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The following is a list of episodes for the television show Jem. Note that the two sets released on DVD by Rhino comprise an alternative list of these episodes per season.

Season 1

Episode No Title Airdate Production No
1 "The Beginning" 6 October 1985 001
Jerrica and Kimber's father dies and leaves his business to his partner Eric Raymond and his daughter Jerrica. Eric Raymond wants to take over Starlight Music to promote the Misfits. Jerrica discovers Synergy, a high-tech computer made by her father that has the ability to generate holograms. Using Synergy, Jerrica becomes Jem and challenges Eric to a contest: In six months, the Misfits and Jem and the Holograms will compete in a battle of the bands. The winners get Starlight Music, a movie contract and a mansion. 
2 "Disaster (originally Setbacks)" 27 October 1985 002
Starlight House, a foster home run by Jerrica, is burnt down when one of Eric Raymond's goons tries to rob it. Jerrica and the Holograms go to Howard Sands, who offered the mansion in the battle of the bands contest. Jem and the Holograms put on a concert for him and explain what happened. He agrees to let the Starlight girls live in his mansion until the contest is over. This makes the Misfits angry, and when Jem and the Holograms are invited to a yacht party, the Misfits crash and cause a ruckus. 
3 "Kimber's Rebellion" 17 November 1985 003
The Holograms head to Paris to shoot their first video, "Twilight in Paris". Kimber is jealous of all the attention Jem gets in the video shoot. Eric offers Kimber a solo contract. Kimber declines, but later feels unappreciated and decides to leave the Holograms. The Holograms go to Kimber's favorite radio station and express their appreciation for her. Fortunately, she hears them, and the band makes up. Meanwhile, Ashley, one of the Starlight girls, grows angry with Jerrica and the Holograms and makes friends with the Misfits. 
4 "Frame Up" 8 December 1985 004
The Holograms are scheduled to play a concert at a casino in Las Vegas. When they discover that the Misfits are their opening act, they start to worry. The Misfits bring along Ashley and use her to lure Aja away, hoping that if Aja isn't there, the Holograms can't play and the Misfits will headline instead. Fortunately, Aja comes back in time, and they perform. Unfortunately, while the girls are on stage Eric Raymond's goons steal the money from the concert and frame Jem. Stormer and Ashley team up to tell the truth, and Jem's name is cleared. 
5 "Battle of the Bands" 29 December 1985 005
Eric Raymond sends Malone to investigate Jem, to try to discover her true identity. Malone uncovers Synergy in the abandoned drive-in, he takes a picture and takes the evidence to Eric Raymond. The Holograms realise that their secret is out and rush back to the drive-in to prevent Synergy from being discovered by Eric Raymond. On the night of Battle of the Bands, Eric Raymond holds Ashley hostage and tells Jerrica to meet him at the Starlight drive-in. It's up to The Holograms to save Ashley, but can they save her and still perform at the contest in time? 
6 "Starbright, Part 1: Falling Star" 5 July 1986 006
Jem stars in Howard Sands' new movie, part of the prize she and the Holograms won in the Battle of the Bands. But Pizzazz convinces her father to buy the movie studio making the film and give ownership to Eric who quickly seizes control of the film and adds the Misfits to the cast. Eric places the focus of the film on the Misfits and Jem and the Holograms are relegated to supporting roles. Finally fed up with the Misfits' disruptive behavior, Jem and the Holograms, along with Video, quit the movie. But Jerrica receives shocking news about Starlight Girl Ba Nee, who has been diagnosed with a rare optical condition that will leave her blind within a matter of months. 
7 "Starbright, Part 2: Colliding Stars" 12 July 1986 007
Horrified at the news of Ba Nee's impending blindness, Jerrica learns from her doctor that there is an experimental laser surgical procedure that could save Ba Nee's vision. However, the cost of the surgery is a staggering $250,000. Having canceled all their tour dates to star in the movie, Aja hits on the idea to divert funds from Starlight Music to cover the cost. But when they arrive there, they find the building closed down and without power. Joanie, the business manager of Starlight Music, tells the group that Eric has drained huge sums of money from Starlight Music to promote the Misfits' movie. Left with no other option, Jem and the Holograms are forced to return to the movie. Eric's demands push the group to their limits once again, especially when Jem nearly falls from a set display suspended several dozen feet in the air. Video records the accident hoping to use it to shut down the movie's production, but Jem pleads with her not to, because of Ba Nee's surgery. 
