrous transformation, turning her into a similar creature. As Eustace battles his transfigured wife with his brittle wit and a mallet, Courage scrounges the internet for a cure. At the end, Eustance is bitten by the Weremole-Dr. Vindaloo after he got bitten by Weremole-Muriel from the beginning.
Mother's Day Eustace and Courage visit Eustace's mother for Mother's Day. Though Eustace tries to win his mother's love, she would rather dote on Courage, much to the dismay of both master and pet.
6 January 14, 2000 The Duck Brothers Muriel is the subject of a mind-control device driven by a pair of alien duck siblings. After a botched mission to rescue the duck's third brother from the kitchen of a military facility, Courage offers his services to reunite the extraterrestrial family.
Shirley the Medium Courage discovers a locked case left behind by Eustace's deceased, elder brother Horst. Believing it to contain a vast sum of riches, Eustace calls upon the services of Shirley the Medium to find the key to the box. Disregarding both the Medium and his brother's posthumous advice, Eustace finds the key, and opens the box, unleashing a monstrous terror from within. Courage scrambles to save his masters from a grisly fate. Shirley gives Eustace his nickname The Stupid one. Eustace's greed traps him with a vast fortune in the box-and no way to get out or spend it!
7 January 21, 2000 King Ramses' Curse A pair of thieves heist a valuable stone slab from a mummy's tomb. Unfortunately for them, the slab is haunted by the spirit of King Ramses, the mummy in question. The spirit overtakes the two with a series of powerful curses. Prior to their demise, they have buried the slab near the farm of an unsuspecting Courage and company.
The Clutching Foot A monstrous fungus engulfs Eustace's foot, and swallows him whole, forming itself into a gang of old-fashioned mobsters. Courage has no choice but to do their bidding, who threaten to crush Muriel literally underfoot should he do otherwise.
8 January 28, 2000 The Hunchback of Nowhere A heinously ugly hunchback with a gentle demeanor and a kind heart struggles to find sanctuary from a woeful storm, stumbling upon the Bagge residence. While Muriel and Courage are more than happy to share their home with him, Eustace cannot abide such an ugly creature under his roof. Given no alternative, the hunchback takes shelter in the Bagges' barn, where Courage finds him anew; bonding through a shared love of music, they become fast friends.
The Gods Must Be Goosey A goose god falls in love with Muriel and tries every possible way to take her to the heavens as his queen. Courage, unwilling to let Muriel be wooed by the goose, he attempts to make it seem Eustace is being romantic to stop the god.
9 March 2, 2000 Queen of the Black Puddle After a powerful rain deluges the farmhouse, a single, eerie puddle remains. From its indeterminable depths rises an enticing, womanly creature, who proceeds to allure Eustace into a hypnotic trance. Dazed and bedazzled, Eustace is taken to the creature's submerged castle. Seeing Muriel crying over her husband's disappearance, Courage embarks upon a perilous dive to retrieve the farmer.
Everyone Wants to Direct A mysterious director named Benton Tarantella visits the farmhouse one dark night, offering the Bagges a chance to make movie history. As his real, sinister intentions come to light, Courage must find a way to save his family from a terrible demise.
10 March 9, 2000 The Snowman Cometh The Sean Connery-sounding Last of the Snowmen laments his life; made of fickle snow, he is doomed to melt. But upon spotting the Bagge family, inexplicably vacationing in the Arctic, he devises a plot to extract the human 'anti-melting gene' from the unwitting couple. It is up to Courage to prevent his owners' impending liquidation.
The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Loveable Duckling Inadvertently hatched by Eustace, a cute, black duckling forms a powerful love for the surly old farmer. Jealous of his 'mother's' attention, he plots to remove the unsuspecting Muriel from the picture, a plot Courage struggles to foil.
11 March 16, 2000 Heads of Beef An ill Muriel is bereft the ability to provide dinner for her charges, forcing Eustace and Courage to a local diner. Owned by an anthropomorphic pig and his wife, the diner prides itself on its delicious burgers. But a series of eerie events leads Courage to think that it may not be cow's meat being served here.
Klub Katz Washed ashore on a desert island after a luxury cruise goes awry, the family runs into Katz, who now purports to run an exclusive resort: Klub Katz. The villainous Katz's ulterior motive soon comes to light, however, and Courage must save Muriel from a crushing fate.
12 March 23, 2000 The Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space The evil, alien chicken from the pilot returns in his fried and headless form, bent upon beheading his mortal enemy, Courage. First, captures Muriel and tries to pull her head off with his plunger in his spaceship inside the henhouse of the Bagge's. Later, gains Eustace's head but was shot into space killing the chicken for good (including Eustace's head).
