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Don Johnson and G. Gordon Liddy in the episode "Stone's War".

The list of Miami Vice guest appearances is a list of actors/actresses to have appeared on the popular 1980s American television series, Miami Vice. The show included actors and actresses as well as musicians, celebrities, and athletes. Throughout the show's run most guest actors/actresses appeared once, while others appeared multiple times. At that time these actors and actresses were mostly unknown when they first guest appeared on the show, now they are some of the most widely known actors, actresses, and celebrities.


Episode Guest Character Role

Season 1

"Brother's Keeper" Jimmy Smits[1] Eddie Rivera Crockett's ill-fated partner
Miguel Piñero[1] Calderone Drug lord
Mykelti Williamson[1] Leon Jefferson Informant
Martin Ferrero[1] Trini DeSoto Middle man for Calderone
Belinda Montgomery[1] Caroline Crockett Crockett's ex-wife
Bill Smitrovich[1] Scottie Wheeler Internal Affairs/Dirty cop
"Heart of Darkness" Ed O'Neill[2] Artie Lawson/
Artie Rollins
Undercover FBI agent
Paul Hecht[2] Sam Kovics -
Suzy Amis[2] Penny McGraw Hooker
"Cool Runnin'" Larry Riley Bobby Price Undercover Vice cop
Charlie Barnett Noogie Lamont Informant
"Calderone's Return: Part 1 - The Hit List" Ron Taylor Linus Oliver Drug dealer who helps identify the person who hired the Argentinian
"Calderone's Return: Part 2 - Calderone's Demise" Miguel Piñero Calderone Drug lord
"One Eyed Jack" Dennis Farina[3] Albert Lombard Mobster
Joe Dallesandro[3] Vincent 'Vinnie' DeMarco Middleman for Lombard who frames Crockett
Dan Hedaya[3] Ben Schroeder Internal Affairs Officer investigating Crockett
"No Exit" Bruce Willis[4] Tony Amato Arms smuggler
Coati Mundi[4] Ramone Arms dealer working for Amato
"The Great McCarthy" Martin Ferrero[5] Isidore "Izzy" Moreno Bank robber turned informant; Izzy's debut episode
"Glades" Keith Szarabajka Joey Bramlette Witness
Margaret Whitton Cassie Bramlette Joey's wife
John Pankow Clyde Drug runner
"Give a Little, Take a Little" Burt Young[6] Lupo Ramirez Pimp
Michael Madsen[6] Sally Alvarado Drug dealer
Terry O'Quinn[6] Richard Cain Defense lawyer for Sally Alvarado
"Little Prince" Giancarlo Esposito Luther Junkie
Mitchell Lichtenstein Mark Jr. Drug addicted teen who confronts his father's action
"Milk Run" Eric Bogosian Zeke Friend of Angela
Evan Handler Louis Teen from New York attempting to purchase drugs for resale
Rainbow Harvest Angela -
John Kapelos Andy Sloan Lawyer
Al Shannon Eddie Rivers Louis' partner and best friend
"Golden Triangle: Part I" Robin Johnson Candy James -
"Golden Triangle: Part II" Joan Chen May Ying Castillo's thought to be dead wife
Keye Luke Lao Li Drug lord from the "Golden Triangle"
"Smuggler's Blues" Glenn Frey[7] Jimmy Cole Drug smuggler
Richard Jenkins[7] Ed Waters D.E.A. agent
Coati Mundi[7] Tucker Smith Drugged out party host
"Rites of Passage" Pam Grier[8] Valerie Gordon NYPD Cop/former lover of Tubbs
John Turturro[8] John Traynor Prostitution ring leader
Nancy Valen Unnamed Hooker
"The Maze" Garcelle Beauvais[9] Georges' sister Haitian immigrant
Jay O. Sanders[9] Tim Duryea Detective
Ving Rhames[9] Georges Haitian immigrant
Adolfo Quinones[9] Pepe Former Escobar associate
Joe Morton[9] Lt. Jack Davis Hostage negotiator
"Made for Each Other" Mark Linn-Baker Barry Gold Fast talking salesman
Ellen Greene Darlene Switek's girlfriend
Martin Ferrero Izzy Moreno Informant
Charlie Barnett Noogie Lamont Informant
"The Home Invaders" David Patrick Kelly[10] Jerry Home invader
Esai Morales[10] Pete Romano Home invader
Jack Kehoe[10] Lt. John Malone Lt. in charge of Robbery
Sylvia Miles[10] - Citizen who allows Crockett and Castillo to setup the home invaders
Nancy Valen[10] Lana Hooker
"Nobody Lives Forever" Kim Greist[11] Brenda Sonny's girlfriend
Peter Friedman[11] Morgan Criminal rival of Lombard's
Giancarlo Esposito[11] - Morgan's enforcer
Martin Ferrero[11] "Izzy" Moreno Informant
Michael Carmine[11] Mikey Teen criminal
"Evan" William Russ Evan Freed ATF Officer
"Lombard" Dennis Farina[12] Albert Lombard Mobster
Michael DeLorenzo[12] Salvatore Lombard Lombard's son
Jon Bauman[12] Augie -