8 "Starbright, Part 3: Rising Star" 19 July 1986 008
During a dangerous motorcycle scene for the movie, Kimber is caught in the middle of a series of explosions set off by Roxy and Clash, and is almost killed. Infuriated, Jem and the Holograms quit the production permanently, along with most of the crew who witnessed the accident. Jem rallies the crew to continue the movie, but with a new plot and title: Starbright, while the Misfits' demanding behavior finally causes what remains of the original crew to walk off the set. Meanwhile, a disguised Clash sneaks onto the set of Starbright to spy on the cast and crew, only to be exposed by Georgia, the makeup artist who had recently quit the movie as well. Clash steals the tape of Jem's accident, but Jem and the cast manage to recover it after a lengthy car chase. Starbright proves to be a box office smash, while the Misfits Movie bombs quickly. The Holograms' first share in the box office proceeds go to pay for Ba Nee's surgery, which is a complete success. 
9 "The World Hunger Shindig" 26 July 1986 009
Jem and the Holograms are invited to perform at a concert benefitting the victims of world hunger. When The Misfits learn of the concert, they try to horn in. Sally Brand, the woman behind the World Hunger Shindig tells them they can perform, but can't be on the live album unless another group backs out. Eric Raymond schemes to keep the Holograms away from the concert and to make a tidy sum of money for himself in the process. 
10 "Adventure in China" 23 August 1986 010
The Holograms are invited to perform a special concert in China. The Misfits tag along and take notice of Jem's reluctance to part with her JemStar earrings while going through customs. They steal the earrings, leading Jerrica and the Holograms in a race against time to recover them in time for the concert. 
11 "Last Resorts" 30 August 1986 011
Jem and The Holograms take a much needed vacation to a Colorado ski resort owned by Rick Franklin, an old friend of Howard Sands. Mr. Franklin tells the Holograms that his resort is being threatened by another resort owned by Eric Raymond. Eric and the Misfits attempt to sabotage the resort, in order to bankrupt Franklin so that he will sell the resort to Eric. Meanwhile, Rio and Swenson, the hansome ski instructor face off in a contest for Jem's attentions. In order to settle the matter of which resort controls the mountain, The Holograms and The Misfits face off in a ski contest. 
12 "In Stitches" 6 September 1986 012
Several girl groups from all over the world are invited to take part in a rock fashion contest headed by Italian music promoter, Tony Cassini. Shana is a bit nervous about the competition and The Misfits try to rattle her by chipping away at her confidence. But the last laugh is on them when their own designer drops out of the contest. Unfortunately this prompts them to get Zipper, Eric's hired henchman to steal the costumes Shana's designed for the Holograms. 
13 "The Music Awards, Part 1" 13 September 1986 013
The Holograms and The Misfits become so focused on beating each other at the upcoming annual Music Awards that they neglect their duties to the Starlight Girls. Deidre, one of the girls is so hurt by this she runs away. Ba Nee, not wanting Deidre to go alone decides to come with her, and Krissie goes as well to keep an eye on them. Meanwhile, Video introduces the Holograms to Giselle Dvorak (Danse), a talented stage dancer, who has a special request for them. Eric Raymond hires Techrat to cause trouble for the Holograms. The girls run away to the Misfits, who anonymously report that Jerrica is mistreating her Starlight Girls. At Starlight Music, Jem finds out from Lin-Z that the Haven House Benefit is the same night as the Music Awards and that missing the event would hurt her chances to win this prestigious award. She backs out and goes home only to learn about the runaways. The Holograms search everywhere but there is no trace of them. Feeling guilty for ignoring them, Jem decides to perform at the benefit anyway with the hopes that the girls will hear about it and come home. 
14 "The Music Awards, Part 2" 20 September 1986 014
As Jerrica and the others continue their search for the girls, The Misfits stage a publicity stunt to garner more attention toward their appearance at the Music Awards. Deidre, Krissy, Ba Nee and their new friend, Danny run afoul of a couple of thugs, who force Danny to steal from a local electronics store for them. They manage to escape and are directed to Haven House, where Danse finds them and brings them to the concert. Techrat tries to disrupt the concert with a jamming device, but Danny catches him in the act. Meanwhile, the Misfits win for Best Musical Group and Pizzazz plans to gloat to Jem about the win, so they drive to the concert, only to find the audience cheering the performance. Pizzazz, silenced by the overwhelming sense of goodwill the concert has created, doesn't notice her award slip out of her hand to the floor, where it smashes into a hundred pieces. 