Journey to the Center of Nowhere Angered both by a drought and Muriel's use of eggplants in cooking, a humanized troupe of eggplants plot her downfall deep underground. Using some quick computer work, and a rather uncanny disguise, Courage manages to save his owner and even satisfy the irate vegetables.
13 March 30, 2000 Little Muriel After the farmhouse is hurled into a powerful tornado, Muriel (the only one in the house at the time) is turns into a bratty 3 1/2 baby. Courage must travel to the southern hemisphere with his petulant owner in order to undo this most baffling regression.
The Great Fusilli A gator calling himself the Great Fusilli travels to Nowhere with his acting troupe, seeking to expand its members beyond just himself. Muriel and Eustace are quickly enticed by the glamor of the stage, and even a suspicious Courage finds a thespian love within himself. At least until he discovers the fate of Fusilli's former troupe members.

Season 2: 2000-2001

Episode # Airdate Title Summary
14 October 31, 2000 The Magic Tree of Nowhere A magical tree with the power to grant wishes grows one day by the farmhouse; though Muriel and Courage are delighted by the tree's gifts and presence, Eustace feels threatened, his lack of talent as a provider growing more evident as the tree gifts his family with more and more. In a fit of anger, Eustace accidentally wishes a cumbersome illness upon Muriel, which only offers the former justification to cut the tree down. Courage must defend the tree from Eustace's lumberjack campaign until it can devise a cure for the afflicted Muriel.
Robot Randy Branded a failure by the rest of his race, an alien robot named Randy travels to Earth to prove his worth. His family enslaved by the robot, Courage strives to bring out the sensitivity in his robotic captor to save the farm.
15 November 7, 2000 The Curse of Shirley A rankled Shirley afflicts Eustace with an accursed raincloud when he refuses to offer her even a scrap of generosity. To prevent the ruination of the farmer's birthday by his own precipitous state, Courage implores Shirley for help.
Courage in the Big Stinkin' City Upon winning a sitar contest, Muriel takes her family to New York City to watch her perform at the Radio City Music Hall. Lost in the sprawling metropolis, a large, grotesque roach named Buschwick, called Schwick by his request, tricks the family into his clutches claiming to be part of the show. To keep his family from being consumed by a mouse-sized, unknown terror, Courage must retrieve an Evil Package for the evil pest, while avoiding the trail of a cop that has grown suspicious of him. As the episode ends, Eustace continues flipping through channels in Buschwick's room while his flesh has been eaten by the unknown terror in the mouse hole. It is implied that the terror is the monster-faced girl playing the violin that Courage saw when he opened the third door in the big red spooky block of flat (this is further implied when Eustace comes across a channel featuring said monster, albeit her face is humane). A wooden mouse hole, possibly inter-dimensional, is shown in the bottom-left corner of the room that can connect the monster to Buschwick's room.
16 November 14, 2000 Family Business A confused burglar with a split personality breaks into the Bagge home, switching between a ruthless thief bent upon robbing the Bagges blind, and a kindly young man visiting his family (the Bagges are assigned various roles in the burglar's imagined family). To prevent something unfortunate from happening, Courage does his best to remove the burglar from his home thus entangling himself and his family in a crazy situation with the burglar.
1,000 Years of Courage As an astronomical meteoric impact propels the Earth around its axis at an alarming speed, the Bagges are inexplicably hurled a thousand years into the future, a time when Earth is ruled by a race of intelligent, talking bananas. As the family struggles to fit into their new surroundings, Courage stumbles upon the mock-utopian society's dark secret.
17 January 19, 2001 Courage Meets the Mummy The mummy of a Mayan baker stumbles from out of his grave, mysteriously making his way toward Nowhere. The explorer who discovered the mummy finds the Bagges, and informs the family of the mummy's immanent arrival. It appears that in a past life, Muriel and Eustace were a Mayan queen and adviser respectively; the mummy was the queen's Royal Baker. After being wrongfully accused of stealing the Royal Cookies from the Royal Cookie Jar, the baker was executed. He now seeks revenge.
Invisible Muriel Courage discovers a marvelous sapphire and gifts it to Muriel, who begins turning transparent upon wearing it. After she is captured by the government, who was incidentally looking for the gem, Courage embarks upon a trans-continental quest to find her as Eustace and the self-proclaimed 'M.D. Quack' Dr. Vindaloo try to cure the invisibility.
18 February 22, 2001 Human Habitrail A solicitous Doctor named Doc Gerbil enters the Bagge home under the pretense of selling a dust-busting vacuum cleaner. Using the very device he purported to sell, he captures Eustace and Muriel, and takes them to his laboratory to use as test subjects for his products. Not going to let an overgrown rat take away his family, Courage tracks the Doctor down and proceeds to infiltrate his compound.
