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This article lists characters in the television series Dinosaurs. This includes major and minor characters.

Most of the dinosaur characters are played by a person in a full-body suit, someone who remotely controls the character's face and head, and another actor who provides the voice.


Main characters

The television show centers on the Sinclair family. Earl is the father of the Sinclair family, so the main characters relationships are given relative to him. The voice actor is the person who would be most-recognized, so this person is listed first. Age is given at the beginning of the first season.

Character Voice Body Face/Head Comments
Earl Sneed Sinclair Stuart Pankin Bill Barretta Dave Goelz (season 1), Mak Wilson (seasons 2-4) The 43-year-old patriarch of the Sinclair family proudly refers to himself as "The Mighty Megalosaurus". He is employed as a tree pusher for the WESAYSO Corporation. He is somewhat thick-headed, and is very suggestible, usually opting to do what gives the largest immediate benefit to himself or his family. He has a decent relationship with his children, often giving somewhat misguided fatherly advice to Robbie and Charlene, and going to great lengths to impress his family and placate Baby.
Frances "Fran" Sinclair Jessica Walter/Jennifer Spirit Tony Sabin Prince Alan Trautman The 38-year-old mother and homemaker of the Sinclair family, She does nearly all of the housework in the home, especially in the kitchen. She often feels unappreciated and wishes the family would spend more time talking together. Fran is mentioned on the show and a number of merchandise packaging as being an Allosaurus. Her four fins and wrists make her resemble a Dilophosaurus as well.
Robert "Robbie" Mark Sinclair Jason Willinger Leif Tilden Steve Whitmire The 15-year-old and the eldest of the Sinclair children, he often questions old dinosaur traditions for which he sees no reason, usually to Earl's dismay. (See episodes "The Howling", "I Never Ate For My Father" and "Endangered Species".) He attends Bob La Brea High School, the "Home of the Rampaging Trilobites". He is very intelligent and often is the voice of wisdom when other dinosaurs show ignorance.
Charlene Sinclair Sally Struthers Michelan Sisti Bruce Lanoil The 13-year-old, middle child is designed as a generic-looking dinosaur (although her neck frill and snout somewhat resembles a Ceratopsian). She is seen at school in at least three episodes (episode 38, "Charlene's Flat World", episode 41, "Getting to Know You," and episode 59 "Scent of a Reptile") but she is never seen at school with Robbie. She is fashionable and very materialistic.
Baby Bruce Sinclair Kevin Clash Kevin Clash (body), Terri Harden and Julianne Buescher (arms) Kevin Clash (mouth), John Kennedy (eyes) Baby is the youngest of the Sinclair children (being hatched in the first episode) and is of a non-specific species. He loves Fran, whom he calls "The Mama", but gives Earl (whom he refers to as "Not the Mama") a hard time and will usually hit him (often with a frying pan) and refuse to declare his love for him, even though he does genuinely love his father. In the second-season episode "Switched at Birth", we learn that he may not be the Sinclairs' biological child, but after some debating with a DNA machine, it was revealed that he was. His legal name is in fact Baby, given to him by the Chief Elder in the episode "And the Winner Is...", but was temporarily known as "Aaah Aagh I'm Dying You Idiot," as he was being named just as the previous Elder had a fatal heart attack. Baby was voiced and puppeteered by Kevin Clash, best known as the voice of Elmo on Sesame Street.

Supporting characters

The supporting characters appear in several to many of the episodes.