15 "The Rock Fashion Book" 27 September 1986 015
The Misfits try to ruin the Holograms's new rock fashion book. When their initial attempts fail, Pizzazz persuades her father to buy the rights to the book, putting the Misfits in charge of the project. 
16 "Broadway Magic" 4 October 1986 016
Eric incites greed and scandal by offering a $100,000 reward for anyone who can reveal Jem's real identity, while both groups are in New York City auditioning for the lead roles in a Broadway producer's new show. 
17 "In Search of the Stolen Album" 11 October 1986 017
As Jem and the Holograms prepare to release their debut album, Eric hires Zipper to steal it, so The Misfits can use the material for themselves. Pizzazz sends the Holograms anonymous letters with clues that will supposedly lead them to the stolen album, but lead them into danger instead. When they retrieve the album, they place a tape of French-speaking lessons for Eric Raymond to trick him. 
18 "Hot Time in Hawaii" 18 October 1986 018
The Misfits and The Holograms compete in the "Battle of the Music Stars", a Battle of the Network Stars type event in Honolulu. Kimber is kidnapped, and the Holograms have to find her in time to compete. 
19 "The Princess and the Singer" 1 November 1986 019
Loosely based on the Mark Twain story The Prince and the Pauper, while touring the small European country of Morvania, Kimber meets Princess Adriana, the teenage heir to the throne who happens to look exactly like her. When Adriana escapes from her room, her power-hungry cousin Lexa hires her henchmen to track her down and bring her back. When Kimber and Adriana bump into each other, Lexa's henchmen discover Kimber (Who they think is Adriana) then kidnap her and lock her in a tower where she escapes. Lexa discovers that the real Adriana is with the Holograms so she uses the Misfits to lure Kimber to the hotel where the Holograms are staying and plant a bomb on the stage (to kill Adriana) and take over the throne. The Misfits gatecrash the party and save the Holograms from the bomb on the stage. The Holograms then rescue Kimber, Lexa is placed under arrest for conspiracy, and Adriana claims the title of crowned queen at last. 
20 "Island of Deception" 8 November 1986 020
Jem and The Holograms are invited to perform at a concert in St. Thomas and travel aboard a luxury ocean liner to get there. Eric and the Misfits, who are convinced there's a publicity stunt going on, tag along to cash in on it. Later that evening, after giving a performance for the passengers and crew of the ship, Jem and the Holograms are tricked by the Misfits into hiding aboard a lifeboat under the misconception of giving the ship's captain a surprise for his birthday. But when the prank goes wrong, it maroons the Holograms and the Misfits on a tropical island. The girls, despite their rivalry must try to survive and get help from a hermit living on the island. 
21 "Old Meets New" 15 November 1986 021
When Jem & The Holograms perform a song called 'Rock and Roll is Forever,' they infuriate an old singer named Bobby Bailey. However, Bobby turns out to be a man with a big heart but also a big problem. His flat is scheduled for demolition and Eric Raymond is behind it. Will Jem & The Holograms manage to help Bobby or will the wrecking ball win the day? 
22 "Intrigue at the Indy 500" 1 February 1987 022
Starlight Music sponsors Indy 500 driver Martino Granzetti. When a crash lands Martino (and Rio) in the hospital, Jem & the Holograms manage to rebuild the car and Jem decides to race the car for the tournament. However, things turn nasty when Pizzazz enters the race and causes chaos on the track. 
23 "The Jem Jam, Part 1" 8 February 1987 023
The Misfits plot to ruin The Jem Jam, a benefit concert Jem is planning, by tricking Luna Dark (a Cyndi Lauper-esque singer) into coming with them, while Krissy must deal with Lena Lerner's (a Tina Turner-like pop star) spoiled brat son, Dominic (who resembles a young Michael Jackson), and Ba Nee is sure that Randy James, a red-haired drummer for a Springsteen-like rock star, is her father. 
