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This is a list of lieutenant governors of Mississippi.

Lieutenant Governors

Name Term Party
Duncan Stewart 1817-1820
James Patton 1820-1822
David Dickson 1822-1824
Gerard C. Brandon 1824-1826*
Abram M. Scott 1828-1832 Democrat
Fountain Winston 1832-1832

Presidents of the Senate

The Office of Lieutenant Governor was abolished by the Constitution of 1832, and the duties of President of the Senate were incorporated into a separate office.

Name Term Party
Charles Lynch 1833-1834 Democrat
P. Briscoe 1834-1836
W. Van Norman 1836-1837
Alexander G. McNutt 1837-1838 Democrat
A. L. Bingaman 1838-1840
G. B. Augustus 1840-1842
Jesse Speight 1842-1843
A. Fox 1843-1844
Jesse Speight 1844-1846
G. T. Swan 1846-1848
Dabney Lipscomb 1848-1851
James Whitfield 1851-1854 Democrat
John J. Pettus 1854-1858 Democrat
James Drane 1858-1865
John M. Simonton 1865-1869

Lieutenant Governors

The Constitution of 1869 re-established the office of Lieutenant Governor. This office also re-assumed the duties of President of the Senate

Name Term Party
Ridgley C. Powers 1870-1871 Republican
Alexander K. Davis 1871-1876 Republican
John M. Stone 1876-1878 Democrat
William H. Sims 1878-1882 Democrat
G. D. Shands 1882-1890 Democrat
M. M. Evans 1890-1896 Democrat
J. H. Jones 1896-1900 Democrat
James T. Harrison 1900-1904 Democrat
John Prentiss Carter 1904-1908 Democrat
Luther Manship 1908-1912 Democrat
Theodore G. Bilbo 1912-1916 Democrat
Lee Maurice Russell 1916-1920 Democrat
Homer H. Casteel 1920-1924 Democrat
Dennis Murphree 1924-1927 Democrat
Clayton B. Adams 1928-1932 Democrat
Dennis Murphree 1932-1936 Democrat
Jacob Buehler Snider 1936-1940 Democrat
Dennis Murphree 1940-1943 Democrat
Fielding L. Wright 1944-1946 Democrat
Sam Lumpkin 1948-1952 Democrat
Carroll Gartin 1952-1960 Democrat
Paul B. Johnson, Jr. 1960-1964 Democrat
Carroll Gartin 1964-1966 Democrat
Charles L. Sullivan 1968-1972 Democrat
William F. Winter 1972-1976 Democrat
Evelyn Gandy 1976-1980 Democrat
Brad Dye 1980-1992 Democrat
Eddie Briggs 1992-1996 Republican
Ronnie Musgrove 1996-2000 Democrat
Amy Tuck 2000-2008 Democrat, Republican1
Phil Bryant 2008-present Republican

1. Amy Tuck switched to the Republican Party in December 2002.



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