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The following is a list of episodes for the British drama Midsomer Murders that first aired in 1997. As of 10 February 2010, 72 episodes have aired, in twelve series and two Christmas specials.


Pilot (1997)

# Episode Writer Director Original airdate
1 "The Killings at Badger's Drift" Anthony Horowitz Jeremy Silberston 23 March 1997 (1997-03-23)
The elderly Emily Simpson (Renée Asherson) is murdered in her home, forcing Barnaby and Troy to interview many of the residents of Badger's Drift, including Iris Rainbird (Elizabeth Spriggs) and her son Dennis (Richard Cant), the local undertaker; Dr. Trevor Lessiter (Bill Wallis), his wife Barbara (Diana Hardcastle) and his daughter Judith (Jessica Stevenson) and Emily's friend Lucy Bellringer (Rosalie Crutchley). The local landowner is Henry Trace (Julian Glover), whose wife Bella was fatally shot at a shooting party two years ago. His estate manager is David Whitely (Christopher Villiers), and Bella's sister is Phyllis Cadell (Selina Cadell). Henry is engaged to the younger Katherine Lacey (Emily Mortimer), whose brother is artist Michael (Jonathan Firth). 

Series One (1998)

# Episode Writer Director Original airdate
2 "Written in Blood" Anthony Horowitz Jeremy Silberston 22 March 1998 (1998-03-22)
The morning after a meeting of the Writers' Circle of Midsomer Worthy, Gerald Hadleigh (Robert Swann), is found dead. Other members of the Circle include Sue Clapper (Judith Scott) and school drama teacher husband Brian (David Troughton); Laura Hutton (Jane Booker), who is rumoured to have been Gerald's lover and sisters-in-law Amy (Joanna David) and snobbish family historian Honoria Lyddiard (Anna Massey). At the meeting, the guest speaker had been famous author Max Jennings (John Shrapnel), an acquaintance of Gerald's who said he was afraid of meeting him again. He is married to Selina (Una Stubbs). 
3 "Death of a Hollow Man" Caroline Graham Jeremy Silberston 29 March 1998 (1998-03-29)
The Causton Players are getting ready for their production of Amadeus when Barnaby tells one the lead actors Esslyn Carmichael (Nicholas Le Prevost) that his cousin Agnes Grey (Denyse Alexander) has been murdered. Esslyn is married to the young Kitty (Debra Stephenson), and is divorced from heavy-drinker Rosa (Sarah Badel). Avery Phillips (Nick Woodeson) and his partner Tim Young (Richard Huw), who own the local bookshop, are both involved in Amadeus. The play's director is wealthy Harold Winstanley (Bernard Hepton), who is married to Doris (Angela Pleasence), the stage manager is shy Deidre Tibbs (Janine Duvitski), who is rumoured to be in a relationship with actor David Smy (Ian Fitzgibbon), whose father Colin (Geoffrey Hutchings) works backstage. 
4 "Faithful unto Death" Douglas Watkinson Baz Taylor 22 April 1998 (1998-04-22)
Gray Patterson (Mark Bazeley) and Alan Hollingsworth (Roger Allam) have a public argument at the Morton Fendle village fete about Gray's £20,000 investment for a project to build a new local craft centre. Alan's wife Simone (Lesley Vickerage) is missing. The suspects include the local pub's owners Nigel (Paul Brooke) and Doreen Anderson (Rosalind Ayres); potter Sarah Lawton (Tessa Peake-Jones); Reg Buckley (Paul Chapman), the secretary of the project, his distant wife Felicity (Michele Dotrice), and their daughter Brenda, who is killed by being run off the road, (Sophie Stanton); and retired policeman Harry Vellacott (David Daker). Other villagers include elderly couple Bunny Dawlish (Peter Jones) and Elfrida Molfrey (Eleanor Summerfield). 
5 "Death in Disguise" Douglas Watkinson Baz Taylor 6 May 1998 (1998-05-06)
Bill Carter (Robert Pickavance) is found dead at the "Lodge of the Golden Windhorse", a Midsomer commune. Other Lodge members include Ken (Col Farrell) and Heather Beavers (Diane Bull); May Cuttle (Judy Cornwell), who practises in past-life regressions; former solicitor's clerk Arno Gibbs (Charles Kay), new member Christopher Wainwright (Stephen Moyer) and girlfriend Suhami Gamelin (Anna Bolt); Trixie Channing (Tilly Blackwood); and adolescent Tim Riley (Daniel Hart). The Lodge's Master is Ian Craigie (Michael Feast). Suhami's parents are Guy (Miles Anderson) and Felicity (Susan Tracy), who are separated. 