24 "The Jem Jam, Part 2" 15 February 1987 024
Jem saves Luna Dark from Pizzazz's guard dogs, and the Misfits plot to ruin the Jem Jam, with help from Techrat. Meanwhile, Ba Nee goes to great lengths to prove that Randy is her father. Also, Krissy finds out that there's more to Dominic than she thought. 
25 "Culture Clash" 22 February 1987 025
An eccentric artist, Fitzgerald Beck, is the art director for Jem and the Holograms' new video. Beck's art dealer is using his sculptures to smuggle stolen diamonds. The Misfits find this out and set up the sculptures to explode onstage while Jem and the Holograms are filming the video, leading the police to believe it was Jem and the Holograms and Beck who put the diamonds there. Jem and the Holograms must team up with Beck to find the actual culprit before the cops catch them. 
26 "Glitter and Gold" 15 March 1987 026
Jem hasn't been heard from in some time and Jerrica doesn't seem to care. The Misfits waste no time capitalizing on her absence, especially when Owen Beech, the owner of Diskovery Records promotes a contest, awarding a Gold Album award and a new car, the Glitter and Gold Roadster to the winner. After an argument with Rio, the Holograms try to persuade Jerrica to make a new album to compete with the Misfits. Jerrica is somewhat resistant to the idea, feeling it may be too late to enter the contest, but when she overhears Eric making a comment that she ruined Jem's career, it galvanizes her to enter, and promises Owen Beech she and the Holograms will deliver a new album in time for the contest. The group decides to use the prizes for the contest as the theme for their new album and look called Glitter and Gold. 

Season 2

Episode No Title Airdate Production No
27 "The Talent Search, Part 1" 21 September 1987 027
Problems affect Jem & The Holograms when Shana leaves to pursue a fashion career. The Holograms decide to host a Talent Search to find a new drummer. News of this spreads like fire which also catches the attention of The Misfits. The Misfits decide to upstage the Talent Search by adding a new Misfit: a hot-tempered saxophone player from England named Jetta. After so many disastrous auditions, the Holograms choose two finalists: A shy, but talented young woman named Carmen Alonzo (nicknamed Raya by her father) and a keen drummer named Craig Phillips. Soon, Raya accidentally discovers Jem's real identity and Eric Raymond attempts to bribe Raya into revealing Jem's identity. 
28 "The Talent Search, Part 2" 22 September 1987 028
The Misfits discover that the other semi-finalist Craig is Stormer's brother. Eric then decides to use Craig to find out Jem's real identity. When he decides to stand up to Eric, Jetta swipes money from Eric's wallet which she uses to hire a gang to destroy Raya's fathers nursery so that Raya will go to Eric to get the money where she will reveal Jem's identity. The plan backfires when Raya spots Jetta wearing one of her father's orchids in her hair. Raya lashes out at Jetta, Eric and the Misfits and vows never to reveal Jem's secret to the likes of them. Craig turns up a moment later, threatening Eric to pay restitution to the Alonzo Family for destroying their nursery, and also the Misfits for them threatening to throw Stormer out of the group. After the Talent Search, the winner is announced and Shana returns to the Holograms. 
29 "Scandal" 23 September 1987 029
The Holograms, the Misfits, and Shawn Harrison (the British teen idol Kimber met in The World Hunger Shindig, and has asked her to write a song for him to perform) are all in Venice Beach. The Holograms are supposed to go on Harriet Horne's show, which is a famous celebrity gossip show. While the Holograms think they are not much to gossip about, Jetta steals Kimber's diary and publishes it. Tabloids twist the story, saying Kimber is in love with Shawn and he has no feelings for her. Kimber must be strong and stand up to the scandal to come out of it on top. 
30 "One Jem Too Many" 24 September 1987 030
Jerrica, stressed-out from dealing with tax forms and problems with the Starlight record company and home for girls, gets into trouble with a nasty tempered Jem impersonator, who turns out to be Clash disguised in one of The Misfits' plots to ruin Jem. 
31 "The Bands Break Up" 28 September 1987 031
Upset with the way their bands treat them, Kimber and Stormer quit and join forces. They are extremely popular and try to release an album, but they soon realize Eric Raymond is using them to get back his half of Starlight Music. 
