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This list features the various characters in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series of books.


Main characters


Greg Heffley

Gregory Heffley is the main character and narrator of the series who faces difficulty in middle school. He is also the "wimpy kid", as each novel in the series is one of his "diaries". He has a good friendship with Rowley Jefferson, although Greg often wonders how the two can possibly be friends. Greg is underweight, lazy, greedy, boastful, self-centred, rude, idiotic, absurd, selfish and paranoid and spends most of his time on video games. Many of his teachers dislike him because they had had his older brother Rodrick as a student, and so these teachers expect Greg to be as bad as his brother. Rowley's father also sees Greg as a bad influence. Greg is terrible at school, failing most of his subjects, and he is quite lazy, often objecting to his father's attempts to get him to exercise and participate in sports. Greg often attempts to impress girls, including Holly and Heather Hills. His many schemes to make money or impress girls fail almost all the time. In The Last Straw, Greg is revealed to own a pair of backup glasses, which he rarely uses. Greg is also known for starting the comic Zoo-Wee Mama! with help from Rowley; however, the comic was later plagiarized by Rowley, as he claims that Greg had nothing to do with the creation of the comic. Greg will be portrayed by Zachary Gordon in the upcoming film.

Frank Heffley

Frank Heffley is Greg's father. He is very unpredictable and has a strong interest in U.S. history, especially the Civil War. Frank, so far in the series, is very emotional towards Greg. He is known to be easily bothered by the simplest things and is constantly trying to get Greg to participate in sports and make him more manly. Mr. Heffley dislikes video games, heavy metal music, and teenage delinquents. He is very serious about things, such as when he threatens to send Greg to military school. He is a hard worker, and has a poor relationship with his sons since the three virtually cannot relate to each other at all. Frank is also a junk-food addict, and sometimes steals Greg's lunch snacks, which he lives on at lunchtime. In the movie, he is played by Steve Zahn.

Susan Heffley

Susan Heffley is Greg's mother. She tries to be a good mother and wife, but she constantly embarrasses Greg and appears to not care. Susan knows very little about children and teenagers of the 21st century and often troubles Greg and Rodrick. Susan is extremely annoying and childish, and this trait often annoys Greg. She constantly tries to get Greg to enjoy reading, to pull the family together, and to get Greg and Frank to accustom themselves to Rodrick's band, all of which apparently never works. She and her husband pay far more attention to Manny than their other two sons. Susan humiliates Rodrick on stage in Rodrick Rules, being released on the Internet in the "Dancing Mom" video, which leads Rodrick in a deep depression, even forcing him to hide in the basement waiting for everything to end. She often gets Greg into conflicts, resulting in much chaos and embarrassment. In the movie, she is played by Rachael Harris.

Rodrick Heffley

Rodrick is Greg's 16 to 18-year-old brother and is one of the major antagonists of the series since he often bullies Greg. It is unknown why Rodrick treats Greg in such a poor manner. Rodrick is more cruel, lazy, and uneducated than Greg and is a fan of heavy metal, being the drummer in a heavy metal band called Löded Diper, (Loaded Diaper, because he is a terrible speller) in which he is the drummer. Rodrick tries to humiliate Greg several times. Rodrick is not the smartest member of the Heffley family, since he does not make any sort of effort at school. Evidently, Rodrick enjoys sleeping; at one point in time, his parents forget to wake Rodrick up and thus he sleeps for thirty-six hours without waking up. In the movie, he is played by Devon Bostick. Rodrick is the only important character to have always-visible eyebrows, giving the appearance of evil during happiness. Most others only have eyebrows visible when they are mad or annoyed.