Series Two (1999)

# Episode Writer Director Original airdate
6 "Death's Shadow" Anthony Horowitz Jeremy Silberston 20 January 1999 (1999-01-20)

An unpopular local property developer, Richard Bayly, is gruesomely murdered in the village of Badger's Drift just hours after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. DCI Tom Barnaby, planning an anniversary ceremony at the local church, and Sergeant Troy, are called to investigate, as the body count increases and the mystery deepens.

Number of viewers: 10.41 million [1] 
7 "Strangler's Wood" Anthony Horowitz Jeremy Silberston 3 February 1999 (1999-02-03)

Midsomer Worthy is rocked by the murder of a young woman in Strangler's Wood, several years after three other murders were committed there.

Number of viewers: 10.70 million 
8 "Dead Man’s Eleven" Anthony Horowitz Jeremy Silberston 12 September 1999 (1999-09-12)

When the wife of a local landowner is found bludgeoned to death with a cricket bat, Barnaby and Troy find themselves investigating a string of calculated murders.

Number of viewers: 11.07 million 
9 "Blood Will Out" Douglas Watkinson Moira Armstrong 19 September 1999 (1999-09-19)

Unpopular landlord Hector Bridges (Paul Jeeson) is found shot in his home, suspicion falls on the New Age travellers, one of whom turns out to have served with him in the army.

Number of viewers: 9.99 million 

Series Three (1999-2000)

# Episode Writer Director Original airdate
10 "Death of a Stranger" Douglas Livingstone Peter Cregeen 31 December 1999 (1999-12-31)

During a fox hunt a tramp is murdered, and a gamekeeper's son is arrested by Ron Pringle, who DCI Barnaby heartily dislikes. But then the gamekeeper is killed, as is Pringle himself...

Number of viewers: 5.87 million 
11 "Blue Herrings" Hugh Whitemore Peter Smith 22 January 2000 (2000-01-22)

During his week off to renovate his house, DCI Tom Barnaby's favourite aunt, Alice Bly, moves temporarily into the Lawnside nursing home in Aspern Tallow. But on the night of her arrival, one of the residents dies mysteriously during the night, and her valuable Cartier watch is stolen. Though the Lawnside director and its physician assure the residents that she died of natural causes, Aunt Alice is unconvinced, and urges Barnaby to investigate. He does, and a series of deaths soon follows, that only Barnaby and his loyal sidekick DS Troy can solve.

Number of viewers: 8.88 million 
12 "Judgement Day" Anthony Horowitz Jeremy Silberston 29 January 2000 (2000-01-29)

Midsomer Mallow is vying for the title of Perfect Village, a hope that may be scuppered by the brutal murder of a local thief (Orlando Bloom).

Number of viewers: 9.65 million 
13 "Beyond the Grave" Douglas Watkinson Moira Armstrong 5 February 2000 (2000-02-05)

In Aspen Tallow a 17th Century painting is found slashed, and villager Marcus Lowrie dead...

Number of viewers: 9.40 million 

Series Four (2000-01)

# Episode Writer Original airdate Filming Date
14 "Garden of Death" Christopher Russell 10 September 2000 (2000-09-10) June/July 2000

Headstrong Fliss Inkpen is found dead in the memorial garden of her family's estate, which is to be turned into a teashop, much to the indignation of the locals, one in particular... Guest stars: Belinda Lang, Neil Dudgeon, Margaret Tyzack, Victoria Hamilton, Sarah Alexander, Frederick Treves,Tom Chadbon[2]

Number of viewers: 7.65 million 
15 "Destroying Angel" David Hoskins 26 August 2001 (2001-08-26) July/August 2000

Gregory Chambers is shot with an arrow on the day of the funeral of hotelier Karl Wainright, who in his will left the hotel to Gregory as well as three other beneficiaries, who also come to sticky ends... This is one of several episodes that contain veiled tributes to classic mystery stories, as the mushroom that features in some of the other murders is the same one used in Dorothy L. Sayer's "The Documents in the Case." Guest stars: Samantha Bond, Rosemary Leach, Robert Lang, Abigail McKern, Tom Ward, Jonathan Coy, Tony Haygarth, Edward Jewesbury[3]

