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This list includes Jews who have had outstanding achievements in sports. The criteria for inclusion in this list are: a) 1-3 places winners at major international tournaments; b) for team sports, winning in preliminary competitions of finals at major international tournaments, or playing for several seasons for clubs of major national leagues; or c) owners of world records. Bolding denotes current competitor.



The topic of Jews in sports is important to counter the stereotype of Jews as non-athletic.



American Football

Artistic gymnastics

Association Football

Australian Rules Football



  • Max Zaslofsky, U.S. NBA 6' 2" guard/forward, 1-time FT % leader, 1-time points leader, All-Star, & ABA coach
  • Eli Given U.S NBA 6'2"


Ronnie Kerner (Ronnie "The Rottweiler" Kerner) US Heavyweight NYBSC Champion Aka. "The Knock Out King"

  • Julie Kogon,[26] U.S. lightweight boxer
  • Solly Krieger ("Danny Auerbach"), U.S. world champion middleweight boxer
  • Benny Leonard (Benjamin Leiner; "The Ghetto Wizard"), U.S. world champion lightweight boxer, Hall of Fame
  • Artie Levine, U.S. middleweight & light heavyweight boxer
  • Battling Levinsky (Barney Lebrowitz), U.S. world champion light heavyweight boxer, Hall of Fame
  • Harry Lewis ("Harry Besterman"), U.S. world champion welterweight boxer
  • Ted "Kid" Lewis (Gershon Mendeloff), English world champion welterweight boxer, Hall of Fame
  • Sammy Luftspring, Canadian welterweight boxing champion, Canada's Sports Hall of Fame
  • Saoul Mamby, U.S. world champion junior welterweight boxer
  • Al McCoy (Alexander Rudolph), U.S. world champion middleweight boxer
  • Daniel Mendoza, English boxer, Hall of Fame
  • Samuel Mosberg, U.S. Olympic champion lightweight boxer
  • Bob Olin, U.S. world champion light heavyweight boxer
  • Victor Perez ("Young"), Tunisian world champion flyweight boxer
  • Charlie Phil Rosenberg ("Charles Green"), U.S. world champion bantamweight boxer
  • Dana Rosenblatt ("Dangerous"), U.S. world champion middleweight boxer
  • Maxie Rosenbloom ("Slapsie"), U.S. world champion light heavyweight boxer, Hall of Fame, wore a Star of David on his trunks
  • Barney Ross (Dov-Ber Rasofsky), U.S. world champion lightweight & junior welterweight boxer, Hall of Fame
  • Mike Rossman (Michael Albert DiPiano; "The Jewish Bomber"), U.S. world champion light heavyweight boxer, wore Star of David on trunks
  • Shamil Sabirov, Russian Olympic champion light flyweight boxer
  • Dmitry Salita ("Star of David"), U.S. junior welterweight undefeated boxer
  • Isadore "Corporal Izzy" Schwartz ("The Ghetto Midget"), U.S. world champion flyweight boxer
  • Al Singer ("The Bronx Beauty"), U.S. world champion lightweight boxer
  • "Lefty" Lew Tendler, U.S. bantamweight, lightweight, and welterweight boxer, Hall of Fame, wore a Star of David on his trunks
  • Sid Terris ("Ghost of the Ghetto"), U.S. lightweight boxer, wore a Star of David on his trunks
  • Sammy Waltz,[26] U.S. boxer
  • Victor Zilberman, Rumanian Olympic welterweight bronze medal winner
  • Robert Waites (Wallasey Mark beating champion)
  • Nathan Lewis Wallasey England (Mosslands) heavy Wieght Champion 1999 - 2006
  • Sam Gaskell Wallasey, United Kingdom Olympic Champion, Gold Medalist





Field Hockey

Figure skating



Ice hockey


Mixed martial arts

  • Adam Brozer, US Olympic Karate Team Member
  • Jeffrey Kohn, US Olympic Karate Coach
  • Rory Singer, fighter from The Ultimate Fighter 3[39]
  • Sasha Susterman, South American Champion, Florida Champion, Venezuela Champion, Israel champion


Rugby League

Rugby Union


  • Tony Bullimore,[49] British yachtsman
  • Zefania Carmel, Israeli Women's yachtsman, world champion
  • Anat Fabrikant, Israeli Women's Double-Handed Dinghy 470
  • Gal Fridman, Israeli windsurfer, Olympic champion, Israel's first Gold Medallist
  • Valentyn Mankin, Soviet/Ukrainian, the only sailor in Olympic history to win gold medals in three different classes in 1968, 1972, and 1980, silver in 1976, Valentyn Mankin
  • Mark Mendelblatt, American 2004 Olympic Sailor, [31] [32]

Speed Skating

  • Irving Jaffee, U.S. Speed Skater, Olympic champion
  • Rafael Grach, USSR Speed Skater, 2 Olympic medals


Table tennis

  • Viktor Barna (Braun), Hungarian 23-time world champion
  • Laszlo Bellak, Hungarian/U.S. 7-time world champion
  • Richard Bergmann, Austrian/British 7-time world champion
  • Alex (Aloys) Erlich, Poland/France, 3 times World Singles Finalist.
  • Marina Kravchenko, Ukrainian-born Israeli table tennis player
  • Ivor Montagu, British table tennis player
  • Leah Neuberger (Thall), U.S., 29-time national champion
  • Marty Reissman, American International World class player.
  • Angelica Rozeanu, Romanian/Israeli 17-time world champion
  • Marcus Schussheim, First US national champion
  • Anna Sipos, Hungarian 21-time world champion
  • Miklos Szabados, Hungarian/Australian 15-time world champion
  • Leon Wajchenberg, Polish table tennis champion 1940, Egyptian table tennis champion 1945
  • David Zalcberg, Australian table tennis player
  • Selma Altshuler, Triple South African Champion 1957
  • Matt Farina, University of Richmond Champion, 2008


Track and field


  • Joanna Zeiger, U.S. Professional Triathlete, Ironman 70.3 World Champion 2008 and world record holder[55]


Water Polo



Professional wrestling

Commissioners, managers, and owners

Sportscasters & promoters



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