Manny Heffley

Manny is Greg's 3 to 5-year-old brother and is even more spoiled than Rodrick and Greg combined. Manny is extremely selfish and paranoid, not caring at all for his brothers and panicking when he thinks something might harm him in any way. Manny isn't good at potty training because on the Thanksgiving of Greg's seventh grade year his Uncle Joe tells Manny to watch out for the "Potty Monster", which prevents Manny from even going into the bathroom for six months. When Greg has a sleepover, Manny always interferes, often causing Rowley to go home early. Manny also gets many rights that Greg didn't have when he was his age, such as bringing toys to church to pass the time. In the upcoming movie, he will be played by Connor and Owen Fielding.

Rowley Jefferson

Rowley Jefferson is Greg's best friend.[1] In the movie, he is portrayed by Robert Capron.[2][3] He has overprotective parents who dislike Greg, thinking that he is a bad influence. Rowley is dumb and naive, according to Greg, and usually listens to Greg while the latter is concocting a scheme. Greg's illustrations always depict Rowley with his mouth open. Rowley often goes on holidays to distant countries and likes talking to Greg about his trips, although Greg doesn't care. Rowley gets a lot of attention from the girls in his grade only because he is "cute", according to Holly Hills. Rowley also has the short stint of being the cartoonist of the school newspaper comic, "Zoo-Wee Mama!" in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. However, the newspaper comic was plagiarized by him after Greg breaks his friendship with him, in which Greg desires revenge against. Rowley also receives the honor for being class clown in the same year. He and Greg have another fight in Dog Days that leaves them not as friends for almost the whole summer. Despite efforts of both boys' parents to bring them closer together, the gulf between the two only worsens, and the ending of Dog Days suggests that Greg may no longer attempt to maintain a friendship with Rowley. Greg is also hoping to share the secret of Rowley eating the Cheese, if Rowley spreads a secret about Greg's embarrassing moment in fifth grade. Rowley, has shown to have rather strange interests for his age, like shown in Rodrick Rules he likes a singer called "Joshie" and also in Rodrick rules, DinoBlazer action figures (which are supposed to be toys for young boys). Rowley will appear again in the fifth book, where he is likely to play the obstacle. In Rodrick Rules, it is revealed he gives up illustrating Zoo-Wee Mama!. Rowley starts of as a Pushover at the beginning, but in Dog Days, it is evident that Rowley is losing patience with Greg.

Secondary characters


Fregley is a repulsive and widely disrespected student at Greg's school and a minor antagonist in the series. In Greg's illustrations Fregley typically wears a black shirt, a scarf (when it's cold), and large glasses. He is extremely ignorant of how to act around other people and he usually hangs out in his front yard doing various strange things such as stabbing a kite with a stick or attempting to talk to Greg about disgusting and awkward topics such as how his scab smells. Fregley cannot eat sugary foods, as he becomes hyperactive when he does. Greg does not enjoy spending time with him and usually tries to get out of it. Fregley has a made-up language which is only shown in Diary of a Wimpy Kid when he shouts, "Juice, Juice!" when he needs to use the restroom. In The Last Straw, Holly Hills mistakes Greg for Fregley, causing Greg to give up on girls because he takes this as an insult. In the movie, he is played by Grayson Russell. In the movie, Fregley is the 201st most popular kid at his school (the bottom of the list) and he is sent home once every month for his hygiene.

Patty Farrell

Patty is a girl in Greg’s grade who has a "nerd" look and is a major tattletale. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Greg finds a way to cheat on his state capitals test by sitting near to the map of the United States, but Patty ruins his plan by telling the teacher to cover the map, causing Greg to fail the test. She plays Dorothy in the school musical The Wizard of Oz, and Greg, who plays a tree, throws apples to get back at her for making him fail the test. Several other characters throw apples at her as well, including the boys who play the other trees and Toto the dog. In Rodrick Rules, she is said to be tap-dancing in the winter talent show. In The Last Straw, when the teacher leaves the room, Patty is left in charge. Greg writes that she is very strict when in control, letting no one out of the classroom, even if a fellow student has to use the bathroom. According to Greg, she can't see two feet in front of her without her glasses. In the movie, she is played by Laine MacNeil.