Number of viewers: 9.99 million 
16 " Electric Vendetta " Terry Hodgkinson 2 September 2001 (2001-09-02) August/September 2000

A body of a criminal is found dead in a crop circle in Midsomer Parva, which local ufologist Lloyd Kirby refers to as alien activity, though Barnaby is doubts, which become more prominent when another body is found. Guest stars: John Woodvine, Ursula Howells, Amanda Mealing, Alec McCowen, Kenneth Colley, Patrick Baladi, Donald Gee, Charmian May[4]

Number of viewers: 9.99 million 
17 "Who Killed Cock Robin?" Jeremy Paul 9 September 2001 (2001-09-09) September/October 2000

Barnaby encounters old adversary Melvyn Stockhard, in Midsomer Magna, whose daughter is getting married, but when the father of the best man turns up dead in a well, the detective has yet another murder to solve. Guest stars: Ian McNeice, Jane Lapotaire, Noah Huntley, Polly Maberly, Mick Ford, Linda Marlowe, Yolanda Vasquez, Larry Lamb[5]

Number of viewers: 9.13 million 
18 "Dark Autumn" Peter J. Hammond 16 September 2001 (2001-09-16) November/December 2000

Local adulterer postman Dave Cutler is found dead, killed by a billhook. Then, as usual, more murders occur in quick succession in the hamlet of Goodman's Land. Guest stars: Rupert Walz, Celia Imrie, Robert Glenister, Gillian Kearney, Nicky Henson, Philip Whitchurch, Alan Howard, Morris Perry, Adam Blackwood[6]

Number of viewers: 9.77 million 
19 "Tainted Fruit" David Hoskins 23 September 2001 (2001-09-23) April/May 2001

Arrogant beauty Melissa Townsend receives death threats, which she does not take seriously. Of course, it is not long before someone corroborates with the letters. Guest stars: Ann Bell, Benjamin Whitrow, Claire Price, Lucy Punch, Adrian Rawlins, Eleanor David, John McGlynn[7]

Number of viewers: 9.80 million 

Series Five (2002)

# Episode Writer Original airdate Filming Date
20 "Market for Murder" Andrew Payne 2 June 2002 August/September 2001

Widow Marjorie Empson's reading club is revealed to be a lucrative investment portfolio after she is murdered. Pompous Selwyn Proctor narrowly escapes the killer as well. Guest stars: Jesse Birdsall, Anton Rodgers, Angela Thorne, Rupert Vansittart, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Dilys Laye, Caroline Harker, Serena Gordon, Christopher Ravenscroft[8]

Number of viewers: 8.99 million 
21 "A Worm in the Bud" Michael Russell 23 June 2002 September/October 2001

Barnaby looks into the death of barren farmer's wife Susan Bartlett, who was suffering from depression. But was her death suicide, or something more sinister? Guest stars: Wendy Craig, Ian Hogg, Emily Joyce, Gillian Barge, Adam Kotz, Jeffrey Wickham[9]

Number of viewers: 9.37 million 
22 "Ring Out Your Dead" Christopher Russell 15 September 2002 June/July 2001

The bellringers of Midsomer Wellow are preparing for a striking competition, but soon come up against a killer with a gun in hand and an axe to grind... The centrality of changeringing to the story may be a tribute to Dorothy L. Sayers' "The Nine Taylors." Guest stars: Gemma Jones, Hugh Bonneville, Dugald Bruce Lockhart, Gwen Taylor, Graham Crowden, Carmen du Sautoy, Adrian Scarborough[10]

Number of viewers: 9.43 million 
23 "Murder on St. Malley’s Day" Andrew Payne 22 September 2002 July/August 2001

Daniel Talbot, pupil of the prestigious Devington School is killed the same day as his grandfather dies. Barnaby and Troy discover Daniel was a member of the school's prestigious Pudding Club, who know more than they're letting on. Guest stars: Anna Maxwell Martin, Jeremy Child, Jane How, Patrick Godfrey, Roger Brierley[11]

Number of viewers: 9.52 million 

Series Six (2003)

# Episode Writer Original airdate Filming Date
24 "A Talent for Life" David Hoskins 3 January 2003 May/June 2002

Barnaby investigates the double murder of eccentric widow Isobel Hewitt and adulterous doctor Duncan Goff. Troy soon begins to suspect Isobel's younger boyfriend, Quentin Roka. Guest stars: Honor Blackman, Amanda Root, Jeff Rawle, Susan Wooldridge, James Hazeldine, Philip Franks, Peter Cellier[12]

