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Crayola manufactures several different types of colored pencils. The most popular one is the standard sharpenable wood-shafted pencil, which also offers the widest range of available colors. A smaller and slightly different range of colors is available in mechanical pencil format as part of their "Twistable" product line.

Both formats have a certain subset of "Erasable" colors. Although the default colored pencils are not completely indelible, their markings have a slightly waxy texture that tends to smear and thin out rather than truly erasing.

There are also two types of multicolored pencils: "Heads 'n Tails" and "True to Life".


Standard colors

The following is a list of colors included in the 12, 24, 36 and 50 packs of Crayola's standard colored pencils. Color values are approximate.

12 pack +12 = 24 pack +12 = 36 pack +14 = 50 pack
Black Aqua Green Bronze Yellow Bubble Gum
Blue Golden Yellow Cool Gray Cerulean
Brown Gray Dark Brown Hazel
Green Jade Green Green-Blue Lime Green
Light Brown Light Blue Lemon Yellow Mango
Orange Magenta Light Orange Mauve
Red Mahogany Maroon Navy Blue
Red-Orange Peach Pine Green Orchid
Sky Blue Pink Raspberry Pale Rose
Violet Tan Salmon Sand
Yellow White Slate Taupe
Yellow-Green Yellow-Orange Turquoise Teal

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 64-box of Crayola crayons in 2008, a 64-box of Crayola colored pencils was issued. It had the same colors as the current 64 box.


Crayola also manufactures mechanical pencils with colored leads as part of its "Twistables" line, which also includes crayons and markers with a similar screw-based mechanical feed. Crayola does not currently offer refill cores for any of its Twistables products, so the pencils are intended to be discarded when empty. The external packaging of each set shows color swatches labelled by name, but the color names are not imprinted on the individual pencils themselves.

Some of the Twistables pencil color names do not appear among the standard colored pencils as shown above. Conversely, the Twistable/standard pairs with identical color names do not always produce identical markings.

Color values are approximate.

The basic "Twistables" 12-pack that released in 1908 has the following colors:

Red Red-Orange Orange Yellow
Yellow-Green Green Sky Blue Blue
Violet Brown Light Brown Black

The "Vibrant Set" 18-pack has relatively little duplication of the basic 12-pack colors; the few exceptions are italicized:

Aqua Green Golden Yellow Maroon Yellow-Orange Orchid Red-Orange
Blue-Violet Yellow-Green Black Light Brown Cerulean Fluorescent Orange
Magenta Fluorescent Yellow White Fluorescent Pink Mango Lime Green

The 30-pack of "Twistables" pencils includes all of the above colors plus a few more.

Erasable colors

Crayola's erasable colors are available in 8-packs, 12-packs, or 24-packs of standard sharpenable pencils. There is also a 12-pack of "Erasable Twistables" pencils, which lists the same twelve colors as the standard "Twistables" pencils.

Specialty multicolor pencils

"True to Life" pencils are limited to eight colors (or rather, eight color titles such as "Maui Sunset" and "Amazon Rainforest"), in which each pencil has a single tricolor lead. As the color titles are identical to those of the "True to Life" tricolored crayons, their color range is presumably similar or identical.

Similarly, the 8-pack of double-sided "Heads 'n Tails" pencils, in which the two sides of each pencil have two different tints or shades of the same hue, should resemble the color range of the corresponding crayons.

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