Season 2

"Prodigal Son" Gene Simmons[13] Newton Blade Drug Dealer
Penn Jillette[13][14] Jimmy Borges Middleman for the New York City drug world
Peter Allen[13] J. J. Johnston -
Anthony Heald[13] Commander René NYPD
Pam Grier[13] Valerie Gordon NYPD Cop/former lover of Tubbs
James Russo[13] Frank Sacco Drug mover
Bill Smitrovich[13] - DEA Miami Commander
Luis Guzmán[13] Miguel Revilla Drug dealer
Miguel Pinero[13] Revilla Drug dealer
Charles S. Dutton[13] - NYPD Lieutenant
"Whatever Works" Eartha Kitt[15] Chata Santería priestess
Martin Ferrero[15] Izzy Moreno Informant
Power Station[15] Power Station Played in a nightclub
"Out Where The Buses Don't Run" Bruce McGill[16] Hank Wheldon Ex-Vice Cop
Little Richard[16] Marvelle Quinn Priest
David Strathairn[16] Marty Lang Hank's ex-partner/Federal agent
"The Dutch Oven" Giancarlo Esposito[17] Adonis Drug dealer/friend of David
Cleavant Derricks[17] David Jones Trudy's ex-boyfriend
David Johansen[17] - Singer at Party
"Buddies" James Remar[18] Robert Cann Crockett's friend
Nathan Lane[18] Monty Price Comedian
Frankie Valli[18] Frank Doss Mobster
"Junk Love" Miles Davis[19] Ivory Jones Pimp
"Tale of the Goat" Clarence Williams III Legba Voodoo priest
Mykelti Williamson Sylvio Romulus -
"Bushido" Dean Stockwell[20] Jack Gretsky CIA Agent
David Rasche[20] Surf KGB agent
"Bought and Paid For" Martin Ferrero Izzy Moreno Informant
El Debarge Himself Singing in a club
Lynn Whitfield Odette Rape victim
Joaquim de Almeida Roberto Arroyo Raped Odette
"Back in the World" Bob Balaban[21] Ira Stone Journalist investigating the heroin trade
G. Gordon Liddy[21][22] Col. William Maynard/
Capt. Real Estate
Politically-motivated drug runner
Patti D'Arbanville[21] Mrs. Stone Ira Stone's wife
Iman[21] Dakotah -
"Phil the Shill" Phil Collins[23][24] Phil Mayhew Sneaky gameshow host
Martin Ferrero[23] Izzy Moreno Informant
Kyra Sedgwick[23] Sarah MacPhail Phil Mayhew's accomplice
Emo Phillips[23] - Rat Race Contestant
"Definitely Miami" Ted Nugent[25] Charlie Basset Drug dealer
Kamala Lopez[25] Maria Rojas -
Albert Hall[25] Agent Joe Dalva -
"Yankee Dollar" Ned Eisenberg[26] Charlie Glide Businessman
Austin Pendleton[26] Max Rogo Associate for Charlie Glide
Clayton Rohner[26] Timmy Davis Errand boy
Pepe Serna[26] Zabado Drug smuggler/dealer
Anne Carlisle[26] Lydia Sugarman Desperate rich widow looking to make more money
"One Way Ticket" Jan Hammer Himself Musician at a wedding
Lothaire Bluteau Philippe Sagot State Attorney General killer
John Heard Laurence Thurmond Lawyer who defends Philippe Sagot
"Little Miss Dangerous" Julie Bovasso[27] - Homeless lady
Fiona Jackie McSeidan Troubled girl
Larry Joshua Cat Jackie's boyfriend
"Florence Italy" Danny Sullivan[28] Danny Tepper Racer car driver who is accused of raping a hooker
The Fat Boys[28] The Fat Boys Rapping at a street corner
"French Twist" Leonard Cohen[29] Francois Zolan Interpol agent
Lisa Eichhorn Danielle Hier Interpol Agent/terrorist
"The Fix" Bill Russell[30] Judge Ferguson A dishonest judge with a gambling debt
Bernard King[30] Matt Ferguson Son of Judge Ferguson and FIU Sunblazers (now the Golden Panthers) basketball player
Harvey Fierstein[30] Benedict Crooked Attorney
Michael Richards[30] Pagone Racketeer
"Payback" Dan Hedaya[31] Reuben Reydolfo Middleman for Fuentes
Roberto Durán[31] Jesus Maroto Convict
Frank Zappa[31] Mario Fuentes Drug kingpin
Graham Beckel[31] Agent Kevin Cates/
Lou Carlin
DEA Agent who tries to frame Crockett
"Freeverse" Bianca Jagger[32] Carmen/La Muerta Assassin
Luis Guzman[32] Unnamed Goon
Michael Bay[32] Unnamed Goon
"Trust Fund Pirates" Tommy Chong[33] T.R. 'Jumbo' Collins Drug dealer
Charlie Barnett[33] Noogie Lamont Informant
Gary Cole[33] Jackson Crane Drug smuggler
Perry Lang[33] Skip Mueller Trust fund kid wanting some exotic fun in his life
Richard Belzer[33] Captain Hook Radio DJ
Denny Dillon[33] Fluffy Collins Jumbo's wife
Nicole Fosse[33] Lani Mueller Sister of Skip who sets up Jackson
"Sons and Lovers" John Leguizamo[34] Orlando Calderone Calderone's son who seeks revenge for his father's death
Lee Iacocca[34] Lido Parks commissioner