Mission To The Sun The Bagge family is propelled into space, having been sent on a mission to fix the sun, which is about to go out. Things go smoothly until an extraterrestrial bacterium bores its way into Muriel's brain, forcing her to sabotage the mission. As Eustace is preoccupied with a malfunctioning toilet, only Courage can save his caretaker and the Earth all at once.
19 March 16, 2001 Courage the Fly While enjoying a chewy boot, Courage encounters a mysterious Asian boy named Di Lung who enjoys performing random experiments on passersby. His next victim is our favorite, pink dog, now transfigured into a tiny, pink fly. Our poor hero is given no time to lament his predicament, however, as he soon discovers that an out-of-control government satellite is careening out of the sky towards his precious home.
Katz Kandy Tired of coming in second to Muriel every year in the local Sweet-Stuffs Contest, Katz summons a jam monster to kidnap his opulent rival. Not a match for Katz in body or mind, Courage must still find a way to best the evil feline.
20 April 3, 2001 Nowhere TV The evil masquerader Dr. Le Quack visits the unassuming farmhouse yet again, under the guise of a TV repairman. After covertly breaking the Bagge's TV and offering to fix the device, he converts the machine into a hypnotizing agent, making Muriel and Eustace (Courage's owners) the duck's obedient slaves. Having been the only one to escape the hypnosis, Courage follows his beloved Muriel and her spouse to find a way to cure both Muriel and Eustace's mental stasis.
Mega Muriel the Magnificent The A.I. present in Courage's computer scoffs and belittles Courage's memoirs, seeing the bold pink pup as nothing but a cowardly buttercup. After an auspicious bolt of lightning energizes the computer to life, the A.I. uploads itself into Muriel's body to afford himself the chance to show Courage what it really means to be courageous. Much to Courage's horror, this involves risking the life of his caretaker.
21 April 10, 2001 Bad Hair Day Muriel is taken away by a mysterious company called Growth Industries upon discovery of her rare blood type, ABXYZ. It is up to Courage to infiltrate the company and retrieve her from the clutches of ruthless scientists.
Forbidden Hat of Gold Eustace discovers a map left by his deceased brother Horst that details the route to a hat made of solid gold. Needless to say, greedy Eustace wastes no time in dragging his family on a perilous pursuit to obtain the gilded cap. The Bagges soon find themselves in the clutches of a reclusive sect of monks, and need to find escape.
22 April 17, 2001 Serpent of the Evil River In taking advantage of a free cruise offered upon the aptly named Evil River, the Bagges are suckered into helping a mean-spirited pirate/bounty-hunter capture an opera-loving, cyclopic serpent named Carmen, who is attracted to the sound of the Habenera from the opera Carmen.
The Transplant Courage discovers the first bone of the remains of a colossal prehistoric creature known as the Kangaroo Monster in his backyard, and quickly finds himself surrounded by a team of archaeologists. After an auction to sell the bones to the highest bidder goes south, Eustace finds himself in need of a spinal operation for which a vertebra of the Kangaroo Monster is used. Following the transplant, Eustace is transformed into a stylized version of the great beast, taking Muriel on a globe-trotting trip to cause mayhem. Courage volunteers to use a small scrap of bone left from the operation to transform himself and combat his crazed owner.
23 October 26, 2001 "Car Broke, Phone Yes" In letting a diminutive, coated stranger into her home to use the phone, Muriel finds herself bereft of the very essence of her kindness, stolen by the alien stranger to give to his master, a great alien brain. To return his owner to normal, Courage must retrieve Muriel's kindness from the great, disembodied organ.
"Cowboy Courage" Courage imagines his family in an old-fashioned Western-themed daydream, placing Eustace, Muriel and himself in various roles.
24 November 2, 2001 "Evil Weevil" Upon striking a large weevil with the family truck, Muriel invites the massive insect to their home to recuperate. Their new guest proves himself to be a most helpful hand, offering his services as a prodigious butler. But the bug's services come at a hefty price, as he begins to literally suck away the vitalities of Eustace and Muriel.
McPhearson Phantom As Eustace goes about his regular chores on a regular day, a series of misfortunes befall him, for which Muriel gets the blame. Each one angry with the other, the couple finds their very marriage tested. To make things worse, Eustace's mother offers her services as a 'licensed' therapist, only managing to deepen the wedge between the two on purpose. As Courage familiarizes himself with marital psychology to palliate the strained marriage, a strange shadowy figure roams the halls of the Bagge home.
25 November 9, 2001 The House of Discontent The Night of the Harvest Moon draws nigh upon our favorite farmhouse, auspiciously drawing with it a series of bizarre and inexplicable happenstances in the home, which ends up being revealed it is the harvest spirit. It says that something must be grown in the house by midnight or else.As usual, Courage is tasked with saving the day.
