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This is a list of James Bond allies in the novel and film Live and Let Die.


Recurring Allies

Miss Caruso

Miss Caruso
Character from the James Bond franchise
Miss Caruso by Madeline Smith.jpg
Affiliation Italian Authourities
Portrayed by Madeline Smith

Miss Caruso is a fictional character in the James Bond film Live and Let Die, played by actress Madeline Smith. She does not play a very large role in the story, appearing mostly in the opening almost as a sort of comic relief character. Miss Caruso was an Italian agent whom Bond apparently romanced on a previous mission, and she is found sleeping with him in the post-credits opening; when M and Moneypenny come to inform Bond of his mission, Miss Caruso, who is almost completely naked, snatches up her clothes and hides in the closet, but not before an embarrassing but quiet encounter with Moneypenny. After M and Moneypenny leave, Bond lets a relieved and grateful Miss Caruso out of the closet and tests his magnetic watch by unzipping her dress. It works.

Quarrel Junior

Quarrel Junior
Character from the James Bond franchise
Quarrel Jr by Roy Stewart.jpg
Relatives Father: Quarrel (deceased}
Portrayed by Roy Stewart

In the James Bond film Live and Let Die, Quarrel Junior is a fisherman in the Caribbean. He is an ally to Bond, and is portrayed by Roy Stewart. He also has a father, Quarrel, who appeared in Dr. No.


Film Biography

When Bond and Rosie Carver need a boat to get closer to Dr. Kananga, Bond picks Quarrel Junior's. When Rosie finds a secret place with radio transmitters and weapons, she thinks Quarrel is a villain. Even more when she finds him behind Bond with some rope. She holds Quarrel at gunpoint until Bond clears the mess up. Quarrel helps Bond get to the island on several occasions.

At the end of the film Quarrel is the one who plants the explosives in the poppy fields that explode, and meets back with Felix Leiter.

Novel Biography

Quarrel Jr. does not appear in any novel but is based on Quarrel in the novel Live and Let Die. Since the later novel Dr. No preceded the earlier book Live and Let Die to the screen, Quarrel Jr. was the writers' way of getting around the fact of Quarrel's death.

Harold Strutter

Harold Strutter
Character from the James Bond franchise
Affiliation CIA agent
Portrayed by Lon Satton

In the James Bond film Live and Let Die, Harold Strutter is a CIA Agent. He is an ally to Bond, and is portrayed by Lon Satton.

Film Biography

Killed by Dr. Katanga's henchman "Casual Assassin". See List of James Bond henchmen in Live and Let Die

Sheriff J.W. Pepper

Sheriff J.W. Pepper
Character from the James Bond franchise
Sheriff J.W. Pepper by Clifton James 2.jpg
Affiliation Sheriff
Relatives Wife: Maybelle
Brother-in-law: Billy-Bob
Portrayed by Clifton James

Sheriff J.W. Pepper is a comic relief recurring character in the James Bond films Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun. He is portrayed by Clifton James.

LALD Film Biography

Sheriff J.W. Pepper is a sheriff from Louisiana in the USA.

In Live and Let Die, the Sheriff follows the boat chase between Bond and several other people connected with Mr. Big. The Sheriff attempts to arrest Bond but finds out that he is a secret agent from England. He doesn't have much success catching any of Mr. Big's henchmen or Bond. Unfortunately, James Bond unknowingly causes trouble for himself when his boat flew out of the water and across the road where Pepper has stopped one of the henchmen. A following boat landed in Pepper's squad car, allowing the henchman to escape, giving him an oppurtunity to pursue and attack Bond. Sheriff Pepper accidentally shoots the gas tank on Bond's boat, requiring him to swap boats in the next scene. When Pepper finally catches up to Bond, he was ready to arrest him, but Felix Leiter has a Louisiana State Police Captain explain the situation to Pepper, resulting in Pepper's flabbergasted response, "A secret agent!? On whose side?"

TMWTGG film biography

Later in The Man with the Golden Gun, the Sheriff is on holiday with his wife in Thailand where he recognises Bond (on a boat in a river). The Sheriff is then caught in a car chase with Bond chasing Scaramanga. Sheriff Pepper is in a car dealership looking at a car when Bond, in pursuit of Scaramanga, hops in the car, an AMC Hornet, and drives through a display window, with Pepper seated beside him. He might have been arrested by the Thai police and probably was later released thanks to either his wife or MI6. He claims that his wife and he are United States Democrats.

  • (Pepper) "Now I know you!"
  • (Bond) "Oh, no..."
  • (Pepper) "You're that secret agent! That English secret agent from England!"

Note that in TMWTGG, J.W. Pepper refers to himself as part of the Louisiana State Police.


Sheriff J.W. Pepper is mainly used as a comic relief and is known to spit out tobacco and yell out loudly anything he has on his mind. He makes crude comments on people he sees, and things that they do. His character is a progenitor of such later "Southern Hick Police" characters such as Rosco P. Coltrane and Buford T. Justice.


Character from the James Bond franchise
Affiliation CIA driver
Portrayed by Joie Chitwood

Charlie is a minor character in the James Bond film Live and Let Die.

Charlie is an employee of the CIA who is under the direct instruction of CIA agent Felix Leiter. He is ordered to drive Bond to Leiter's safehouse after Bond arrives in New York City to investigate the death of one of MI6's agents.

Charlie was driving Bond to Leiter when suddenly one of Mr. Big's assassins, Whisper, drove up alongside Bond's car and fired a poison dart at Charlie's head. Charlie was initially unresponsive, but quickly slumped dead, leaving Bond trapped in the speeding car. Bond crashes but survives. He identifies the car whose driver killed Charlie and uses this evidence to track down Mr. Big.


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