Season 3

"When Irish Eyes Are Crying" Liam Neeson[35] Sean Carroon Irish terrorist
Martin Ferrero[35] Izzy Moreno Informant
Paul Gleason[35] Bunny Berrigan Carroon's associate
Daniel Gerroll[35] Richard Cross Scotland Yard Officer trying to kill Carroon
Walter Gotell[35] Max Klizer Arms smuggler
Jeff Fahey[35] Eddie Kaye Arms dealer
"Stone's War" Bob Balaban[36] Ira Stone Journalist
G. Gordon Liddy[36][22] Col. William Maynard/
Capt. Real Estate
Politically-motivated drug runner
Lonette McKee[36] - Journalist
"Kill Shot" Angela Alvarado Jan Larken Hooker
Fernando Allende Tico Arriola Jai Alai Player
"Walk Alone" Martin Ferrero Izzy Moreno Informant
Kevin Conway Commander Fox Commander of Bulton Prison
Laurence Fishburne Keller Prison Guard
Ron Perlman John Ruger Director of Prisons
John Corker Samson Muslim Brotherhood Leader
A. J. Duhe Hammer Convict
Jim Kiick - Convict
"The Good Collar Charles S. Dutton Ed McCain Ellis' mentor
Jsu Garcia Ramirez Police Officer
John Spencer Lt. Lee Atkins Police Officer
Terry Kinney William Pepin Asst. State Atty.
"Shadow in the Dark" Ed Lauter Cahill Police Captain
"El Viejo" Willie Nelson[37] Jake Pierson Texas Ranger
Steve Buscemi[37] Rickles Middleman
"Better Living Through Chemistry" Martin Ferrero Izzy Moreno Informant
Rob Nilsson Wango Mack -
"Baby Blues" Stanley Tucci[38] Steve Demarco Parent who adopted a smuggled baby
"Streetwise" Bill Paxton[39] Vic Romano Undercover Cop in love with Carla
Wesley Snipes[39] Silk Drug dealer/pimp
Tom Mardirosian[39] Leo Mobster
Deborah Adair[39] Carla Cappoletti Hooker
Marc Macaulay[39] Unnamed Hit Driver
David Mandel[39] Ron -
"Forgive us Our Debts" Guy Boyd Frank Hackman Death row inmate, who is able to convince Crockett he's innocent
D.W. Moffett Thomas Waldman District Attorney running for reelection
Bill Raymond Tommy Berkeley Supposedly dead criminal
"Down for the Count Pt. 1" Don King[40] Don Cash Boxing promoter
Pepe Serna[40] Oswaldo Guzman Drug smuggler/bookie
Randall "Tex" Cobb[40] Moon Bobby Sykes boxing manager
Mark Breland[40][41] Bobby Sykes Boxer
"Down for the Count Pt. 2"
Pepe Serna[41] Oswaldo Guzman Drug smuggler/bookie
Robert Pastorelli[41] Vespa Giulinni's Miami manager
Joe Dallesandro[41] Alfredo Giulinni Las Vegas Mobster
