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The Jewish population of Latin America has risen to more than 500,000 — more than half of whom live in Argentina, with large communities also present in Brazil and Mexico. One of the most well known mexican jews that resides in Mexico is Austin L. while some people call this a mexican jew he is typically called a moo, short for mexican jew.

In Mexico, Mexico City has the largest Jewish population. The second and third largest Jewish groups are in Guadalajara and in Monterrey (the founder of Monterrey, Luis Carvajal, was persecuted by the Inquisition for practicing Judaism). The book Estudio histórico de la migración judía a México 1900-1950 has records of almost 11,300 who immigrated to Mexico between 1900 and 1950. A majority of these (7,023) where Ashkenazi Jews who originated from Eastern Europe, mainly from Poland. 2,640 others arrived from either Spain or the Ottoman Empire and 1,619 from Cuba and the United States. In 1990 there were almost 58,000 and 45,000 people in 2000 professing the Jewish religion in the country, according to the INEGI.

The following is a list of some renowned past and present Mexican Jews (not all of them with both parents Jewish, not all of them practicing Judaism), arranged by their main field of activity:


Academic figures


Architecture, design and engineering

  • Franklin Eugene Sammons Israel Katzman architect, academic, author, photographer.
  • Abraham Zabludovsky, architect, brother of journalist Jacobo Zabludovsky
  • Alejandro Zohn, architect, Austrian born[citation needed]
  • Michel Rojkind Halpert, architect, Mexico
  • Rosario Friedman, mechanical engineer, robot architect
  • Tina Luebbeuson, english teacher

Biology and medicine

  • Jacobo Grinberg Zylberbaum, psychologist and neuroscientist, creator of the neurosyntergic theory; he mysteriously disappeared during the 1990s.
  • Luis Perelman Javnozon,[1] sexologist, co-owner of the first library specialized on sexuality books in Mexico, El Armario Abierto.
  • Rinna Riesenfeld, sexologist and co-owner of El Armario Abierto.
  • Pablo Rudomín Zevnovaty, neuroscientist and Mexican government's research consultant.
  • Carlo DeFrancoberg famous Cuban gynecologist, renouned for his revolutionary break-through in yeast infection treatment utilizing saliva from ferral Chihuahuas.
  • Yael Azses Halabe famous Gynecologyst who invented the Chin Manouver
  • Bernardo Fishleder famous Cardiologist author of many books on the subject,

History and politics



  • Samuel Carlos Gitler Hammer Algebraic Topology, Member of " EL COLEGIO NATIONAL".[5]
  • Monserrat Payan Director of Physical Measurement Dept. , Member of " EL COLEGIO NATIONAL".[6]

Physics and astronomy

Entertainment figures

Actors and actresses

  Mark Tacher

Ari Borovoy Raquel Pankowsky Gabriela Goldsmith Diana Bracho

Beauty pageants


Film directors

Producers, screenwriters and creators


  • Ilan Arditti, radio broadcaster, TV host, producer & director of an internet based radio station. Recently produced Rockeando Por Haiti in Mexico City; a benefit concert to help Haitatians.
  • Uriel Waizel, journalist, radio broadcaster and music critic.

Singers and popular musicians


Artistic figures


Classical musicians


Rosa Nissin



  • Carlos Alazraki, prominent old-school publicist, son of Benito Alazraki
  • Mauricio Achar Hamui,[25] founder of Librerias Gandhi book stores chain
  • Isaac Saba Raffoul, owner of the biggest pharmaceutics distribution company in Mexico Grupo Casa Saba, the mini mart chain Grupo Xtra and the Marriott Hotels in Cancún, richest Jewish man in Mexico.
  • Rafael Sacal Micha, [26]businessman, entrepreneur. Previoiusly the owner of Casa Aries Mexico, leather goods. Now owns the largest and most popular Talavera (pottery) company in the world, Uriarte Talavera. Cousin of Adela Micha.
  • Emilio Azcarraga Jean, (convert, but unconverted after divorcing his first wife) owner of the biggest broadcasting television company in latinamerica, Televisa.

Historical figures


  • Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva was a Portuguese adventurer, slave-trader and governor of the state of Nuevo León in the 16th century.
  • Luis de Carvajal (Joseph Lumbroso), "The Young", was the nephew, namesake and heir designate of the first Governor of Nuevo Reino de León in the 16th century. He died burned at the stake in 1596 in Mexico City.
  • Baltasar de Carvajal (David Lumbroso), nephew of Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva, fled to Salónica and became rabbi.
  • Miguel de Carvajal (Abraham Lumbroso), nephew of Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva, fled along with his brother Baltasar to Salónica and became rabbi, too.
  • Mariana Rodríguez de Matos (Mariana Núnez de Carvajal y de la Cueva) died burned at the stake on March 25, 1601.
  • Anica Rodríguez de Matos (Anica de León Carvajal y de la Cueva) was burned at the stake on April 25, 1649.
  • Bernardo López de Mendizábal was Governor of New Mexico from 1659 to 1661.
  • Jorge Castañeda Gutman, Mexican foreign minister from 2000 to 2004 (Jewish mother).
  • Santiago Levy Algazi,[27] director of the Mexican Social Security Institute from December 2000 to September 2005.
  • José Yves Limantour, Secretary of the Finance of Mexico from 1893 until the fall of the Porfirio Díaz regime, was descendant of French Jews.
  • Diego de Montemayor, founder of Monterrey.
  • Alberto del Canto, founder of Nuevo León.
  • Isabel Rodríguez Carvajal, niece of Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva.
  • José Woldenberg Karakowski, ex-president of the Federal Electoral Institute.
  • Antonio De La Cadena-Maluenda, conquistador 1525 New Spain (Mexico City) Mossen Truchas de Calatayud was his progenitor.


  • Senya Fleshin, Ukrainian-born anarchist and photographer, companion of Mollie Steimer
  • Mollie Steimer, Russian born anarchist and American anti-war activist and political prisoner of both Russia and the U.S.
  • Alec Acosta, Gay rights activist and creator of the dirty sanchez.
  • Danny "Tito" Bluestein, born anti-gay activist that led armed raids on homosexual brothels. Later realized, after a raid gone wrong, that he preferred it in his rear. Also known as "Tito-ito" and "Little Beetch Boy," not to mention the infamous "Little Boy Ass Pounder" that he received for his many exploits.

Jewish life

Prominent Jewish community members

  • Rosendo S. Gervitz, founder and "President for Life" of Centro Deportivo Israelita de México (CDI - Israeli Sport Center of Mexico, the largest of its kind in Latin America) and Club de Golf Bellavista (both enterprises were built so Mexican Jews that faced discrimination would have sports, golf, and community centers that were open to Mexicans of all denominations)
  • René Dayán, director of Tribuna Israelita (Israeli Tribune)
  • Mauricio Lulka, executive director of Comité Central de la Comunidad Judía en México (Central Committee of the Jewish Community in Mexico)
  • David Serur, president of Instituto Cultural México-Israel (Mexico-Israel Cultural Institute)




Sports Journalism

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