The Sand Whale Strikes From the sprawling sands of Nowhere comes a colossal Sand Whale, who mysteriously begins attacking the farmhouse. It seems that the whale has mistaken Eustace for his father, Ickett, to whom the whale had lost his beloved accordion in a crooked card game. Unwilling to believe Eustace's claim that he does not possess said accordion, the whale swallows the couple whole, and propels them on a whirlwind ride through the parched land of Nowhere. Courage must retrieve the accordion from Eustace's mother and somehow calm the riled beast.
26 November 16, 2001 The Tower of Dr. Zalost In a two-part episode, a great mobile tower fires great, black cannonballs into the denizens of Nowhere, striking each and every victim with a total and inescapable depression. The tower's owner is a genius named Dr. Zalost, a man desperately seeking something to alleviate his own immense sadness. The ransom offered by the Mayor of Nowhere doing nothing to assuage his woes, the melancholic doctor makes his way to the Bagge home. As a disparaging cannonball finds Muriel a target, Eustace and Courage must find a way to lift everyone's depression, even the somber Dr. Zalost. This Episode is one of many that features King Ghidorah as a movie monster on the TV.

Season 3: 2002

Episode # Airdate Title Summary
27 January 12, 2002 Muriel Meets Her Match A mysterious pair of Latin criminals are on the run from the law, and seek to make the Bagge home a permanent hideout. Only Courage can prevent the mischievous pair from ruthlessly taking over his home.
Courage vs. Mecha-Courage Di Lung happens once again upon a relaxing Courage, and wastes no time in pointing out the dog's faults. After Courage fails to 'play fetch' according to Di Lung's expectations, he creates a mechanical duplicate of our hero. The machine proceeds to effortlessly fulfill every niche Courage held dear, his owners not even noticing the clear aesthetic change. Courage and Di Lung go to Colosseum at Rome,Italy for battle Mecha Courage. Now Courage's only hope is to best the machine in a pitched battle, and pray that his own indomitable fortitude will outlast his clockwork foe.
28 February 8, 2002 Campsite of Terror Out for a weekend camping trip, Muriel is captured by a pair of tiny, ill-tempered raccoons. Courage and Eustace band together to find the rodents; Courage for Muriel, and Eustace for the $50,000 reward posted for the raccoons' capture.
The Record Deal Thrown away by Shirley the Medium as she sorted her things, a mysterious Velvet Vic record finds its way into Eustace's hands, who, incidentally, is a longtime fan. As the record plays, the mystical singer himself materializes out of the music. Though the record tries to take him back, he throws Muriel in instead. While Eustace takes Vic on a vast come-back tour, Courage begs Shirley for help.
29 March 15, 2002 Stormy Weather Having lost her precious dog, Duncan, a storm goddess seeks to replace him with Courage (who looks vaguely similar). As Muriel and the goddess engage in a battle of wills to see who keeps the dog, Courage scours the globe in search of Duncan.
The Sandman Sleeps The Sandman lies awake in his tower one night, ironically cursed with severe insomnia. In order to slumber soundly, he steals the essence of Muriel's sleep, rendering the latter completely unable to go to bed. With Muriel's health deteriorating before his eyes, Courage is frantic to find a solution.
30 June 7, 2002 Hard Drive Courage Muriel reads a cookbook, for her husband Eustace is sick. Courage's computer becomes infected by a virus, and proceeds to inexplicably drag Muriel into a cybernetic world. To save his beloved owner, Courage uploads himself into the infected machine after her.
The Ride of the Valkyries While the Bagges are on holiday, Courage, Muriel and Eustace find themselves caught in the middle of an age-long battle between a quartet of Valkyries and a quartet of trolls. It is up to Courage to rescue Muriel, mistaken for the missing Valkyrie sister, and manage to quell the hazardous fighting, lest his family be mined up in the middle of the mess.
31 June 14, 2002 Scuba Scuba Doo While scuba diving in a coral reef, Muriel and Courage discover a diminutive civilization of coral dwellers who cultivate the reef. Courage must find a way to defend his newfound friends from Eustace and his mother, who insist on harvesting the coral to make a brand of durable wigs.
Conway the Contaminationist When a strange, filthy, disgusting old man named Conway finds his way into the Bagge home, he insists on teaching Muriel and Eustace the secret to living a longer life: by living in abject and total filth. As mounds of rot and trash defame the farmhouse, Courage must find a way to clean his home, or else risk his owners turning into creatures similar to Conway.
32 June 21, 2002 Katz Under the Sea Tired of being worked to the bone by Eustace, Muriel takes Courage and herself on a free, submarine vacation. Little do they know, the nefarious Katz is the one managing the operation. As the sinister feline's devious plot surfaces itself, Courage scrambles to save his beloved owner from a most explosive fate.