Robert Moresco[41] Frank Driver
"Cuba Libre" Beeson Carroll Jack Slade FBI Agent/Gamma 37 member
Willie Colón Armando Rojas Drug dealer
Ismael 'East' Carlo Victor Vasquez Gamma 37 member trying to save his family
"Duty and Honor (aka The Savage)" Haing S. Ngor Inspector Nguyn Van Trahn Saigon Police Officer/Castillo's friend
Judith Malina Unnamed Sunrise Hotel Clerk
Gary Basaraba Dr. Morris VA psychiatric doctor
Michael Wright - The Savage/hooker serial killer
Brad Sullivan Jack Colman Federal Agent/The Savage's boss
Helena Bonham Carter Dr. Theresa Lyons Crockett's girlfriend/junkie
Zach Grenier - Internal Affairs officer
Richard Chaves District Attorney Martinez District Attorney
Brad Dourif Joey Wyatt Drug dealer
"The Afternoon Plane" John Leguizamo[42] Orlando Calderone -
Vincent D'Onofrio Leon Wolf Ex-convict helping Calderone
Margaret Avery Sally Cordoba Ex-girlfriend of Tubbs
"Lend Me An Ear" Martin Ferrero Izzy Moreno Informant
John Glover Steve Duddy Ex-Miami Cop/Surveillance operator
"Red Tape" Viggo Mortensen[43] - -
Annette Bening[43] - McIntyre's accomplice
Lou Diamond Phillips[43] Bobby Diaz South Dade Junior Det. whose partner is killed and thinks Tubbs is dirty
Scott Plank[43] Glen McIntyre Dirty Miami Cop
"By Hooker By Crook" Melanie Griffith[44] Christine Von Marburg Businesswoman/Madam
George Takei[44] Kenneth Togaru Money launderer
Martin Ferrero[44] Izzy Moreno Informant
Lou Albano[44] Unnamed Henchmen
Vanity[44] Ali Ferrand Call girl
Veronica Cartwright[44] - Society Dame
Afa Anoa'i[44] Unnamed Henchmen
Bill Boggs[44] - TV Host
"Knock Knock...Who's There?" Ian McShane[45] Esteban Montoya Drug dealer
Elizabeth Ashley[45] Linda Colby Dirty DEA Agent
Martin Ferrero[45] Izzy Moreno Informant
"Viking Bikers From Hell"
John Matuszak Lascoe -
Reb Brown Reb Gustafson Biker avenging his buddy's death
Kim Coates Edward 'Wire' Constanine -
Sonny Landham Toad Biker
"Everybody's in Showbiz" Benicio del Toro - Brother of Mikey
Paul Calderon Don Gallego Drug dealer
Coati Mundi Conejo Mikey's partner
Charles Keating Marty Glickberg -
Mario Ernesto Sánchez Paco Limo driver for Gallego
"Heroes of the Revolution" Jeroen Krabbé Klaus Herzog Loved Gina's mother
George Dickerson Chet Blakemore FBI Agent