Heather Hills

Heather Hills is Holly Hills's older sister. She is in Rodrick’s grade, and Greg has a huge crush on her. She was once Rowley's baby-sitter until Rowley's parents switched her with Leland. According to Greg, Heather Hills is the prettiest girl at Crossland High School. Apparently, she is in the same grade as Rodrick, with her yearbook picture being next to his in their sophomore year. Greg always tries to make it to Rowley's house before story time when Heather babysits. Greg is very disappointed when Rowley's parents replaced her with Leland. In Dog Days, she works as a life guard at the town pool, and Greg stands by her whenever she's on duty. Greg thinks she's even prettier than Holly Hills. She expects Greg to clean up vomit in Dog Days. She does not appear in the movie.

Holly Hills

Holly Hills is a girl that Greg has a crush on in The Last Straw and the sister of Heather Hills. According to Greg, he prefers Heather more because she's in high school, and that is a "whole different league". She first appears in The Last Straw, where Greg fails to do a comedy act with her and Rowley when the latter becomes upset that he gets a degrading role in the skit. Holly is the third most popular girl in Greg's grade, and as Greg says, "is the fourth prettiest girl in my class but the top three all have boyfriends". Greg tries to get a good moment with her at the Valentine's Day dance in The Last Straw, but Fregley ruins it by running in between them due to a sugar rush. At the end of the same book, Greg gives up on her because she mistakes him for Fregley, which he takes as an insult. She does not appear in the movie. (See below)


Angie is a character created for the movie. She is portrayed by Chlöe Moretz and remarks "this place [middle school] is an intellectual wasteland". She also thinks there are a bunch of morons in middle school, according to a movie game.[4]

Chirag Gupta

Chirag Gupta is a minor character and Greg's classmate. He's presumably the shortest person in his class, and according to Greg, he's in the 5% of kids wimpier than Greg. Judging by his name and hairstyle, he is of Indian descent. He does not appear in Dog Days. He has bigger hair in the Funbrain version and saves Greg from getting the Cheese Touch in the movie. He is played by Karan Brar in the movie.

Lenwood Heath

Lenwood Heath only appears in The Last Straw. He previously had long hair, was a bad teen, and was usually Frank Heffley's "archenemy" until his parents send him to Spag Union military school. He reappears later in the same book with short hair and a polite manner, working at a movie theater. He tells Greg's father that he's trying to get good grades at Spag Union so he can get into West Point. Greg's father then starts chatting away with him as if they had never been enemies. Lenwood does not appear in the movie.

Alex Aruda

Alex Aruda is one of the smartest people in Greg's school. He has glasses and a large afro. According to Greg, he is smart because his last name begins with an 'A', and the teachers call on the first alphabetical names the most, so these students end up being the smartest. Greg usually copies off Alex's math test when Alex is finished. In The Last Straw, Mrs. Craig's dictionary is missing, and it turns out that Alex had taken it to study it, which is fitting to how he is portrayed: nerdy and studious. He does not appear in the movie.

Archie Kelly

Archie Kelly is one of Greg's awkward school friends who, like Greg, is cast as a singing tree in the school's production of The Wizard of Oz. As the night progresses, Archie gets in on the act with Greg in attacking Patty Farrell with thrown apples. After this, he is harassed in school and is called "Bubby" due to the fact that during the play, Greg is called "Bubby" by Manny and the former was trying to "deflect" the embarrassment over to Archie, as shown:

Greg, dropping an apple: I think you dropped an apple, "Bubby".

In the movie, Archie is played by Jake D. Smith.


Trista is a girl that moves to Greg's neighborhood in the final sections of The Last Straw. Not much is known about her except that Greg seems to have a crush on her, based on the final few pages in the book. In Dog Days, she meets a lifeguard at Rowley's dad's country club. Greg says she was a waste of his time. She will later appear in the upcoming fifth book, where she will be in the same class as Greg.