Curtain of Cruelty While shopping for ingredients to Muriel's homemade fabric softener, Courage encounters a mysterious curtain of red light sweeping the whole of Nowhere. The curtain turns the usually kindly denizens of Nowhere into cruel, heartless individuals, each trying their best to make each other miserable. Muriel and Courage, somehow unaffected by the curtain, soon find themselves at the mercy of the behaviorally deranged townsfolk. Upon finding the source of the miserable curtain, Courage puts it upon himself to find a way to stop the cruel citizens, led by mayor Eustace.
33 June 28, 2002 Feast of the Bullfrogs A clan of bullfrogs discover their favorite pond dried and useless, and fashion a new pond in the Bagge basement, enslaving the family to do so. Unconcerned by their hosts' admonishings, the frogs proceed to convert the farmhouse into a froggy paradise, even trying to convert the elderly couple into pseudo-amphibians. Courage is the only one left to shoo the loathsome pests, and free his masters from a most unsettling life.
Tulip's Worm While a placid Courage practices his tuba to a wormy audience, a pair of alien teddy bears wreak havoc upon the city nearby with a massive, disintegrating raygun. Soon the destructive pair happens upon the Bagge home, demanding Courage's cooperation in their quest. It seems the bears' owner, Tulip, has lost her pet worm, and the bears have been scouring the galaxy in its search. Luckily for them, the worm Courage had been playing to was in fact the worm in question; but in proceeding to capture it, a much-larger-than-expected worm consumes the bears and Muriel in a ferocious gulp. Courage must pilot the bears' saucer to their homeworld to solicit Tulip's help in ejecting the hapless victims from the worm's stomach.
34 July 5, 2002 So In Louvre Are We Two On a trip to Paris, the Bagges manage their way into the Louvre just before closing time to sneak a peek at the Mona Lisa, a work of art long adored by Muriel. Having taken a nap in a nearby exhibit, the family is inadvertently locked inside the Louvre. While things seem peaceful at first, an eerie alignment of planets brings a pair of artworks to life: the Mona Lisa and The Thinker, apparently lovers. The pair switch places with the Bagge couple, so they can find a new place to spend eternity before their spell breaks. Courage is left with the task of returning the rogue masterpieces to their proper homes, so he can free his masters from their crafted cages.
Night of the Scarecrow The Bagges enjoy a fun day at a nearby carnival, and call it a day when evening strikes. On the way home, Eustace accidentally drives into a cornfield, and strikes a mysteriously animate scarecrow, whom Muriel takes home and fixes up. Desperate to return the favor for her kindness, the rather un-terrifying scarecrow goes to extremes to make himself scary, and therefore a better guard to his savior. As the scarecrow's efforts soon become ravenously overzealous, Courage must retrieve Muriel from the scarecrow's fanatic protection.
35 July 12, 2002 Mondo Magic Courage discovers a mysterious magic kit on his front porch, and proceeds to entertain himself and Muriel with its various tricks. Things go terribly awry, however, when he accidentally summons a magician named Mondo into his living room. Though he seems charming, Courage comes to discover the magician's terrible secret, and goes to great lengths to keep Muriel from harm's way.
Watch the Birdies Kidnapped by a colossal buzzard, Muriel and Courage find themselves the unwilling caretakers of a trio of newly-hatched chicks. While the mother is out trying to find herself a husband, the Bagge wife and dog must keep the babies out of harm's way, or else risk the mother bird's violent unhappiness.
36 July 19, 2002 Fishy Business A strange organization of sentient fish captures the Bagges, and sentence them to 'reeducation'; according to the fish, man originated from the sea, and the fact that they walked, talked, and watched TV was an abomination to their seaborne heritage. To cure them of these 'atrocious' habits, the Bagges are forced to breathe water and live in a fishbowl. Only Courage is free to liberate his family from their submarine nightmare.
Angry Nasty People Benton Tarantella returns to Nowhere, this time the director of a new TV sitcom entitled Angry Nasty People. As Eustace rakes in the financial rewards, Muriel and Courage find themselves subjected to Eustace's most cruel torments, all fuel for the show. Things take a turn for the worse when Tarantella's camera manifests the essence of Eustace's animosity and rancor into a corporeal being. Courage is the only one left to save Muriel's quickly shrinking self-esteem. The episode's title is a reference to R.E.M.'s "Shiny Happy People".
37 July 26, 2002 Dome of Doom A powerful drought wracks Nowhere, leaving the Bagges unable to sustain themselves. Their prayers seem answered, however, when an ad in the paper offers 'free food'. The offer turns out to be a government experiment in accelerated agrarian growth; a government agent covers the Bagge home in a tremendous glass dome, inducing vegetable growth and sealing the Bagges in at the same time. The vegetables grow marvelously, and for a time things seem alright. But when the vegetables undergo a tremendous mutation, only Courage can battle off the ravenous produce.