Season 4

"Contempt of Court" Stanley Tucci[46] Frank Mosca Mobster
Philip Baker Hall[46] Delaporte Federal judge
Meg Foster[46] Alice Carson Prosecutor
Steven Keats[46] Jack Rivers Informant
"Amen... Send Money" Brian Dennehy[47] Reverend Billy Bob Proverb Preacher who tries to frame Tubbs
Ben Stiller[47] Fast Eddie Felcher Scam artist
James Tolkan[47] Mason Mather Preacher who tries to frame Billy Bob Proverb
Jo Anderson[47] Faye Nell Daughter of the church who accuses Tubbs of raping her
Anita Morris[47] Leona Proverb Caught buying drugs by Tubbs
"Death & The Lady" Paul Guilfoyle[48] Milton Glantz Film Director
Kelly Lynch[48] Lori 'Blondie' Swann Adult actress
Miguel Ferrer[48] - District Attorney
Penelope Ann Miller[48] Jill Ryder Sister of Amy Rider
Marc Macaulay[48] Brookings -
Mark McCracken[48] Asch -
"The Big Thaw" Alfred Molina - Esther's Attorney
Martin Ferrero Izzy Moreno Informant
Bill Raymond Dave Frobel Scientist
"Child's Play" Ving Rhames[49] Walker Monroe Abusive boyfriend/small-time arms dealer
Belinda Montgomery[49] Caroline Ballard Crockett's ex-wife
Isaac Hayes[49] Holiday Small-time arms dealer
Danitra Vance[49] Annette McAllister Walker's girlfriend
"God's Work" Esai Morales[50][51] Felipe Cruz Son of Jorge Cruz/lawyer
Alfonso Arau[50] Jorge Cruz Mobster
Rosanna DeSoto[50] Maria Lupe Cruz Jorge Cruz's wife
Jonathan Del Arco[50] Ricky Diaz Teenage punk
Francesco Quinn[50] Francesco Cruz Felipe's brother
"Missing Hour" James Brown[52] Lou De Long -
Martin Ferrero[52] Izzy Moreno Informant
Charlie Barnett[52] Noogie Lamont Informant
Chris Rock[52] Carson -
"Like A Hurricane" Xander Berkeley[53] Tommy Lowell Record producer
Teller[53] Ralph Fisher Defense lawyer
Jan Hammer[53] Himself Musician at a wedding
Tony Hendra[53] Gordon Wiggins Music executive
Toukie Smith[53] Angie Caitlin's Assistant/friend
Sheena Easton[53] Caitlin Davies Singer/Crockett's wife
"The Rising Sun of Death"
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Kenji Fujitsu Former Tokyo police officer
R. Lee Ermey Sgt. Ernest Haskell Metro-Dade Police detective
James Hong Riochi Tanaka Japanese businessman
Greg Kean - -
"Love at First Sight" Iman Lois Blyth Serial killer
Annabelle Gurwitch Teri -
Lori Petty Carol -
Toukie Smith Angie Caitlin's Assistant/friend
Sheena Easton Cailtin Davies Singer/Crockett's wife
"Rock And A Hard Place"
Tony Hendra Gordon Wiggins Music executive
Toukie Smith Angie Caitlin's Assistant/friend
Jack Kenny Jerry Lee -
"The Cows Of October" Martin Ferrero Izzy Moreno Informant
Harry Shearer Timothy Anderson Federal Agent
Gerrit Graham - -
"Vote of Confidence" Larry Pine Tom Pierce Politician running for Governor who is caught in a scandal
Barry Lynch Barry Bloom -
Jonathan Hadary Hank Frazier Journalist who tries to blackmail Pierce and his rival
Lucinda Jenney Annie Pierce Wife of Tom Pierce
Michael Stark Wayne Hazlitt Tom Pierce's campaign manager
"Baseballs of Death" Michael Des Barres Shane Dubois Cinder's pimp
Lisa Marie Cinder Hooker
Mark Metcalf Brody Miami DEA agent conspiring with Guerrero
Tony Plana Ernesto Guerrero Chilean Police General who's looking to buy some illegal arms
Oliver Platt Speed Stiles Illegal arms dealer
"Indian Wars" Joe Turkel Levec Drug lord
Joe Lala Anthony Acosta Middleman for Levec
"Honor Among Thieves?" Gary Basaraba Cyrus Bodyguard for Mr. Palmo
Dylan Baker Lt. Edward Jarell Metro-Dade Homicide officer
"Hell Hath no Fury" Don Harvey Alan Beaks Rapist
John Finn Charles Hatch Hitman
John Michael Higgins Murray Phillips Reporter
"Badge of Dishonor" Jsu Garcia Colon -
Reni Santoni Lt. Arturo Dominguez -
Julio Oscar Mechoso Escobar -
"Blood & Roses" Stanley Tucci[54] Frank Mosca Mobster
Michael Wincott[54] Wilson Cook Money launderer
Meg Foster[54] Alice Carson District Attorney
Paul Herman[54] Jimmy Roth Mobster
Frank Stallone[54] Billy Mosca's dirty man
Gabriel Traversari[54] Vincent -
Mark McCracken[54] - Federal Agent
"A Bullet for Crockett" Jesse Borrego Mendez Drug dealer
Lisa Vidal Angel Montepina Mendez's girlfriend who shot Crockett
Martin Ferrero Izzy Moreno Informant
"Deliver Us From Evil"
Sheena Easton Caitlin Daives Singer/Crockett's wife
Guy Boyd Frank Hackman Crockett's Nemesis/killer
Don Keith Opper Johnny Blatt Conspired with Hackman
"Mirror Image" Julia Roberts[55] Polly Wheeler Drug dealer's girlfriend
Chris Cooper[55] Jimmy Hagovitch (or Yagovitch) Dirty Ft. Lauderdale Police officer
Antonio Fargas[55] Alejandro Gutierrez Drug dealer

