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  1. The Beginning - En route to his new school, Warfield Academy, Bond Jr. is chased by S.C.U.M. who is interested in stealing the Aston Martin DB5.
  2. Earth Cracker - Bond, I.Q. and Tracy travel to find El Dorado, the Lost City of Gold. They are met by Oddjob and Goldfinger and their deadly weapon, Earth Cracker.
  3. The Chameleon - A class trip to Washington D.C. is curtailed by a face-changing villain with plans to steal a top-secret army prototype from the Pentagon.
  4. Shifting Sands - While assisting in the excavation of an ancient Egyptian tomb, Bond Jr. is caught up in Pharaoh Fearo's plans to steal oil from under the Middle East.
  5. Plunder Down Under - When Tracy's sailor uncle goes missing along with his ship off the coast of Greece, a scuba expedition reveals a fiendish plot by Walker D. Plank to create a deadly pirate fleet.
  6. A Chilling Affair - Doctor No kidnaps Professor Frost, a scientist involved in cryogenics, in order to thaw out a master criminal who hid his fortunes before being frozen.
  7. Nothing to Play With - A desperate plea for help from Hong Kong sends James Bond Jr. and his friends into a head-on collision with Walker D. Plank's illegitimate foray into toy manufacture.
  8. Location: Danger
  9. The Eiffel Missile - After encountering Skullcap in a daring airport escape, James Bond Jr. intercepts Dr. Derange's plans of launching a missile it the Eiffel Tower.
  10. A Worm in the Apple - When Phoebe invites James to the official opening of New York's Mile High Skyscraper, he encounters the Worm, a terrorist bent on sinking the city.
  11. Valley of the Hungry Dunes - After rescuing the daughter of Sheikh Yabootie, Bond and his friends are invited to his royal palace, where they discover Dr. No's sinsiter plot to steal all the water supply of the middle east.
  12. Pompeii and Circumstance - The Worm's plan to ransack the ancient treasury temple of Pompeii spells disaster for the city above.
  13. Never Give a Villain a Fair Shake - Walker D. Plank hijacks a ship carrying a device capable of producing powerful earthquakes and threatens to flood Britain with a tidal wave.
  14. City of Gold
  15. Never Lose Hope - A new science teacher at Warfield Academy, Miss Eternal, quickly makes herself popular with the pupils - but is soon kidnapped, apparently by agents of S.C.U.M.
  16. No Such Loch - Walker D. Plank and Jaws are in Scotland, using the legend of the Loch Ness Monster as a cover for an attempt to steal powerful missiles from the British Navy.
  17. Appointment in Macau - Doctor No kidnaps Lily Mai, a new student at Warfield, in an attempt to settle old scores with Macau's chief criminal organisation, the Raven Triad.
  18. Lamp of Darkness - James, IQ and Phoebe take off for the Middle East in a race to find the legendary Lamp of Aladdin before Maximillion Cortex gets there first.
  19. Hostile Takeover - James and his friends are forced to fight a war on the homefront when Warfield Academy's staff are mysteriously called away for a retraining programme.
  20. Cruise to Oblivion - During a cruise on one of Phoebe's father's ships, James runs into Goldfinger in Bermuda during his attempt to raise a sunken galleon filled with gold.
  21. A Race Against Disaster - Doctor Derange uses the 24-hour race at Le Mans, France, as a cover for a daring plutonium theft from a nearby nuclear facility.
  22. The Inhuman Race
  23. Live and Let's Dance
  24. The Sword of Power
  25. It's All in the Timing
  26. Dance of the Toreadors - When IQ falls in love with flamenco dancer Dulce Nada and follows her to Pamplona, he has no idea that she's unwittingly embroiled in Baron von Skarin's plot to cause a nuclear meltdown in Britain.
  27. Fountain of Terror
  28. The Emerald Key
  29. Ship of Terror - A theft by a S.C.U.M. agent of a pendant belonging to James's friend Prince Malmo leads the gang on a deadly cruise, stalked by Walker D. Plank and a metallic henchman.
  30. Deadly Recall
  31. Red Star One - The Russian treasury reserve is in danger when Doctor Derange and the Chameleon seize control of a satellite laser system.
  32. Scottish Mist
  33. The Art of Evil
  34. The Heartbreak Caper
  35. Mindfield
  36. Leonardo da Vinci's Vault
  37. Far Out West
  38. Avalanche Run
  39. Queen's Ransom
  40. Barbella's Big Attraction
  41. There But For Ms. Fortune
  42. Invaders from S.C.U.M. - Student Hayley Comet and her scientist father are both convinced they've made first contact when a UFO lands at Warfield, but James suspects the truth is closer to home.
  43. Going for the Gold
  44. A Deranged Mind
  45. Catching the Wave
  46. The Last of the Tooboos - While visiting the London Zoo, James interrupts Skullcap during his theft of a rare animal, a tooboo, whose unusual enzymes Dr Derange wants for himself.
  47. S.C.U.M. on the Water
  48. Goldie's Gold Scam - While in Africa, the group is attacked by a rhino wearing a strap with a micro chip in it. Tracking it back to its source, Bond and IQ uncover a plot by Goldfinger and Goldie Finger to seize all the gold mines in the area for themselves.
  49. Canine Caper
  50. Weather or Not
  51. Ol' Man River
  52. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  53. Sherlock IQ
  54. Killer Asteroid
  55. Danger Train
  56. Quantum Diamonds
  57. Rubies Aren't Forever
  58. Garden of Evil
  59. The Thing in the Ice
  60. Goldie Finger at the End of the Rainbow
  61. Dutch Treat
  62. No Time to Lose - a case of mistaken identity leads Spoiler to kidnap IQ, as part of Doctor No's plan to build an impenetrable government airship known as The Vulture.
  63. Monument to S.C.U.M.
  64. Northern Lights - the Warfield students arrive in Toronto on a clean-up project, unaware that Baron von Skarin is also in town with a scheme to hold the city's electricity to ransom.
  65. Thor's Thunder




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