Snowman's Revenge Global Warming has nearly melted the whole of the North Pole, leaving the Last of the Snowmen stranded on a single block of ice. He travels to Nowhere to create a new home for himself with his diabolical invention, the "Cold Finger". As he freezes Nowhere into the "West Pole", and subjugates the Bagge family into his indentured servants, Courage tasks himself with patching up the hole in the ozone to give the Snowman back his home.
38 August 2, 2002 The Quilt Club Visiting a quaint, yet eerie quilt shop, Muriel and Courage meet a pair of bizarrely conjoined sisters. Upon hearing of an exclusive Quilt Club, Muriel longs to get in. After she knits herself nearly to death, the sisters agree to let her in. But, as Courage discovers, membership may require more sacrifice than time to quilt.
Swindlin' Wind The Bagges visit Shirley the Medium's shop, and, while perusing her wares, Muriel sees a beautiful necklace. Eustace, in a rare spurt of generosity, offers an oil well in exchange. Shirley gladly obliges. But after they leave, Shirley discovers, to her dismay, that the 'oil well deed' was in fact an oil bill. Angered by the swindling, she curses the unsuspecting couple, causing the pair to swindle each other out of everything and anything they own. Courage begs the Medium to lift the spell.
39 August 9, 2002 King of Flan A mysterious and ravenous new craze hits Nowhere: upon seeing a hypnotic commercial by the self-named King of Flan, the citizens go to extremes to obtain as much flan as possible. With his owners firmly caught up in the obsession, Courage seeks out the King of Flan to lift the mass hypnosis.
Courage Under the Volcano A marooned Bagge family find themselves the welcome guests of a tribe of blue-skinned, corpulent natives. Unfortunately, their welcome comes with compulsory participation in an island sacrifice; the Bagges of course, are the sacrifice. Courage must find a way to stop the ritual, before his owners find themselves roasted in the nearby volcano.
Special August 23, 2002 The Wind Whispers Courage A young lady named Kitten comes to the Bagges' house and sings about them. The title is a reference to a song by Jimi Hendrix, The Wind Cries Mary.
Courage The Cowardly Dog A music video, sung by They Might Be Giants, that features Courage's life as a carnival ride.

Season 4: 2002

Episode # Airdate Title Summary
40 September 9, 2002 A Beaver's Tale The Bagges one day discover that they now own lake-front property; water has flowed about the outside of their home. After spending some time enjoying their new-found natural pool, they discover that the water level is continuously rising, threatening to completely submerge their abode. To prevent the loss of home and family, only Courage can talk sense into a disgruntled beaver, whose dam is the source of Nowhere's woes.
The Nutcracker In a cartoon spoof of The Nutcracker ballet, Courage, Muriel and Eustace find themselves accosted by a pair of dancing, ravenous rats while combing a local junkyard for usable goods. Not about to let Muriel be eaten by the overgrown pests, Courage, wielding an old Nutcracker, challenges the rats to duel in dance.
41 September 13, 2002 Rumpledkiltskin Muriel is invited home to Scotland by her mysterious 'Uncle Angus', an uncle she never knew she had. She arrives with Courage in tow, meeting the seemingly kind, diminutive Scotsman fashioning himself 'Uncle Angus'. But when 'Angus' demands that Muriel knit countless kilts for his business, Courage realizes all is not well. It is up to our favorite pink dog to foil the dwarfish man, the secret to which seems to lie in his secret name...
Housecalls Dr. Roy Gerhart, a lonely inventor, finds himself in unwanted solace. He devises a magic song that pulls the Bagge home next door, and assumes a friendly relationship with Courage and company. All is well, until Gerhart's house, a jealous, animate creation of the Doctor's, begins to tear the poor farmhouse apart, unwilling to share its beloved doctor with the new neighbors. Can Courage find a way to save his home and appease the envious Gerhart abode?
42 September 20, 2002 Le Quack Balloon The nefarious Dr. Le Quack returns to an unsuspecting Nowhere, this time taking advantage of Muriel's need for rare, Swedish vinegar to involve her in his dubious plot. Hijacking a hot-air balloon and taking her captive, he heads to Sweden to use a bungee-bound Muriel for a bouncy, airborne heist. Courage and Eustace cross land and sea to put an end to the mad Doctor's schemes.