Bill Walter

Bill Walter is Rodrick's friend and Löded Diper's lead singer and guitarist. Bill is unemployed and lives with his parents, even though he's thirty-five years old. Frank is worried that Rodrick will see Bill as some kind of a role model and follow in his footsteps one day. When Bill attended Rodrick's school, he was voted "most likely to be a rock star", but he has yet to fulfill his title.

The Snellas

The Snellas are a family that lives in the Heffleys' neighborhood, and they have a lot of children, all of whom are male and have names beginning with the letter S. Five of the children's names are (from oldest to youngest): Shawn, Shane, Sam, Scott, and Seth. In The Last Straw, it is revealed that each Snella child has a half birthday party in which the adults perform funny stunts, in which no baby has laughed once, according to Greg. Mr. Snella then sends the videos to "America's Funniest Families", a spoof of America's Funniest Home Videos, and has never won anything (though may have, due to Greg's embarrassing moment at the end of The Last Straw).


Ward is Rodrick's best friend who only appears in Rodrick Rules. His appearances are sprinkled throughout the book. One appearance he makes is when he and Rodrick put fake vomit on people's cars at the Home Depot parking lot. Ward is also mentioned to be the first to show up at Rodrick's party. In the "Winter Talent Show", Ward stands in front of the stage wearing a shirt that says "SECURITY". He is briefly mentioned in The Last Straw when Greg is looking for the snack bandit and he goes into Rodrick's room and hides there. Rodrick comes in with the phone and argues with Ward whether or not a person can vomit while hand-standing.

Scotty Douglas

Scotty is a first grader from Rowley's karate class. He was going to do a magic act in the Talent Show with Rowley as his assistant, but after Greg breaks Rowley's big toe, Greg has to fill in for Rowley. Greg complains about being a magician's assistant to Scotty, but Greg's mother tells Scotty's mother that Greg would be happy to replace Rowley. In the tryouts, their act is so bad they are the only one not to make the auditions. He does not appear in the movie.

Mr. Litch

Mr. Litch is Greg's very tough soccer coach. He was the reason Rodrick never does sports anymore, telling him that he needs a haircut. Greg gets in trouble with Mr. Litch many times since he is lazy and rude. Once, he and the other kids were going to run at him with their butts sticking out (since Litch usually tells them to "get your butts over here!"), but Greg was the only one to do so, with the others hanging him out to dry. Another time, with Greg in the front and two other kids in the back, one of them honked the car at Mr. Litch and made it look like Greg did it. According to Greg, he is a type of drill sergeant who likes to yell and shout at people a lot. Note that he is called Mr. Keith in the Funbrain version.


Leland lives next door to Rowley and is is his babysitter. Leland only appears in Rodrick Rules, when he teaches Greg and Rowley how to play "Magick and Monsters", which is a game based on several real-life games including Dungeons and Dragons. Rodrick later tells Greg that Leland's the "biggest nerd in his school". In the "Winter Talent Show", Leland does a ventriloquist act and wins the grand prize. In the online book, Greg states that Leland owns nearly every single videogame made.

Mr. Warren

Mr. Warren is Frank's boss. He makes Frank jealous because Mr. Warren has three boys about the same age as Rodrick, Greg, and Manny who love sports. Whenever Frank is riding on his carpool from work, he sees them in their front yard doing many manly things.

Bryce Anderson

Bryce Anderson is the most popular boy in Greg's grade. Back in elementary school he claimed his dislike of females by saying "Girls are stinky poos!" Greg disagreed with him, "I don't think girls are stinky poos!" but still didn't get any credit. He is seen talking to Holly Hills when Greg was trying out his ventriloquist kit. Greg is very jealous of him, and often Greg attempts to strip him off his popularity by trying to make him embarassed, most of which never works. He is played by Owen Best in the film.

Leon Ricket

Leon was the kid behind Greg in detention. Apparently he got in because he broke a window with a chair trying to crush a wasp. He was always giving Greg wet willies for example, until he got caught. Greg stopped him once and for all by making it sound like he hit him. He is only in The Last Straw.

