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Indo-Aryan languages, grouping according to SIL Ethnologue:      Central and East Central zones      Northern zone      Northwestern zone      Eastern zone      Southern zone      Insular

The Indo-Aryan languages include some 210 (SIL estimate) languages and dialects spoken by many people in Asia; this language family is a part of the Indo-Iranian language family.



Contemporary languages

This classification follows Kausen (2005). The main differences from SIL are noted.

(SIL includes the Nuristani languages within Indo-Aryan.)



(The relation of this family to other Indo-Aryan languages is unclear; SIL includes it in the Northwestern zone, despite these languages having a very different grammatical structure from that of the Classical Indo-Aryan languages.)

Kunar languages
Chitral languages
Kohistani languages
Shina languages

Northern Zone (Pahari)

North-Western Zone

Map of areas where Dogri-Kangri languages are spoken
Dogri-Kangri languages

(included in Pahari by SIL)


(included in the Central zone by SIL)

Saraiki languages
Sindhi languages

Western Zone

(SIL includes these languages in the Central zone)

Rajasthani languages
Gujarati languages
Bhil languages

(treated as a separate group by Klausen)

Central Zone (Madhya or Hindi)

Indic, Central Zone
West Central Zone (Western Hindi)
East Central Zone (Eastern Hindi)

(made a separate branch of Indo-Aryan by SIL)

Eastern Zone (Magadhan)

These languages derive from Magadhi Prakrit through Ardhamagadhi ("Half-Magadhi").

Bengali-Assamese languages
Bihari languages
Oriya languages

Tharu is the language of the Tharu people, with roughly 1 million speakers. Tharu can be subdivided into[1]

  • Chitwania Tharu (ISO 639-3: the, 80,000 speakers as of 1991)
  • Kochila Tharu (ISO 639-3: thq, 258,000 speakers as of 2003), dialects: Saptari, Morangiya, Udayapur, Sunsari, Siraha, Mahottari, Sarlahi and Dhanusa
  • Rana Tharu (ISO 639-3: thr, 368,000 speakers as of 2000).

Southern Zone languages

Konkani Family
Insular Indic

The insular languages are spoken on the islands of Sri Lanka, Minicoy and the Maldives. They share several characteristics which set them apart significantly from their continental sister languages. (SIL makes them a separate branch of Indo-Aryan.)


The following languages have not been classified within the Indo-Aryan family.

  • Tippera
  • Kanjari
  • Od
  • Usui
  • Vaagri Booli
  • Darai
  • Kumhali
  • Chinali
  • Varhadi[2]

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