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List of the Presidents of Panama (1840-Present)

This page lists presidents of Panama since both independences, in 1840 and in 1903. See also lists of incumbents.


Shortlived first independence (1840-1841)

President of the Municipal Council of Panama and de facto President (1903)

Members of the Provisional Government Junta (1903-1904)

  • José Agustín Arango: 4 November 1903 - 20 February 1904
  • Tomás Arias: 4 November 1903 - 20 February 1904
  • Federico Boyd: 4 November 1903 - 20 February 1904

Presidents of Panama (1904-Present)

Military (de facto) leaders of Panama (1968-1989)

From 1968 to 1989, the commandant of the Panamanian Defense Forces (known as the National Guard until 1983) was the de facto leader of Panama.

Latest election

e • d  Summary of the 3 May 2009 Panamanian presidential election results
Candidates Parties Votes %
Ricardo Martinelli Democratic Change, Patriotic Union Party, Panameñista Party, Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement 952,333 59.97
Balbina Herrera Democratic Revolutionary Party, People's Party, Liberal Party 597,227 37.70
Guillermo Endara Fatherland's Moral Vanguard Party 36,867 2.33
Valid votes (turnout 73.99%) 1,558,445 100.0
Blank votes 19,105 1.17
Invalid votes 30,976 1.89
Total votes 1,636,508 100.00
Source: Tribunal Electoral



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