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This is a list of James Bond allies in the film Licence to Kill.


Recurring allies

Pam Bouvier

Pam Bouvier
Character from the James Bond franchise
Affiliation CIA
Portrayed by Carey Lowell

Pam Bouvier is a fictional character in the feature film Licence to Kill, the second Bond installment with Timothy Dalton as James Bond. She is played by Carey Lowell.

A former army pilot, Bouvier works as a CIA informer, posing as a courier for drug lord Franz Sanchez. Bond tracks her down to a bar in Bimini, just in time to help her escape from Dario. She agrees to help Bond track down Sanchez, playing Bond's executive secretary, Miss Kennedy. At the same time, she meets Colonel Heller to set up a deal granting him immunity if Sanchez is arrested.

With the assistance of Q, Bouvier follows Bond and Sanchez to a secret warehouse, where she shoots Dario and helps destroy Sanchez's drug convoy. After dealing with Sanchez, Pam and Q attend a party with Bond. Pam sees Lupe Lamora and Bond kiss. Pam, always jealous of Lupe, runs down the stairs to the pool. James sees this; Lupe insists he stay with her. Bond, not wanting to break her heart, sets her up with a date with El Presidente. He leaps off the balcony into the pool. He pulls Pam in the pool and falls back in love with her.

Lupe Lamora

Lupe Lamora
Character from the James Bond franchise
Affiliation Franz Sanchez
Portrayed by Talisa Soto

Lupe Lamora is a fictional character in the James Bond film Licence to Kill. Lupe is the mistress of Franz Sanchez, the villain of the James Bond film Licence to Kill. Lupe is first seen in bed with a man, apparently behind Sanchez's back. Sanchez enters, and tells Lupe he will "cut out" her lover's heart. He proceeds to whip Lupe. Bond finds Lupe, beaten and badly bruised, but she refuses his help. She remains with Sanchez out of fear. We next see her aboard Sanchez's cruise-liner, under the authority of Milton Krest. Krest at least once attempts to bed Lamora. Bond runs into her at one point and she conceals him from Krest. Lupe is at Sanchez's side at the casino and helps Bond escape when Sanchez takes him hostage. She is present at the ending scene, thanking him for helping free her from Sanchez and asking him to stay with her, but he gently turns her down and chooses Pam Bouvier instead.

Della Leiter

Della Churchill Leiter
Character from the James Bond franchise
Relatives Husband: Felix Leiter
Portrayed by Priscilla Barnes

Della Churchill Leiter is a fictional character in the James Bond film series. She appears early in the film Licence to Kill and is portrayed by Priscilla Barnes.

Della Churchill gets married in the pre-title sequence to James Bond's friend Felix Leiter. The wedding is delayed because Bond and Felix have got to catch the drug-lord Franz Sanchez. Sharkey is left behind to tell Della, that Felix has been held up. Her uncle tells her that it was a bad idea to marry Felix. Felix and Bond, after catching Sanchez in the air, both parachute down to make the grand entrance and they wed.

After the pre-title sequence, Felix and Della, now happily married have the party and cutting of the cake. Della and Felix give James a lighter that burns higher than an average lighter (that saves Bond's life at the end of the film). All is well, at the end of the party, Della tells Bond that he is the next to marry, but Bond denies that he ever will (as he was married to Tracy Bond, who was killed shortly after their wedding by Ernst Stavro Blofeld). When Bond leaves, Felix and Della go into their bedroom where they find Sanchez's henchmen Dario, Perez and Braun. Dario knocks out Felix and they rape and kill Della.

Felix is sent to a warehouse where he demands to know where Della is and Dario tells him that they gave her "a nice honeymoon" before dipping him into a shark pool. Felix survives and Bond sets out to avenge his mutilation and Della's death.


Character from the James Bond franchise
Affiliation Felix Leiter
Portrayed by Frank McRae

Sharkey is a fictional character from the James Bond film, Licence to Kill. He is played by American actor Frank McRae.

Sharkey is one of Felix Leiter's friends and is an usher at his wedding. He is prepared to assist Bond in sneaking into Milton Krest's laboratory.

He is killed by one of Krest's divers by slitting his throat while Bond is on the Wavekrest. He is then hung up on his own ship like a sea catch. Bond, who witnesses this, is enraged and kills one of the guards with a harpoon gun, avenging his friend's death.

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