Windmill Vandals On a dusty, dark day, the Bagge windmill falls into disrepair. While Eustace attempts to fix it, a ferocious sight distracts Courage while helping the farmer, causing the mill to stop. From the distance, Courage's earlier apparition materializes into four ghoulish vandal horsemen who proceed to assault the humble family. It seems that many years ago, Nowhere was accosted by a terrible drought that rendered watermills useless; but the original owner of the Bagge farm had intelligently invested in windmills, much to the jealousy of the vandal riders. To safeguard his farm from the ravages of the envious riders, the farmer engraved the mill blades with a magic spell. To banish the vandals once more, Courage, Muriel, and Eustace must repair the windmill and reactivate the spell.
43 September 27, 2002 The Uncommon Cold Muriel falls prey to a mysterious and ferocious cold one day, caused by a spell from a group of enslaved swamp slugs as a means to obtain help. To lift the spell and free the slugs, Courage must retrieve a magical book from a vain and egocentric snake named Big Bayou.
Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted Eustace, haunted by the taunts of his elder brother, Horst, embarks on a hunting trip to prove his worth as a hunter. But the deer he hunts prove no easy prey, as the patriarch of the deer family begins to hunt Eustace to save his family. Inexplicably along for the ride, Courage gets caught up in the crossfire.
44 October 4, 2002 Bride of Swamp Monster Finding a beautiful necklace while out shopping, Muriel places her picture inside. A freak accident sends the necklace to the bottom of a swamp, much to her misery. An ancient Swamp Monster on the swamp floor discovers the necklace, and mistakes Muriel's sludge-soaked picture for his long-lost love, prompting him to chase after her. To keep his owner from the clutches of the boggy giant, Courage travels abroad to find the real Swamp Woman.
Goat Pain Muriel seriously injures her back, for which the only cure is a soak in a fabled spring atop Mt. Nowhere. But a surly ram with overgrown antlers refuses them entry, vowing hatred on humans for polluting his beloved spring and clogging its wellspring with garbage. To relieve his master's crippling agony, Courage battles the ram to unclog the spring.
45 October 11, 2002 Muriel Blows Up A top-secret missile flies errant into the Bagge farm's crop, mutating a carrot to tremendous size. Unaware of the reason for the carrot's engrossment, Muriel proceeds to eat the colossal vegetable. When Courage is informed about the truth behind the enlarged carrot, he ventures inside Muriel's stomach to remove a secret, military device, and prevent her from facing an explosive fate.
Profiles in Courage The Bagge family ends a fun day at the county fair by having their silhouettes cut out. Unfortunately for them, the man cutting the shadows is a twisted artist, bent on bringing his creations true life. His life-size cut-outs of Muriel and Eustace drain the vitality of their human counterparts, and attempt to assume a human existence. But as they realize paper was just not meant to endure the travails of mortal living, Courage shows them the joy to be found in their true selves.
46 October 18, 2002 The Mask A mysterious, masked stranger happens upon the Bagge farm, calling herself Kitty. For no apparent reason she proceeds to torment and beat Courage mercilessly, while staying as guest at the farmhouse. It seems that in her old life, her best friend, Bunny, fell in love with a chauvinistic bully named Mad Dog; Kitty failed to persuade Bunny to run away, and was chased out by Mad Dog, under pain of death. Courage in fear of more beatings and the harm that may befall his family with Kitty present, goes out to find and free Bunny, in hopes that it will encourage Kitty to leave.
47 October 25, 2002 Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog Di Lung's aunt, a long-ruling Empress of China, realizes that her longevity is coming to an end. To preserve her life and her reign, she needs the bones of a pure soul, which happens to be Muriel, conveniently vacationing with her family in China. To save his master from a gruesome de-boning, Courage undergoes a series of trials to prepare him in battling the Empress.
Muted Muriel Muriel feels unappreciated by her husband, who refuses to listen to anything she says, no matter how reasonable. To teach him a lesson, she goes mute, refusing to talk until apologized to. Unable to get her to speak on his own and knowing that Eustace apologizing is never going to happen, Courage requests the help of Shirley the Medium. As a rather grandiose solution, Shirley summons a gargantuan starfish that crushes Nowhere into the dust of the Earth, which will vanish until Muriel speaks. To save the farm and keep her safe, Courage risks life and limb to get her to speak up.
48 October 25, 2002 Aqua Farmer Unimpressed by Jojo the Dolphin's performance at a local aquarium, Eustace challenges the sea mammal to a race, losing pathetically. He demands a rematch, staking his wife as the prize of the race. Less than willing about the prospect of spending the rest of her life in a dolphin show, Muriel employs Courage's assistance to train Eustace into a ruthless swimmer. Eustace wins in the swimming competition at Nowhere Wet World.