Fregley's Mother

When Greg came over to Fregley's house to have a sleepover to prove to Rowley he had other friends, Fregley's mother came up and said she was happy to see Fregley with a "playmate" which was a term Greg was not too enthusiastic about.

Sweetheart (Sweetie)

Sweetie is the family puppy who only appears in Dog Days. Susan impulsively gives the dog a female name, not realizing that it is male. However, Sweetie seems happy with the name and is very affectionate toward her. Frank bought Sweetie after he found out what happened to his own dog when he was younger. Sweetie causes trouble to the family. Sweetie ruins Greg's life along the way, and near the end of Dog Days, he is given to Grandma for company. He is a Yellow Labrador puppy in the movie.


Killer is Uncle Joe's dog and is so big that two of Uncle Joe's children can ride on him. On Greg's birthday, Killer devours Greg's cake, ruining Greg's birthday. After eating Greg's cake, he pukes them up under the table.


Nutty was Greg's father's dog when he was a kid. Grandpa had run over Nutty in the driveway with his car, but tells his son that Nutty had run away to a butterfly farm. On Fathers' Day, he tells Greg's father the truth, thinking that he would find this funny. Instead Greg's father becomes angry and later goes out to buy Sweetie, a new dog.

Darren Walsh

Darren Walsh only appears in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. According to Greg, he started the Cheese Touch. He passed the Cheese Touch to other students, starting a chain. Then one kid with the Cheese Touch moved. Everyone hoped that no one would touch the Cheese Touch again after that, but unfortunately Rowley and Greg get the Cheese Touch. Darren Walsh is voiced by Harrison Houde in the movie.

Rodrick’s Fish

After Greg’s birthday, Susan takes Greg, Rodrick, and Manny to the pet store, and Rodrick picks an unidentified fish labeled "Aggressive". The fish is most likely a piranha. Rodrick never feeds the fish or cleans its tank. Susan moves Rodrick's fish in with Greg's fish after seeing its disgusting, unsanitary living conditions. When they return from the water park, Greg finds that Rodrick's fish ate his own on Father's Day.

Greg's Fish

Greg picks out an angelfish when his mother takes the boys to a pet shop in Dog Days. Later, Greg's fish is eaten by Rodrick's fish when his mother puts Rodrick's fish in the same fish bowl as Greg's fish.

The Muddy Hand

The Muddy Hand is a disembodied hand made of mud that appears in one of Rodrick's horror movies entitled "Hello, You're Dead". It is a possible parody of The Hand. In it, the Muddy Hand travels the countryside looking for victims to strangle, and the last person who sees it is always the next victim. The film freaked Greg out when at the end, the Muddy Hand strangles its last victim and walks straight at the screen, implying that the viewer was its next victim. This made Greg and Rowley paranoid that the Muddy Hand was out to get them. It was only mentioned in "Dog Days".

Relatives of Greg Heffley


Greg's paternal grandmother seems to favor Manny the best, since she has photographs of him all around the house though she constantly denies this fact by saying "I love all my grandchildren the same". One time when Greg was six, Grandma wouldn't let him have ice cream before dinner, so he wrote her a note saying "I hate you, Gramma" which Grandma placed on the wall and held over Greg's head ever since. Greg still spells Grandma "Gramma" today. She appears in The Last Straw when Greg tries to 'escape' dad (because he got bad report cards) and follows Gramma to a Bingo game. She appears again in Dog Days when Greg and Rowley are trying to run a lawn service. She lives on the same street as Greg and Rowley's first customer and is imitated by Greg for their references. She also loves reading tabloids (which when Susan calls her and she doesn't pick up the phone, making Susan rush to her place to check on her, but she tells Susan that "Cordless telephones erase the memory of the elderly." because she believed an article in the New York Times), a trait she enjoys sharing with Greg.