32 "The Fan" 29 September 1987 032
Jem is kidnapped by a rich fan with help of The Misfits and taken to a copy of Starlight Mansion with actors playing her friends in an attempt to find out her real identity. 
33 "Fathers' Day" 1 October 1987 033
It's Fathers' Day! Kimber has a bad time, trying to remembering her late father, but learns to cope after having a talk with Pizzazz's father as he has his own problems with his daughter. Also, The Holograms and Misfits visit Clash and Video's hometown for a Father's day banquet
34 "The Treasure Hunt" 5 October 1987 034
The Starlight Girls compete with Misfits-in-Training in a treasure hunt for literacy. In the end, they learn that knowledge is the greatest prize of all. 
35 "Aztec Enchantment" 7 October 1987 035
The Misfits join up with Clash, who was just given a video camera by her father, and hit Mexico to ruin Jem and the Holograms' new music video directed by Video at the ruins of an ancient Aztec temple. Also the Holograms befriend a poor young boy who wants to go to the United States. 
36 "Music Is Magic" 14 October 1987 036
Jem & the Holograms are set to appear on a Music & Magic TV Special. However, matters are made worse when they discover that their rivals The Misfits are also guests on the show but the real trouble starts when they all keep disappearing one by one but who's behind it? 
37 "The Jazz Player" 15 October 1987 037
Jem tries to reunite the Tapps Tucket Quartet, an old jazz group. Meanwhile, Eric Raymond is trying to put out a compilation album of jazz songs. Eric and the Misfits do everything in their power to stop the Tapps Tucket Quartet from getting back together so Eric's jazz album can be released. 
38 "Danse Time" 19 October 1987 038
The Holograms want to submit a video with the theme of friendship for a competition. But in the process, Danse is injured. Will she heal in time for them to make the perfect video? 
39 "Alone Again" 20 October 1987 039
Laura Holloway, a new Starlight Girl with a talent for music, falls victim to Bobby Braddock, a drug dealer at her school. Ashley plays an important role again, this time helping to confront Laura and eventually help the police catch Bobby. 
40 "Roxy Rumbles" 23 October 1987 040
Roxy wins the lottery and goes home to Philadelphia to show off her new lavish lifestyle to her old friends. Meanwhile, Jem and the Holograms are in Philadelphia on a tour to promote literacy. What no one knows is Roxy is illiterate. Roxy decides to throw a bigger party than the Holograms and ends up without any money left because she didn't read the fine print on her contracts. In the end, she decides to learn how to read thanks to a book BaNee gives her. 
41 "KJEM" 29 October 1987 041
A group of college students (including a high school friend of Kimber's) ask Jem to help a struggling radio station that they intern at, that a larger rival station wants to buy out and get rid of. 
42 "Trick or Techrat" 30 October 1987 042
The Holograms plan to save an old opera house from being torn down. As they restore it for a special Halloween concert, the Holograms encounter spooks and ghosts. 
43 "The Presidential Dilemma" 2 November 1987 043
A marauding thief is taking all of the American national treasures. Meanwhile, Synergy is apprehended by the government. It is up to Jerrica to save her and stop the marauder. 
44 "Rock 'n' Roll Express" 3 November 1987 044
Double trouble on the trains--a thief and the Misfits--affect Jem on a cross-country train trip. 
45 "Mardi Gras" 4 November 1987 045
The Holograms are invited to wear the pirate Jean Lafitte's jewels for the Mardi Gras celebration. But could Lafitte's ghost be after them? 
46 "The Middle of Nowhere" 5 November 1987 046
Jem and the Holograms visit Ba Nee's pen pal in Alaska. It is up to them to stop the Misfits and Eric Raymond from ruining Alaska and destroying a natural seal habitat. 
47 "Renaissance Woman" 16 November 1987 047
The Holgrams and their friends attend a Renaissance fair at a castle in England. The false lord-to-be who owns castle and a Robin Hood-like outlaw trying to oust him both fall in love with Danse. 
48 "Journey to Shangri-La" 24 November 1987 048
The Holograms try to find Shangri-La, the mythological city where all music and art is kept, to add a new twist to their music. When Pizzaz and Roxy end up sick and Shangri-La's music is the only thing that can cure them, it's a race against time to save them. 