Season 5

"Hostile Takeover" Joe Santos[56] Oscar Carrera Drug lord
Jon Polito[56] El Gato Drug lord
Anthony Crivello[56] Miguel Carrera Oscar's son
Matt Frewer[56] Cliff King Middle man
Victor Argo[56] Commandante Salazar Peruvian General smuggling drugs
"Redemption in Blood"
Jon Polito El Gato Drug lord
Matt Frewer Cliff King Middleman
"Heart of Night" Rosalind Chao Mai Ying Castillo's ex-wife
James Saito Ma Sek Mai Ying's husband
Bob Gunton Rivas Ma Sek's boss who is attempting to repossess smuggled bearer bonds
"Bad Timing" Melissa Leo Kathleen Gilfords Bartender
William O'Leary Scott "Scotty" McKenna Friend of Cruz and Wilson
Pruitt Taylor Vince Cruz Prison Escapee
Gary Farmer Wilson Prison Escapee
Marc Macaulay Doc Jerry Associate of Wilson and Cruz
Jermaine Stewart The Singer Singer at a prison
"Borrasca" Juan Fernández El Martillo Borrasca Drug lord
Brion James Edward Reese Freelance intelligence agent
Mario Ernesto Sánchez Jorge -
"Line of Fire" Kevyn Major Howard Bates Dirty FBI Agent
Barry Primus Daley FBI Agent
Aasif Mandvi Unnamed Doorman
Justin Lazard Keith Witness
"Asian Cut" Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa[57] Tegoro Reformed drug dealer
David Schramm[57] Stuart Whitney Psychotic killer of hookers
Steve Ryan[57] Eric Halliwell Father of a runaway girl
Spider Martin[57] Otis Drunk homeless man
Steve Gladstone[57] Unnamed Motel Owner
"Hard Knocks" Richard Jenkins Goodman Bookie
Victor Slezak Jerome Horowitz Sports agent
Jordan Clarke - -
Ismael 'East' Carlo Chi Chi Bookie
"Fruit of the Poison Tree" Stephen McHattie Sam Boyle Defense lawyer
Jeffrey Meek Enriquez Drug dealer
Tony Sirico Frank Romano Mobster
Amanda Plummer Lisa Madsen Defense lawyer
"To Have and to Hold" Belinda Montgomery Caroline Ballard Crockett's ex-wife
Elpidia Carrillo Maria Pendroza Louis Pendroza's wife who sets up the Pendroza family
Miguel Ferrer Ramon Pendroza Son of Louis Pendroza/Drug dealer
Rafael Ferrer Carlos Jr. Ramon's cousin
"Miami Squeeze" Robert Joy[58] Sebastian Ross Drug smuggler
Rita Moreno[58] Madelyn Woods Florida Congresswoman
Peter Nelson[58] Dan Shaw Madelyn's campaign manager
Paul Provenza[58] Ricky DeMarina Drug dealer
Sherrie Rose[58] Jenny -
Mario Ernesto Sánchez[58] Morales Middleman
Justin Lazard[58] Joey Chandler Undercover Police Officer
"Jack of All Trades" David Andrews Jack Crockett Crockett's cousin who gets into some deep trouble
Jesse Borrego Octavio Escandero Drug lord
"The Cell Within" John P. Ryan[59] Jake Manning Reformed murderer
Robin Bartlett[59] Rhoda King Manning's prison psychiatrist
Maria Pitillo[59] Anna Hooker
Mark McCracken[59] Mason drug dealer
