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The United Mexican States, commonly known as Mexico, is a federation comprising thirty-one States and one Federal District, commonly known as Mexico City.

Article 115 of the current Federal Constitution states that:

For their internal government, the States shall adopt the popular, representative, republican form of government, with the free Municipality as the basis of their territorial division and political and administrative organization.

Governors of the States may not hold office for more than six years.
The election of governors of the States and the local legislatures shall be direct and in the manner prescribed by their respective electoral laws.
Governors of the States who hold office by regular or special election may not, in any case or for any reason, again occupy that office in an interim, provisional or substitute character, or be in charge of that office in any capacity.
The constitutional governor of a State must be a Mexican citizen by birth and a native of the State or with actual residence therein for not less than five years immediately preceding the day of the election.

The Head of Government of the Federal District is not considered a governorship, but the position is included on this list of governors for the sake of completeness.

As of 2009, the Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI) holds 18 governorships, the National Action Party (PAN) holds 7, and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) holds 6, including the Federal District.

State Governors and Head of Government


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State Party Governor Picture Appointed
Aguascalientes PAN Party (Mexico).svg Luis Armando Reynoso Femat 1 December 2004
Baja California PAN Party (Mexico).svg José Guadalupe Osuna Millán José Guadalupe Osuna Millán.jpg 1 November 2007
Baja California Sur PRD Party (Mexico).svg Narciso Agúndez Montaño 5 April 2005
Campeche PRI Party (Mexico).svg Fernando Ortega Bernés 16 September 2009
Chiapas PRD Party (Mexico).svg Juan Sabines Guerrero Juan Sabines Guerrero.jpg 8 December 2006
Chihuahua PRI Party (Mexico).svg José Reyes Baeza Terrazas 3 October 2004
Coahuila PRI Party (Mexico).svg Humberto Moreira HumbertoMoreiraValdes.jpg 1 December 2005
Colima PRI Party (Mexico).svg Mario Anguiano Moreno 1 November 2009
Durango PRI Party (Mexico).svg Ismael Hernández Deras 15 September 2004
Federal District PRD Party (Mexico).svg Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon Marcelo ebrard casaubon.jpg 5 December 2006
Guanajuato PAN Party (Mexico).svg Juan Manuel Oliva Ramírez Juan Manuel Oliva.jpg 26 September 2006
Guerrero PRD Party (Mexico).svg Zeferino Torreblanca Galindo ZTG1.jpg 1 April 2005
Hidalgo PRI Party (Mexico).svg Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong 1 April 2005
Jalisco PAN Party (Mexico).svg Emilio González Márquez Emilio Gonzalez Marquez02.jpg 1 March 2007
Mexico PRI Party (Mexico).svg Enrique Peña Nieto Enrique Peña Nieto 01.jpg 15 September 2005
Michoacán PRD Party (Mexico).svg Leonel Godoy Rangel Leonel Godoy Rangel.jpg 15 February 2008
Morelos PAN Party (Mexico).svg Marco Antonio Adame Castillo 1 October 2006
Nayarit PRI Party (Mexico).svg Ney González Sánchez Ney gonzalez.jpg 19 September 2005
Nuevo León PRI Party (Mexico).svg Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz 4 October 2009
Oaxaca PRI Party (Mexico).svg Ulises Ruiz Ortiz Ulises ruiz ortiz oaxaca.jpg 1 December 2004
Puebla PRI Party (Mexico).svg Mario Marín Torres 15 January 2005
Querétaro PRI Party (Mexico).svg José Eduardo Calzada Rovirosa 1 October 2009
Quintana Roo PRI Party (Mexico).svg Félix González Canto GonzalezCanto.jpg 5 April 2005
San Luis Potosí PRI Party (Mexico).svg Fernando Toranzo Fernandez 26 September 2009
Sinaloa PRI Party (Mexico).svg Jesús Aguilar Padilla Jesus Aguilar Padilla.jpg 1 January 2005
Sonora PAN Party (Mexico).svg Guillermo Padrés Elías Guillermo Padres Elias.jpg 13 September 2009
Tabasco PRI Party (Mexico).svg Andrés Granier Melo 1 January 2007
Tamaulipas PRI Party (Mexico).svg Eugenio Hernández Flores Eugenio Hernandez Flores.jpg 4 February 2005
Tlaxcala PAN Party (Mexico).svg Héctor Ortiz Ortiz 14 January 2005
Veracruz PRI Party (Mexico).svg Fidel Herrera Beltrán Fidel Herrera.jpg 1 December 2004
Yucatán PRI Party (Mexico).svg Ivonne Ortega Pacheco Ivonne Ortega.jpg 1 August 2007
Zacatecas PRD Party (Mexico).svg Amalia García Medina Amalia Garcia.jpg 12 September 2004




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