Greg's grandfather first appeared in Rodrick Rules in which he was revealed to be living in Leisure Towers, an old folks home. He has a TV, but he always has it tuned over to the retirement home's security camera in the main lobby. He makes a meal he calls "watercress salad" which consists of cucumbers and cold green beans in a pool of vinegar which Greg thinks is gross. He always plays a game with his grandsons called "Gutbusters" where one player reads old jokes and comparative metaphors from a card, and whoever goes the longest without laughing wins, and Greg always beats Grandpa and Rodrick, the latter of whom always loses that game on purpose when it's Greg's turn so he can spit out a whole mouthful of milk when he laughs. According to him, Greg is his favorite grandson. He appears again in Dog Days when Greg's family visit to his house for Father's Day brunch. He admits that he ran over Nutty, Frank and Joe's dog, and always told Frank that Nutty ran away to a butterfly farm (in the online version, Nutty is a cat that froze because Grandpa accidentally left him outside). He had to pay for brunch when Frank left. Then Frank dropped the rest at the driveway and drove away. He came back later with a box, and there was a dog inside.

Uncle Joe

Frank's little brother, Uncle Joe has a sibling rivalry with him. When Manny started potty training, Uncle Joe insisted that there was a "potty monster" about to get him, causing Manny to fear using the bathroom, so that meant Frank had to change his diapers for a longer time. Also, Uncle Joe's children call their uncle "Aunt Fwank ", which Frank swears he told them to do on purpose, but Susan thinks it's cute. In Dog Days Greg mentions that he tried to make Uncle Joe to convince Frank to get a dog, but that didn't work out. He also mentions that his dog, Killer ate most of Greg's birthday cake. There's a chance his real name is Joseph.

Uncle Charlie

Greg's uncle Charlie is described by Greg as being able to get him anything he wants for Christmas or his birthday. Ironically, the few times throughout the series that Uncle Charlie brought Greg gifts, he is only disappointed by what he brings. A few examples are a Barbie Beach Doll, a picture of him, and Wonder Woman Underoos. In Dog Days, it's said that he has a recliner which "he practically lives in." There's a chance his real name is Charles. In the Funbrain version, he is named Freddie.

Rowley's family

Mr. Jefferson

Mr. Jefferson is Rowley's father. He is a lot more shrill than Frank, temperamental, rude, irritable and strict, and is a wealthy businessman. He won't let Greg or Rowley play any violent video games, and in Diary of a Wimpy Kid he doesn't believe them about their haunted house. In Dog Days, it is revealed that his first name is Robert. Mr. Jefferson was not pleased when Greg told Rowley that Mr. Jefferson smelled like a woman in a secret language at Rowley's sleepover during dinner. Mr. Jefferson ended up sending Greg home before dessert. In Dog Days, he had to bring Greg on their family vacation when their families met at the grocery store, which neither him or Greg were very happy about. Also in Dog Days, it was shown that Mr. Jefferson had a close bond with Rowley when Greg wrote "Me and Dad might not have one of those close father-son relationships, but that's fine by me. I've learned there's such a thing as TOO close." He shows little interest in sports until in Dog Days, where he is found playing tennis with Rowley and golf with a caddy. Greg doesn't like Rowley's father, and he explains it profoundly in his journal. For example, When Greg had some complaints about the quality of service (such as the temperature in the Sauna and about the drinks) for solving to Rowley's Father, Greg is kicked out forever, showing that Robert is rude, as he could have done something else rather than kicking him out forever. Robert, overall, is not well respected in Greg's neighborhood.

Mrs. Jefferson

Mrs. Jefferson seems to often be concerned about Rowley such as when he broke his big toe after Greg put one of Frank's dumbbells under a pillow that Rowley kept kicking at Greg's sleepover. She also had Greg apologize to her for what he did to her son. Much like her husband, she is implied to dislike Greg (Greg's actions in Dog Days shows that the feeling is mutual). Before this, Mrs. Jefferson has always enjoyed Greg's company with Rowley.

