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This is a list of James Bond allies from the film Tomorrow Never Dies.


Recurring Allies

Wai Lin

Wai Lin
Character from the James Bond franchise
Affiliation Chinese Intelligence
Portrayed by Michelle Yeoh

Wai Lin is a fictional character in the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, portrayed by Michelle Yeoh.

Wai Lin with Bond escaping on a bike in Saigon

Jack Wade

Jack Wade makes his second appearance and the main article is found at List of James Bond allies in GoldenEye

Admiral Roebuck

Admiral Roebuck
Character from the James Bond franchise
Affiliation Rear Admiral RN
Portrayed by Geoffrey Palmer

Rear Admiral Roebuck is a fictional character in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. He is portrayed by actor Geoffrey Palmer.


Film Biography

In the pre-title sequence in the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, Admiral Roebuck is seen looking at a terrorist arms bazaar in the communications centre in England. James Bond is at the scene and M wants Bond to finish the job, but Admiral Roebuck, who is impatient, simply goes for the naval option and orders a cruise missile launch to blow the place up. However, he does not realize that there is a pair of nuclear-tipped torpedoes amongst the arms; although they won't go nuclear with the cruise missile impact, will spread enough plutonium around so as to 'make Chernobyl look like [a] picnic'. When this is brought to their attention by Bond and Charles Robinson, he urgently calls for HMS Chester to abort the missile. However, the missile is now out of range of the Chester's control, and it is left to Bond to get the torpedoes out.

He is later responsible for sending in the entire British fleet to China, believing that the Chinese were responsible for the sinking of HMS Devonshire. M's cautious nature - sending Bond in to investigate - leads him to express the opinion that she does not have 'the balls' for the job. She retorts, "The advantage being that I don't have to think with them all the time."


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