Food of the Dragon As the Bagges sit down to a wonderful seafood dinner, they are interrupted by a carnivorous dragon, understandably eying Muriel for his meal. Courage manages to strike a deal with the ravenous lizard: if the dog can teach the man-eater to fly, then Muriel would be spared. Failing that, Courage's only other option would be to find the dragon an alternative food.
49 November 1, 2002 Last of the Starmakers The last of the Starmakers, a race of space-faring squid-like creatures, eagerly awaits the hatching of their litter of eggs. But when a colossal cosmic whale begins to devour them, the father Starmaker sacrifices himself to save his family. In a tearful parting, the mother Starmaker clutches her eggs tightly and makes her way to Earth, while the father dies in a brilliant myriad of light. The mother Starmaker falls to Earth in front of the Bagge home; Courage, at first frightened, is enchanted when the Starmaker creates for a him a beautiful star. The fate of the Starmaker race is threatened, however, when a secret government agency takes the mother and eggs captive. To keep the Heavens afire with starlight, Courage seeks to hatch the newborn Starmakers before their mother withers away.
Son of the Chicken from Outer Space The third installment of the Evil Alien Chicken series, featuring the single-bodied, triplet sons of Courage's first enemy (with the heads having similar personality to that of Ed, Edd n Eddy). Goaded by their mother to reclaim their lost family honor, they travel to Earth to dispense with the dog that so shamefully ended their father. In a slapstick battle of cosmic proportions, Courage fends off the triple-headed nuisance.
50 November 8, 2002 Courageous Cure A race of multi-limbed aliens beam the Bagge home aboard their ship, abducting the sleeping family. It seems the pair of aliens responsible are some of the last remaining survivors of a dreaded epidemic ravaging their people. They plead the Bagges' assistance to test out a potential treatment method, to which the elderly couple oblige. But when the treatment goes ruthlessly awry, only Courage remains healthy enough to save the victims.
Ball of Revenge Eustace, enraged yet again by Muriel's pampering of Courage, seeks to finally put an end to his pink nuisance: by inviting many Courage's worst enemies to a dodgeball tournament against Courage, where he has to show everything he's got in a dynamic combat against an elite of angry villains.Villains are Katz, Cajun Fox, The Weremole, Puddle Queen, The Clutching Foot, and Le Quack, as well as Eustace.
51 November 15, 2002 Cabaret Courage A visit to famed "Hollywood" goes south when the trio falls through a manhole into the realm of the hideously grotesque "Creature in the Wall". The Creature offers the family glorious prizes in exchange for an enjoyable performance, which Eustace and Muriel jump at. After successive performances that both give the Creature heartburn, the pair are sentenced to be melted alive in a pool of the Creature's stomach acid, bubbling below the stage floor. To suspend his owners' impending digestion, Courage battles temptation to please the Creature.
Wrath of the Librarian After digging up the yard in classic cartoon canine fashion, Courage discovers an old book he had borrowed from the library. When he attempts to return the novel, the stringent librarian informs him of the astronomical fee, a sum that, needless to say, is far beyond Courage's financial limitations. Angered at the lack of payment, the librarian casts a powerful spell, turning Eustace and Muriel into characters from the book in question. As the couple run amok in the streets of Nowhere, Courage scrambles to pay the fine, lest his owners be fictional creations forever.
52 November 22, 2002 Remembrance of Courage Past Muriel fixes Courage a plate of his favorite dumplings, which he devours with gusto; until he sees an ad for missing dogs on a milk carton. A flashback ensues, taking the viewer back to Courage's puppyhood, before he met Muriel. His loving parents, it seems, had been taken hostage and used as experiment fodder for a cruel veterinarian's mad experiments. Witnessing Courage's flashback-induced-catatonia, Muriel and Eustace take him for an examination, ironically by the very man responsible for the disappearance of Courage's parents. Determined to not let history repeat itself, Courage battles the vet for the sake of his new family. In the end, he manages to stop him and have him blast himself into space instead, to the same planet as Courage's parents and a group of other dogs. When the veterinarian arrives the dogs are obviously not happy and apparently maul the cruel doctor.
Perfect In the beginning, Courage helps Eustace to fix a punctured rubber tire. Helplessly, Eustace scolds to the dog "Huh?! Stupid dog! You did it wrong! Just like a painted to the chicken coop too wrong! And you did it lousy repairing the windmill!" said Eustace. Courage finds himself having a rather off-day; nothing he does seems to go right. But a mysterious, pallid, strict teacher is determined to put an end to that, and lectures the dog on pristine perfection. As the lessons take a toll on Courage psychologically, causing him to have quite horrible nightmares (one paying homage to The Wizard of Oz). But the words of a friendly fish inspire him to see his own inner worth, and show his mean-spirited instructor what it really means to be "perfect".

Note: This is one of the few episodes where Muriel or Eustace are not in any form of danger.


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