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Hillary Clinton
2008 Democratic Party candidate for
President of the United States
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This is a list of prominent individuals and organizations who formally endorsed or voiced support for Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Democratic Party's presidential nominee for the 2008 U.S. presidential election.


Primary campaign endorsements

U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents


U.S. Representatives

Presidential staff and advisors


National political figures


Family members of major political figures


State and local officials


  • Kentucky House Majority Leader Rocky Adkins [1]
  • Kentucky State Senator Denise Harper Angel (D-KY) [9]
  • State Rep. Joni Jenkins (D-KY) [9]
  • State Rep. Leslie Combs (D-KY)[9]
  • State Rep. Dottie J. Sims (D-KY)[9]
  • State Rep. Mary Lou Marzian (D-KY) [9]
  • Kentucky House Speaker Jody Richards [1]
  • State Rep. Robin L. Webb (D-KY) [9]



West Virginia

  • West Virginia House of Delegates member Bonnie Brown (D-WV) [14]
  • House of Delegates member Richard Browning (D-WV)[14]
  • State Senate Majority Leader H. Truman Chafin (D-WV)[14]
  • House of Delegates member Barbara Evans Fleisachuer (D-WV)[14]
  • House of Delegates member Barbara Hatfield (D-WV)[14]
  • House of Delegates member Linda Longstreth (D-WV)[14]
  • House of Delegates member Steve Kominar (D-WV)[14]
  • House of Delegates member Tim Miley (D-WV)[14]
  • State Senator Michael Oliverio (D-WV)[14]
  • House of Delegates member Dan Poling (D-WV)[14]
  • House of Delegates member Roman Prezioso (D-WV)[14]
  • Fmr. Speaker Pro Tempore of the West Virginia House of Delegates Phyllis Rutledge (D-WV)[14]
  • House of Delegates member Bob Tabb (D-WV) [14]



Labor unions

December 2007 poster showing the endorsement of Clinton by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

Political groups


Adult entertainment

Well-known individuals


Other individuals

State officials

Foreign political leaders

  • Mona Sahlin, leader of the Socialdemocratic Party of Sweden.

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  • Endorsements list, in date order, from the Clinton campaign website

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