49 "Journey through Time" 6 January 1988 049
Techrat's crazy time machine sends Jem and the Holograms back in the time, to 18th century Austria, 1940's England, and the original Woodstock festival in 1969, where they meet famous musicians of the day. 
50 "Out of the Past" 8 January 1988 050
The Holograms find Emmett Benton's old diary. Reading it, they learn about how they first met,the origin of Starlight Music and how Synergy came into existence. They also discover that Jacqui Benton, Jerrica and Kimber's mother, recorded a master tape of her concert in the 70s before dying in a plane crash. But when Eric Raymond turns out to have the only copy of the tape, he blackmails Jerrica with it. 
51 "Hollywood Jem, Part 1: For Your Consideration" 11 January 1988 051
Jem is nominated for the Best Actress Oscar, while Kimber becomes involved in a wild love triangle. 
52 "Hollywood Jem, Part 2: And the Winner Is..." 12 January 1988 052
The winner of the Best Actress award is announced. Kimber sorts out her love life. 

Season 3

Episode No Title Airdate Production No
53 "The Stingers Hit Town (Part 1)" 2 February 1988 053
Eric Raymond gets fed up of the Misfits' childish behavior so he sells everything he owns to buy Misfits Music from Harvey Gabor. However, he decides to offer a recording contract to a new band called The Stingers. Jerrica also discovers The Stingers and decides to offer them a recording contract but the lead singer Riot tells her that only Jem can make him join Starlight Music 
54 "The Stingers Hit Town (Part 2)" 3 February 1988 054
Riot wants Jem to leave Rio. Eric changes the name of his company to Stingers Sound to get the Stingers to sign with him. 
55 "Beauty and the Rock Promoter" 4 February 1988 055
Jem throws herself into the role of "Beauty" in a rock opera version of "Beauty And The Beast". She finds herself intrigued by the actor playing Beast, much to the chagrin of Rio. She also works herself until she is forced to sleep for days and Pizzazz replaces her in the play. 
56 "Homeland, Heartland" 5 February 1988 056
Danse returns to her home country Yugoslavia to learn more about her family. There, she falls in love and also finds out more about her mother's past in dancing. 
57 "Midsummer Night's Madness" 8 February 1988 057
Jem and the Holograms and the Stingers go to Greece to play in a music festival. Jerrica and Rio have a fight, and thanks to advice from an Oracle, she creates a new identity. When Rio falls for her new identity, she thinks it means he was never truly loyal to Jerrica in the first place. Meanwhile, Riot tries to make Rio jealous by flirting with Jerrica. 
58 "Riot's Hope" 11 February 1988 058
Riot and his father don't get along. Can they put their differences aside when Riot's mother gets sick suddenly? 
59 "Straight from the Heart" 15 February 1988 059
A new fashion designer, Regine Cesare comes to town and decides whether her loyalties lie with the Holograms or the Stingers. 
60 "That Old Houdini Magic" 17 February 1988 060
In order to get the Stingers onto the bill of a certain concert, Rapture cons the superstitious arranger into thinking she is possessed by the spirit of famous magician Houdini
61 "A Change of Heart" 18 February 1988 061
When Minx has a near-death experience, she decides to change her attitude and become kind and helpful. 
62 "Britrock" 22 February 1988 062
The Misfits go to England to meet Jetta's supposedly aristocratic family. Jetta's lower-class parents strike up a deal with a Lord of England which ends badly. Meanwhile, the Holograms come to play a show in London and meet an old friend. 
63 "The Day the Music Died" 24 February 1988 063
After getting overstressed, Jem disappears with Riot and the Holograms have no choice but to sign over Starlight Music and the Starlight Mansion to Pizzazz. 
64 "Video Wars" 26 February 1988 064
Clash, disguised as a film student named Sarah, tries to get even with the Holograms by making a bad video of them to replace Video's. While spending time with them, Clash becomes friends with the Holograms, and she loses track of where her loyalties lie-with the Misfits, her old friends who treat her badly, or with her new friends the Holograms, who are nice to her. 
65 "A Father Should Be..." 2 May 1988 065
Jem and The Holograms search for Ba Nee's father. He turns out to be an amnesiac Vietnam veteran who has no memory of her. Eventually he regains his lost memory and the two reunite. The Holograms and the Starlight Girls - as well as the Misfits and the Stingers - send her and the viewers off with a going-away party. 


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