Number of viewers: 9.23 million 
25 "Death and Dreams" Peter J. Hammond 10 January 2003 June/July 2002

Martin Wroth is found shot dead, apparently having committed suicide in an unnecessary complex fashion. However, in Midsomer, things are never that simple. Then another man is found dead, drowned and strung up on an assault course. He clearly didn't kill himself, so why is the murderer playing games? Guest stars: Isla Blair, Jan Ravens, Perdita Weeks, Stuart Bunce, Philip Fox[13]

Number of viewers: 9.46 million 
26 "Painted in Blood" Andrew Payne 17 January 2003 July/August 2002

Ruth Fairfax, an elderly lady whom Joyce Barnaby finds murdered at an art class, turns out to be 30-year-old Angela Browning, who was investigating a large sum of money stolen from Heathrow Airport years before. Barnaby is taken off the case, but Troy eventually helps him solve it, after first being dazzled by two big-city detectives who take him under their wing. Guest stars: Leslie Phillips, John Sessions, Barbara Durkin, Andrew Lancel, Clive Merrison, Denise Black, Sheila Reid[14]

Number of viewers: 9.45 million 
27 "A Tale of Two Hamlets" Alan Plater 24 January 2003 September/October 2002

Arrogant actor Larry Smith is killed when he walks into a summerhouse that subsequently explodes. The director of Smith's main film, The House Of Satan is then electrocuted on his exercise bike. Barnaby and Troy soon discover a century old dispute between the villages of Upper and Lower Warden. Guest stars: Beth Goddard, Phoebe Nicholls, Ronald Pickup, Christopher Good, Anne Reid, Jo Stone-Fewings, Tim Preece[15]

Number of viewers: 9.28 million 
28 "Birds of Prey" Michael Russell 31 January 2003 October/November 2002

When an investor of a millionaire's latest scheme is found dead in a lake, it raises the question of whether he killed himself or someone did it for him. The man was depressed, as the Alzheimer's suffering millionaire his money was wrapped up in wouldn't let him pull out of the invention being developed. As usual, more murders follow. Guest stars: Richard Todd, Kate Buffery, David Calder, Rosalind Knight, Anton Lesser, Alexandra Gilbreath, Trevor Cooper, Kenneth Gilbert[16]

Number of viewers: 9.32 million 

Series Seven (2003-04)

# Episode Writer Original airdate Filming Date
29 "The Green Man" Michael Russell 2 November 2003 (2003-11-02) May/June 2003

Troy receives his promotion to Inspector and tackles one last case alone as he prepares to leave Midsomer, the death of a youth who was a sworn enemy of Tom, a quiet recluse who lives in the woods. Barnaby looks into the unnatural death of a man whose skeleton was unearthed at a tunnel collapse. Guest stars: Cherie Lunghi, Henry Cavill, David Bradley, Tim Woodward, John Carlisle[17]

Number of viewers: 10.01 million 
30 "Bad Tidings" Peter J. Hammond 4 January 2004 (2004-01-04) June/July 2003

Barnaby's cocky new sergeant, DS Scott arrives in Midsomer, and gets the usual reception when a woman is murdered. Meanwhile, Cully decides to set up a reunion of old school friends that doesn't end well... Guest stars: John Standing, Helen Grace, Esther Hall, Ruth Jones, John Normington[18]

Number of viewers: 9.96 million 
31 "The Fisher King" Isabelle Grey 11 January 2004 (2004-01-11) July/August 2003

Womaniser Gareth Heldman is murdered by a Celtic spear on Midsomer Barrow, and the man who is discovered to be Heldman's half brother is obsessed with holding a celebration of the summer solstice there. Guest stars: Lynda Bellingham, Malcolm Tierney, Jim Carter, Susannah Doyle, Henry Ian Cusick, Nicholas Rowe, Terrence Hardiman[19]

Number of viewers: 9.71 million 
32 "Sins of Commission" Elizabeth-Anne Wheal 18 January 2004 (2004-01-18) September/October 2003

An author is found, neck broken, at the foot of his stairs and it is discovered that his neck has been expertly broken, indicating army training. Suspicion falls on John Denton, local layabout turned author, who is in the running for an award at the annual literary festival. Guest stars: Stella Gonet, Rachel Bell, Susan Engel, Emma Buckley, Donald Sumpter[20]