Rowley's grandfather

Rowley's grandfather is only shown once in Rodrick Rules when he was having his birthday party. He says that he wants a chocolate cake for his next birthday, to which Greg replies that he could have one if he were still alive by then. This statement angering Mr. Jefferson.

Greg's Teachers

Nurse Powell

Nurse Powell is Greg's school nurse. During the school's Valentine's Day Dance, she and Mr. Phillips, the guidance counselor, get up and start dancing in an attempt to get the students to dance as well. However, Greg says "that pretty much GUARANTEED that we would stay in our seats."

Mrs. Norton

Mrs. Norton is the play director of The Wizard of Oz in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She doesn't teach the actors their lines very well and whispers their lines to them from her piano if they forget. She also writes a song for Greg and the other trees to sing, which Greg describes as "the worst song ever written."

Madame Lefrere

Madame Lefrere is Greg's French teacher in Rodrick Rules. Here, she assigns the students to foreign penpals. Greg fills out his boxes so that he would get a 17-year-old girl from Holland, like his brother Rodrick had done when he was his age, but Lefrere made him get a boy his age from France.

Mrs. Mancy

Mrs. Mancy is Greg's school's principal. So far, she only appears in The Last Straw, when she announces during the Valentine's Day Dance that the dancing would count for 20% of the students' Physical Education grades.

Mrs. Craig

Mrs. Craig is one of Greg's teachers, yet exactly what she teaches remains unknown. Her first appearance is in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. There she catches Greg and Rowley with a CD player, and thinking that they were actually listening to music, she scolds them, saying that modern music would destroy their brains. Mrs. Craig makes another appearance in The Last Straw, when the large dictionary that she keeps on her desk goes missing and she does not let the class go outside until the dictionary is returned. It turns out that Alex Aruda had been studying it the whole time and was oblivious to Mrs. Craig wanting it back. Corey Lamb, who is sick of staying inside, takes it from Alex to put it back on Mrs. Craig's desk, but Mrs. Craig sees him do so and thinks he was the one who stole it in the first place. She punishes him by making him stay inside for three weeks instead of going to recess.

Mr. Roy

Mr. Roy is Greg's vice-principal who only appears in the first two books of the series. He is sentimental, giving a pat on the back and a lollipop to those who had to see him for misbehavior after he is done lecturing them. Greg has been to see him twice: first because of the "Invisible Chirag" joke and second for getting into trouble for "sporting gang colors". When Greg is campaigning to become treasurer in his school government, Mr. Roy takes down the campaign posters that Greg makes against his opponent Marty Porter because they are fabrications.

Mr. Ray

Mr. Ray is the detention moderator. In The Last Straw, he doesn't let the students do anything in detention except sit and wait for the end. When Mr. Ray catches Leon Ricket flicking Greg's ear, he tells Leon that he will be in big trouble if he sees him doing anything bothersome again. Then Greg fools Mr. Ray into thinking that Leon hit him; Leon is given an extra day of detention and has to stay an extra thirty minutes that day.

Mrs. Lee

Mrs. Lee is Greg's pre-algebra teacher and is mentioned briefly in Rodrick Rules. Greg writes that she watches him "like a hawk" because she presumably had Rodrick as a student, and therefore expects Greg to be as bad as his brother. After writing this in his journal, Greg goes into wishing he has a glass eye so he could cheat on tests without his teachers noticing.

Mr. Huff

Mr. Huff is Greg's history teacher in Rodrick Rules. He makes Greg sit next to his desk because Mr. Huff had had Rodrick in his class once; he expects Greg to be as badly behaved as his brother had been.

Mr. Ira

Mr. Ira is the leader of the comics section of the school paper. During Greg Heffley's Creighton The Cretin's only day, Mr. Ira lies that he made some minor edits to the strip. He actually changed the whole thing.

Mr. Underwood

Mr. Underwood is Greg's Phys Ed teacher. He does not appear in the movie.

Coach Malone

Coach Malone is Greg's gym teacher in the movie.



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