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List of Icons



Name Icon description Template Categories Included
100 year olds centenarian use for people who are 100 years old or older
icon is symbol of infinity
{{Template:100}} Category:Centenarians
Unnatural Death
Unnatural Death for accidental/unnatural deaths {{Template:accident}} Category:Unnatural Death
"Alive" No Death Date use when date of death is
intentionally left blank on stone
even when it is clear that the person has died
this is a perpetual motion icon
{{Template:alive}} (no category assigned)
Baby/Infant infant for infant/baby/child graves
the indication of "infant" should be
listed on grave unless age is under year old
{{Template:baby}} (no category assigned)
Bible Biblical Quote use when grave has Biblical Quote {{Template:Bible}} (no category assigned)
Cautionary Notes Please Use Caution use for cautionary notes
like "cemetery surrounded by poison ivy"
{{Template:caution}} (no category assigned)
David Sculpture use when grave has a sculpture associated with it {{Template:david}} (no category assigned)
education Education for when burial is education related {{Template:edu}} Category:Education
female female/Venus
not for use in cemetery articles
{{Template:female}} (no category assigned)
hand-carved hand-carved for when stone is hand-carved {{Template:hand}} Category:Hand-Carved
be Found
question mark use when cemetery cannot be found {{Template:lost}} Category:Lost Cemeteries
male male/Mars
not for use in cemetery articles
{{Template:male}} (no category assigned)
man Father use when there is only a
"Father" inscription for a grave
{{Template:man}} (no category assigned)
Married married use when stone indicates persons are married {{Template:married}} (no category assigned)
Masonic Emblem Masonic Emblem use when stone has Masonic Emblem {{Template:mason}} (no category assigned)
medical Medical Personnel use for medical personnel listed on stone
symbols correspond to International Red Cross/Crescent/Crystal
{{Template:medical}} (no category assigned)
Native Native Person Burial
(Aboriginal/Indian/Original American)
{{Template:native}} Category:Native Person Burial
No Motor Vehicles No Motor Vehicles use when cemetery cannot be reached by car {{Template:nocar}} (no category assigned)
Pet Pet Cemetery/Grave {{Template:pet}} Category:Pets
Police Law Enforcement Officer Police/Law Enforcement Officers {{Template:Police}} Category:Police
Poor Farm all currency symbol Cemeteries previously known as "poor farms"
icon is the universal currency symbol
{{Template:poor}} Category:Poor
religion Religious Symbols religious symbols {{Template:religion}} (no category assigned)
Religious Title
Reverend Reverend/use when Rev. is on stone {{Template:rev}} (no category assigned)
Roadside Memorials Roadside Memorial Roadside Memorials {{Template:road}} Category:Roadside Memorials
Slave Burial Slave Cemetery/Grave {{Template:slave}} Category:Slavery
Vase Vase use when grave has a vase associated with it {{Template:vase}} (no category assigned)
woman Mother use when there is only a
"Mother" inscription for a grave
{{Template:woman}} (no category assigned)
Zen Yin-Yang/Zen for graves having a numerical curiosity {{Template:Zen}} Category:Zen


  • {McCormick County Cemeteries} produces: Most of the information about this cemetery was copied with permission from McCormick County Cemeteries prepared by the McCormick County Historical Society in 1987, whose members are deeply thanked.


{{:construction}} produces the following with a Category:Construction

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