Number of viewers: 10.17 million 
33 "The Maid in Splendour" Andrew Payne 27 January 2004 (2004-01-27) October/November 2003

Barman at the Maid In Splendour pub Jamie Cruickshank is shot, but when the thoroughly disliked manager also dies, it seems to be a case of mistaken identity. Guest stars: William Gaunt, Freddie Jones, Raymond Coulthard, Frances Tomelty, Peter-Hugo Daly[21]

Number of viewers: 10.24 million 
34 "The Straw Woman" Jeff Dodds 29 February 2004 (2004-02-29) November/December 2003

Attempts to revive a pagan festival of setting alight an effigy of a straw woman end in tragedy when the church's curate is placed inside. Guest stars: Keith Barron, Maggie O'Neill, Jemima Rooper, Richenda Carey, Sarah Ball[22]

Number of viewers: 10.03 million 

Christmas Special (2004)

# Episode Writer Original airdate Filming Date
35 "Ghosts of Christmas Past" David Hoskins 25 December 2004 (2004-12-25) February/March 2004

Nine years after Ferdinand Villiers committed suicide, his extended family gather for Christmas at his old home, pleasantly unaware a killer is out for revenge. Guest stars: Margery Mason, Mel Martin, Alice Patten, Philip Quast, Haydn Gwynne, Kevin Doyle, Daphne Oxenford, Lydia Leonard[23]

Number of viewers: 6.90 million 

Series Eight (2004-05)

# Episode Writer Original airdate Filming Date
36 "Things That Go Bump in the Night" Peter J. Hammond 10 October 2004 (2004-10-10) May/June 2004

Undertaker Patrick Pennyman is found in his own chapel of rest, and the finger of suspicion points towards the local spiritualist church/ who believe it is not someone this side of life who is responsible for the murder. Guest stars: Mary Jo Randle, Catherine Bradshaw, Dearbhla Molloy, Julian Curry[24]

Number of viewers: 8.56 million 
37 "Dead in the Water" Douglas Watkinson 17 October 2004 (2004-10-17) June/July 2004

The body of Guy Sweetman is found in the river on the day of the annual Midsomer Regatta. Guy made many enemies, so Barnaby has his work cut out. Guest stars: Diana Quick, Emma Amos, Janet Brown, Adrian Lukis, Owain Yeoman, Steve Redgrave[25]

Number of viewers: 9.13 million 
38 "Orchis Fatalis" Terry Hodgkinson 9 January 2005 (2005-01-09) July/August 2004

A one-of-a-kind orchid, the yellow roth, is smuggled into a Midsomer village, causing a string of deaths, starting with the person who brought it there. The centrality of orchids to the story makes any devotee of the detective fiction think of Nero Wolfe. Guest stars: John Nettleton, Harriet Walter, Matt Bardock, Geoffrey Chater, Timothy Bateson[26]

Number of viewers: 8.74 million 
39 "Bantling Boy" Steve Trafford 16 January 2005 (2005-01-16) September/October 2004

Horse trainer Bruce Hartley is killed after refusing to sell the racehorse Bantling Boy despite the wishes of the other members of the syndicate that own the horse. But the syndicate holds a dark secret, which is driving someone to murder... Guest stars: Caroline Blakiston, Anna Wilson-Jones, Philip McGough, Richard O'Callaghan, Julia Ford, Geoffrey Freshwater[27]

Number of viewers: 8.80 million 
40 "Second Sight" Tony Etchells 23 January 2005 (2005-01-23) October/November 2004

John Ransom collapses and dies outside a pub after a fight with his brother-in-law over the baptism of his niece. He has electrical scars across the top of his head, from being a lab rabbit for his brother "Mad" Max, who was conducting experiments on his sibling, suspecting him of having the ability to predict events that should be unpredictable, known as Second Sight. Guest stars: Owen Teale, Wanda Ventham, Geoffrey Whitehead[28]

Number of viewers: 8.69 million 
41 "Hidden Depths" David Hoskins 13 March 2005 (2005-03-13) November/December 2004

Depressed solicitor Nick Turner falls to his death from his roof. But did someone cover up his murder as suicide? Guest stars: Oliver Ford Davies, Sara Kestelman, Robert Daws, Robin Soans, Ian Talbot[29]