Character Voice Body Face/Head Comments
Ethyl Phillips née Hinkleman Florence Stanley Brian Henson (seasons 1-2), Rickey Boyd (seasons 3-4) The 72-year-old, wheelchair-using mother of Fran moved in with the Sinclair's after the episode "Hurling Day". After being persuaded by Robbie and Fran that she doesn't have to go through with Hurling Day, and tantalized by the prospect of making Earl's life a continual misery, Grandma Ethyl becomes a permanent member of the Sinclair household, becoming a regular guest star. She regularly takes swipes at Earl with her cane and often calls him "Fat Boy". "Hurling Day" was Ethyl's first (chronologically) episode, but her first-taped appearance was "Employee of the Month," in which she comes to visit the Sinclair home. In one of the episodes we learn that she also has a son, Stan, Fran's elder brother.
Roy Hess Sam McMurray Pons Maar David Greenaway Roy is Earl's closest friend at work and outside of work. Roy refers to Earl as his "pally boy", and is a dull-witted Tyrannosaurus rex. He also has a brother named Roy.[1] He is also shown to have a fetish for long necks, and is blown away when he gets his first look at Monica Devertebrae, instantly smitten. He also briefly fell in love with Earl's twin sister Pearl, but broke it off in the end because she looked too much like him.
B.P. (Bradley P.) Richfield[2] Sherman Hemsley Steve Whitmire Steve Whitmire Mr. Bradley P. Richfield is Earl's large, intimidating, tyrannical and vehement boss. He is the executive supervisor of the WESAYSO Tree Pusher's Division and is a carnivorous Triceratops.[3] He seems to possess intelligence far surpassing that of most of the males in the series, though he uses it most often for purely selfish and malicious reasons. His behavior is akin to that of a sociopath, and has no regard for the long-term consequences of his actions. He is however very protective of his daughter, going so far as to track her with a global positioning system, and eating the boys she dates without her knowledge. He enjoys terrorizing his employees, especially Earl.
Monica Devertebrae Suzie Plakson n/a Julianne Buescher A semi-regular character who debuted as a neighbor in the episode "Unmarried with Children". She is identified by Charlene as "Brontosaurus lady". She fills the role of a strong, independent female in a "male's world," with a career and active social life, and this is very intimidating and unnerving to many males.
Spike Christopher Meloni David Greenaway Robbie's friend who debuted in "How to Pick Up Girls" as Robbie's rival. He is a semi-regular character who resembles a Polacanthus with a black leather jacket. He usually refers to Robbie as "Scooter". He has an accent and uses slang reminiscent of Andrew "Dice" Clay, and is often depicted as the "bad influence" character of the series. He displays delinquent qualities, like getting arrested for trespassing and showing knowledge of how to hot-wire a car, and generally having "a problem with authority." Despite this however, he never acts out of malice, and is genuinely concerned for Robbie's well being and despite his rebellious nature is actually a positive influence to the show. For instance, he gets Robbie to quit using Thornoids(a parody of Steroids), and attempts to get Robbie a date with his crush. He also tried to convince Robbie not to date Mr. Richfield's daughter, who he mistakenly believed to be eating her boyfriends. He often makes wisecracks about Robbie's father but shows respect to his mother to a degree.

Minor characters

Other regular cast members are listed in the credits. They play other side characters like:

  • Louie Phillips, Ethyl's deceased husband who is currently awaiting her in the afterlife and who appears to her in the episode "The Last Temptation of Ethyl" lecturing her about life and death and warning her of the "no-so-nice" fate that awaits her if she continues to try and sell the afterlife .
  • "Aubrey Molehill", briefly thought to be the real son of the Sinclairs, is identical in appearance to Baby except that he is green in color. It was thought that he was switched before hatching from his egg, but at the end of the episode the scientist discovered that the test results had been switched.
  • Gary, a gigantic dinosaur that competes for Fran's affections, and whose eyes and legs are the only body parts revealed to the viewer, is identified by Fran as a "50-foot-tall Dilophosaurus," which in actuality only grow to be 5 feet tall (at the hip), and 20 feet long. However, upon close inspection the suit used for Gary when he looks into a hole in the ceiling is the same one used for Roy; it is more likely that he is a giant Tyrannosaurus.
  • Mr. Pullman, a purple dinosaur who wears large spectacled glasses, and is Robbie's and Charlene's science teacher. Although seemingly frustrated with his job, he is quick to submit to higher authority, particularly when it comes to government censorship.
  • There are many reused side characters in full body suits with an articulated faces/head. These include an orange/brown Ceratosaurus, a generic green Theropod, a purple Stenonychosaurus, a tan, turtle-faced dinosaur, and two indistinct females.
  • Hand-controlled puppets include Howard Handupme, a type of Pachycephalosaurus; a blue Protoceratops, a green Ceratopsian, a green, wrinkled theropod with an underbite (which was used to portray Ethyl's deceased husband), a red theropod with a prominent chin, and a brown-striped Ornithomimid.
  • Mammals (food to dinosaurs), pterodactyls, and cavemen are also featured.
  • Predator, a large green monster featured on the show "Totally Hidden Predator". This monster was originally named the swamp monster, and was last seen eating a dinosaur at the end of the episode "Terrible Twos".


Unless otherwise noted, material in this article comes from the DVD releases of this television series.

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