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Commentators (as of 2009)


Play-by-play commentators

  1. Joe Buck
  2. Thom Brennaman
  3. Kenny Albert
  4. Dick Stockton
  5. Josh Lewin
  6. Fill-in/local announcers (See list below)

Color commentators

  1. Tim McCarver
  2. Mark Grace
  3. Eric Karros
  4. José Mota
  5. Fill-in/local commentators (See list below)

Field reporters

  1. Ken Rosenthal
  2. Chris Rose (Also pregame and postgame host)
  3. Chris Myers

Studio host

  1. Chris Rose (Also in game reporter)

Studio analysts

  • Fox Sports ended their use of studio analysts after the 2008 season and fired both hosts Jeanne Zelasko and Kevin Kennedy, who had anchored together since 2001.

Pairings history












2007 attendance

  1. Joe Buck (lead play-by-play) (8 games)
  2. Tim McCarver (lead color commentator) (17 games)
  3. Ken Rosenthal (lead sideline reporter/anylyst) (24 games)
  4. Thom Brennaman (play-by-play) (13 games)
  5. Joe Girardi (color commentator) (20 games)
  6. Kenny Albert (play-by-play) (16 games)
  7. Mark Grace (color commentator) (14 games)
  8. Eric Karros (color commentator) (12 games)
  9. Josh Lewin (play-by-play) (6 games)
  10. José Mota (fill-in play-by-play/commentator) (2 games, All-Star Game sideline reporter)
  11. Matt Vasgersian (play-by-play) (12 games)
  12. Matt Devlin (fill-in play-by-play) (2 games)
  13. Dan McLaughlin (fill-in play-by-play) (2 games)
  14. Dick Stockton (play-by-play) (7 games)
  15. Brian Anderson (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  16. Duane Kuiper (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  17. Daron Sutton (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  • Eric Byrnes was a cove reporter for FOX during the All-Star Game. Although that was his only game appearance this season, he has also contributed to the pregame show three times.

2008 attendance

  1. Ken Rosenthal (lead sideline reporter/analyst) (24 games)
  2. Tim McCarver (lead color commentator) (19 games)
  3. Eric Karros (color commentator) (17 games)
  4. Kenny Albert (play-by-play) (14 games)
  5. Mark Grace (color commentator) (14 games)
  6. Dick Stockton (play-by-play) (13 games)
  7. Thom Brennaman (play-by-play) (10 games)
  8. Joe Buck (lead play-by-play) (9 games)
  9. Matt Vasgersian (play-by-play) (6 games)
  10. Leo Mazzone (color commentator) (6 games)
  11. José Mota (fill-in commentator) (5 games)
  12. Josh Lewin (fill-in play by play) (4 games)
  13. Tom McCarthy (fill-in play-by-play) (2 games)
  14. Chris Rose (fill-in play-by-play) (2 games)
  15. Rob Dibble (fill-in commentator) (2 games)
  16. Joe Magrane (fill-in commentator) (2 games)
  17. Rick Manning (fill-in commentator) (2 games)
  18. Brian Anderson (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  19. Mike Joy (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  20. Duane Kuiper (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  21. Dan McLaughlin (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  22. Curt Menefee (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  23. Howie Rose (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  24. Daron Sutton (fill-in play-by play) (1 game)
  25. Bert Blyleven (fill-in commentator) (1 game)
  26. Jerry Remy (fill-in commentator) (1 game)
  27. Bill Schroeder (fill-in commentator) (1 game)
  28. Chris Welsh (fill-in commentator) (1 game)

2009 attendance

  1. Joe Buck (lead play-by-play) (11 games, All-Star Game, ALCS, World Series)
  2. Thom Brennaman (play-by-play) (15 games)
  3. Ken Rosenthal (lead sideline reporter) (26 games, All-Star Game, ALCS, World Series)
  4. Kenny Albert (play-by-play) (15 games, ALCS trophy presentation)
  5. Dick Stockton (play-by-play) (14 games)
  6. Tim McCarver (lead color commentator) (22 games, All-Star Game, ALCS, World Series)
  7. Eric Karros (color commentator) (22 games, All-Star Game, ALCS, World Series)
  8. Mark Grace (color commentator) (20 games, ALCS, World Series)
  9. Chris Rose (pregame show host/sideline reporter/fill-in play-by-play) (24 games, All-Star Game, ALCS, World Series)
  10. Chris Myers (fill-in pregame show host/sideline reporter) (2 games)
  11. Ozzie Guillen (studio analyst) (World Series)
  12. Josh Lewin (fill-in play-by-play) (7 games)
  13. Dick Bremer (fill-in play-by-play) (2 games)
  14. Glen Kuiper (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  15. Tom McCarthy (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  16. Howie Rose (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  17. Dewayne Staats (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  18. Daron Sutton (fill-in play-by-play) (1 game)
  19. José Mota (fill-in commentator) (4 games)
  20. Bert Blyleven (fill-in commentator) (2 games)
  21. Rod Allen (fill-in commentator) (1 game)
  22. Rick Manning (fill-in commentator) (1 game)




Additional notes

  • Prior to the 2000 World Series, Bob Brenly, who normally did West Coast games with Thom Brennaman, regularly joined Joe Buck and Tim McCarver in the booth for events such as the World Series and All-Star Game. But during the 2000 World Series, Brenly was relegated to simply being a field reporter. Brenly was on the verge of becoming the manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks, who would win the World Series under Brenly just a year later. After Brenly was dismissed by the Diamondbacks in the 2004 season, he briefly returned to FOX until being hired by the Chicago Cubs as their color commentator.
  • In 2001, Jeanne Zelasko[1] became the first woman in more than a decade to regularly host Major League Baseball games for a network. The network canceled the pre-game show (as a cost-cutting measure) following the 2008 season.

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