Richard Gant[59] Battlin' Barry Gay Mr. Manning's assistant
"The Lost Madonna" Michael Chiklis[60] Det. Jeffrey Whitehead NYPD cop on the trail of missing artwork
Ned Eisenberg[60] Sal Castelli Joey's cousin
Peter Dobson[60] Joey Scianti Attempting to sell along with Sal a sculpture of Madonna and Child
Elizabeth Berridge[60] Julia Scianti Joey's sister who runs an art gallery
"Over the Line" Martin Ferrero Izzy Moreno Informant
Anthony Barrile Johnny Vigilante Police officer
Kevin Corrigan Jamison -
"Victims of Circumstance" Paul Guilfoyle[61] John Baker Leader of the Neo-Nazio group "Patriotic Brigade"
John Leguizamo[61] Angelo Alvarez Drug dealer
Xander Berkeley[61] Bailey Metro-Dade detective
Karen Black[61] Helen Jackson Reporter and daughter of Hans
William Hickey[61] Hans Kozak Nazi death camp leader
Stefan Gierasch[61] Dr. Leo Krebs Seeking the extradition of Hans Kozak
"Freefall" Ian McShane[62] General Manuel Borbon Costa Morado Dictator who is brought to the United States by Crockett and Tubbs
Greg Germann[62] Johnny Raymond Drug dealer who plays both sides
Sherman Howard[62] Col. Andrew Baker US Government Special Drug Enforement Task Force Commander who recruits Crockett and Tubbs
Martin Ferrero[62] Izzy Moreno Informant
Anna Katarina[62] Unnamed Borbon's fiancee
Elpidia Carrillo[62] Sister Felicia Rebel who assists Crockett and Tubbs to get Borbon out
Robert Beltran[62] Capt. Jimendez Borbon's top assistant
"World of Trouble" Dennis Farina[63] Albert Lombard Mobster
Ned Eisenberg[63] Lubrizzi Mobster
Marc Macaulay[63] Johnny Cottman -
Vincent Schiavelli[63] Lawrence Fowler Scientist who designs device that stops vehicles without destroying them
"Miracle Man" Zach Grenier[64] Eric Terry Reporter
John Castellanos[64] Carlos Perena Drug lord
Martin Ferrero[64] Izzy Moreno Informant
"Leap of Faith" Kiel Martin[65] Paul Cutter Metro-Dade detective running his own undercover unit
Cameron Dye[65] Jack Andrews -
Laura San Giacomo[65] Tania Louis Cutter's researcher/cop
Jennifer Rubin[65] Claire Student of Professor Baines
Adam Storke[65] Ray Mundy Undercover cop who is killed while investigating Baines
Keith Gordon[65] Prof. Terrence 'Terry' Baines College professor who is creating a new designer drug
Justin Lazard[65] Joey Chandler/Harden Undercover Police Officer
"Too Much, Too Late" Pam Grier[66] Valerie Gordon NYPD Cop/former lover of Tubbs
Martin Ferrero[66] Izzy Moreno Informant
Malinda Williams[66] Lynette Ivonne's daughter
CCH Pounder[66] Yvonne Drug addicted mother
June Gable[66] Dr. Ellen Hardy Attempts to examine Lynette after being raped


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