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This is a list of Major Commands (MAJCOM) of the United States Air Force

Historically, a MAJCOM is the highest level of command, only below Headquarters Air Force (HAF), and directly above Numbered Air Forces (NAF). As with all things military, the role of MAJCOMs have changed: some were replaced with NAFs, and some NAFs were replaced with MAJCOMs.

The USAF is organized on a functional basis in the United States and a geographical basis overseas. A major command (MAJCOM) represents a major Air Force subdivision having a specific portion of the Air Force mission. Each MAJCOM is directly subordinate to HAF. MAJCOMs are interrelated and complementary, providing offensive, defensive, and support elements. An operational command consists (in whole or in part) of strategic, tactical, space, or defense forces; or of flying forces that directly support such forces. A support command may provide supplies, weapon systems, support systems, operational support equipment, combat material, maintenance, surface transportation, education and training, or special services and other supported organizations.

The USAF experienced its last major reorganization of commands in 1992. On July 5, 2006, the USAF stood up the Air Force Network Operations (AFNETOPS) Command at Barksdale Air Force Base; on November 2, 2006, it was announced that this organization would be transformed into a new major command, the Air Force Cyber Command.[1] This was never the case though as it was eventually combined with the Space Command. The USAF is currently organized into eleven MAJCOMS (8 Functional, 2 Geographic, and one on the way), with the Air National Guard component reporting to Headquarters, United States Air Force (HAF).[2]

During the half century that the U.S. Air Force has existed as a separate service, 27 organizations designated as major commands have existed. As of December 2000, only nine major commands remain active, with the Air Force Global Strike Command on the way. The other MAJCOMs have either inactivated or lost their command status.



Shield MAJCOM Location of Headquarters
ACC Shield.svg Air Combat Command Langley Air Force Base, Virginia
Air Education and Training Command.png Air Education and Training Command Randolph Air Force Base, Texas
Air Force Global Strike Command.png Air Force Global Strike Command Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana
Air Force Materiel Command.png Air Force Materiel Command Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
AFR Shield.svg Air Force Reserve Command Robins Air Force Base, Georgia
Air Force Space Command.png Air Force Space Command Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado
Shield of the United States Air Force Special Operations Command.svg Air Force Special Operations Command Hurlburt Field, Florida
Air Mobility Command.svg Air Mobility Command Scott Air Force Base, Illinois
Pacific Air Forces.png Pacific Air Forces Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii
United States Air Forces in Europe.png United States Air Forces in Europe Ramstein Air Base, Germany


Shield MAJCOM Location of Headquarters
Alaskan Air Command.png Alaskan Air Command Historic
85th Group.png Air Forces Iceland Historic
Air Defense Command.png Aerospace Defense Command Historic
Air Force Cyber Command (Provisional).png Air Force Cyber Command (Provisional) Historic
Air Force Communications Agency.png Air Force Communications Command Historic
Air Force Intelligence Command Historic
Air force logistics command.jpg Air Force Logistics Command Historic
Air force systems command.jpg Air Force Systems Command Historic
Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center.png Air Proving Ground Command Historic
Air Training Command Historic
Air University.png Air University Historic
United States Air Forces Southern Command.png Caribbean Air Command Historic
Continental Air Command.png Continental Air Command Historic
Electronic Security Command Historic
Headquarters Command.png Headquarters Command, USAF Historic
Military airlift command.jpg Military Airlift Command Historic
Northeast Air Command Historic
Pacific Air Command Historic
Special Weapons Command Historic
SAC Shield.svg Strategic Air Command Historic
Tactical Air Command.JPG Tactical Air Command Historic
3d Air Division crest.jpg 3d Air Division Historic
United States Air Forces Southern Command.png United States Air Forces Southern Command Historic


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