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Phil Garner is the only manager to have won an NL championship with the Astros.

The Houston Astros are a professional baseball franchise based in Houston, Texas. They are a member of the National League (NL) Central in Major League Baseball (MLB). The team joined MLB in 1962 as an expansion team named the Houston Colt .45s and changed their name to the Houston Astros in 1965. The team won their first NL Championship in 2005. Having first played in Colt Stadium (1962–1964), and later in The Astrodome, now known as the Reliant Astrodome (1965–1999), the Astros have played their home games at Minute Maid Park, which was first named The Ballpark at Union Station, since 2000.[1] The franchise is owned by Drayton McLane, Jr., and Ed Wade is their general manager.[2]

There have been 16 managers for the Astros franchise.[3] The team's first manager was Harry Craft, who managed for three seasons. Bill Virdon is the franchise's all-time leader for the most regular-season games managed (1066), and the most regular-season game wins (544); Hal Lanier and Phil Garner are tied for the franchise's all-time leader for the most playoff games managed (14); Garner is the franchise's all-time leader for the most playoff-game wins (7). Salty Parker is the Astros' all-time leader for the highest regular-season winning percentage, as he has only managed one game, which he won. Of the managers who have managed a minimum of 162 games (one season), Larry Dierker has the highest regular-season winning percentage with .556. Garner is the franchise's all-time leader for the highest playoff winning percentage with .500.[3][4] Leo Durocher is the only Astros manager to have been elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame.[5] Garner is the only manager to have won an NL championship with the Astros, winning it in 2005.[4] Larry Dierker is the only Astros manager to have had his uniform number retired by the Astros, with his uniform number 49 retired by the Astros in 2002.[6] Dierker is also the sixth manager in MLB history to win a division championship in his first season for the Astros in 1997.[6] Lanier and Dierker are the only managers to have won a Manager of the Year Award with the Astros, winning it in 1986 and 1998 respectively.[7] Grady Hatton, Lanier, Dierker, and Cooper have spent their entire managing careers with the Astros; Cooper has been the manager of the Astros since 2007.[3]



# Number of managers[a]
GM Regular-season games managed
W Regular-season wins
L Regular-season losses
Win% Regular-season winning percentage
PGM Playoff games managed
PW Playoff wins
PL Playoff losses
PWin% Playoff winning percentage
* Spent entire MLB managing career with the Colt .45s / Astros[3]
Elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a manager[5]
§ Number retired by the Colt .45s / Astros franchise[6]


Lum Harris (shown with the Baltimore Orioles) has coached the Astros for two seasons.
Jimy Williams (shown with the Philadelphia Phillies), left, has coached the Astros for three seasons.

Note: Statistics are correct as of the end of the 2009 season.

#[a] Name Term[b] GM W L Win% PGM[4][8] PW[4][8] PL[4][8] PWin%[4][8] Achievements
1 Craft, HarryHarry Craft 19621964 471 191 280 .406
2 Harris, LumLum Harris 19641965 185 70 105 .400
3 Hatton, GradyGrady Hatton* 19661968 385 164 221 .426
4 Walker, HarryHarry Walker 19681972 708 355 353 .501
5 Parker, SaltySalty Parker 1972 1 1 0 1.000
6 Durocher, LeoLeo Durocher 19721973 183 98 85 .508
7 Gómez, PrestonPreston Gómez 19741975 289 128 161 .443
8 Virdon, BillBill Virdon 19751982 1066 544 522 .510 10 4 6 .400
9 Lillis, BobBob Lillis 19821985 537 276 261 .514
10 Lanier, HalHal Lanier* 19861988 486 254 232 .523 6 2 4 .333 1986 NL Manager of the Year[7]
11 Howe, ArtArt Howe 19891993 810 392 418 .484
12 Collins, TerryTerry Collins 19941996 421 224 197 .532
13 Dierker, LarryLarry Dierker 19972001 810 448 362 .556 14 2 12 .143 1998 NL Manager of the Year[7]
14 Williams, JimyJimy Williams 20022004 412 215 197 .522
15 Garner, PhilPhil Garner 20042007 530 277 252 .524 26 13 13 .500 2005 NL championship[4][8]
16 Cooper, CecilCecil Cooper* 20072009 341 171 170 .501
17 Clark, DaveDave Clark* 2009 13 4 9 .307
18 Mills, BradBrad Mills* 2010–present 0 0 0 -


  • a A running total of the number of managers of the Colt .45s/Astros. Thus, any manager who has two or more separate terms as a manager is only counted once.
  • b Each year is linked to an article about that particular MLB season.




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