Number of viewers: 8.56 million 
42 "Sauce for the Goose" Andrew Payne 3 April 2005 (2005-04-03) January/February 2005

A visitors' tour of Plummer's relish's famous factory ends in murder when one of the tour (who is revealed to be a market executive for rival company Fieldway Foods) is crushed against towers of relish bottles before being dumped naked into a 200-degree sterilizer. But which one of the family-owned company is responsible? Guest stars: Annette Crosbie, James Fleet, David Ross, Benedict Sandiford, Lizzy McInnerny, Geraldine Alexander, John Quayle, Ann Beach[30]

Number of viewers: 9.73 million 
43 "Midsomer Rhapsody" Richard Cameron 2 October 2005 (2005-10-02) February/March 2005

Old music teacher Arthur Leggot is bludgeoned to death when confronting an intruder in his home who apparently came for the manuscript of a piece of music by the late composer Joan Alder. And, predictably, where the manuscript goes, murders follow. Guest stars: June Whitfield, Frank Middlemass, David Burke, Oliver Cotton, Christopher Benjamin, Trevor Peacock[31]

Number of viewers: 6.97 million 

Series Nine (2005-06)

# Episode Writer Original airdate Filming Date
44 "The House in the Woods" Barry Simner 9 October 2005 (2005-10-09) May/June 2005

Barnaby's new sidekick arrives just in time to investigate the garrotting of two house-hunters outside a deserted, supposedly haunted, house. Guest stars: George Baker, Ruth Gemmell, Gawn Grainger, David Westhead, Michael Elwyn[32]

Number of viewers: 8.49 million 
45 "Dead Letters" Peter J. Hammond 26 February 2006 (2006-02-26) June/July 2005

The mother of a deceased one-time carnival queen is found dead in a stream, and once again Barnaby has to dig up the past to solve the case. Barnaby is convinced he has seen two people from an earlier mystery (The Killings at Badgers Drift) around the village. But the people in question were brutally murdered... Guest stars: Simon Callow, David Bamber, Tom Georgeson, Caroline Goodall, Sophie Thompson, Elizabeth Spriggs, Richard Cant[33]

Number of viewers: 8.54 million 
46 "Vixen’s Run" Michael Aitkens 5 March 2006 (2006-03-05) July/August 2005

Wealthy, eccentric, obese aristocrat Freddy Butler drops dead after gathering all three of his wives at his hall. Although his death is revealed as natural causes, the case is far from simple when Freddy's solicitor is killed in a house fire. Guest stars: Joss Ackland, Siân Phillips, Annabel Mullion, Sheila Ruskin, Leslie Schofield, Carol Macready, Charles Kay, John Franklyn-Robbins[34]

Number of viewers: 8.94 million 
47 "Down Among the Dead Men" Douglas Watkinson 12 March 2006 (2006-03-12) September/October 2005

Solicitor's clerk turned expert blackmailer Martin is shot at his home, and there is no shortage of suspects. Guest stars: Paul Freeman, Sam Kelly, Julia McKenzie, Christine Kavanagh, Dermot Crowley, Frank Mills[35]

Number of viewers: 8.07 million 
48 "Death in Chorus" David Lawrence 3 September 2006 (2006-09-03) January/February 2006

Barnaby and Jones attempt to unravel the deaths of a member of a choir and a bird watcher before more murders occur. Guest stars: Peter Capaldi, John Shrapnel, Annabelle Apsion, Sara Stewart[36]

Number of viewers: 6.28 million 
49 "Country Matters" Andrew Payne 10 September 2006 (2006-09-10) November/December 2005

Campaigns against the building of a supermarket in Elverton cum-Laterly come to a head when environmental supervisor Frank Hopkirk is stabbed to death. Guest stars: Clare Holman, Madeleine Potter, Stuart Milligan, Juliet Aubrey, Dorian Healy, Frank Mills[37]

Number of viewers: 5.80 million 
50 "Last Year’s Model" David Hoskins 17 September 2006 (2006-09-17) February/March 2006

When Annie Woodrow, accused murderer of Frances Trevelyan comes to court charged with her death, DCI Barnaby begins to doubt the evidence for her conviction. In another tribute to classic detective fiction, the climactic scene in which the true villain in unmasked is lifted almost directly from Agatha Christie's "Nemesis". Guest stars: Thelma Barlow, Guy Henry, Siobhan Redmond, Josette Simon, Saskia Wickham, Jamie Glover[38]

Number of viewers: 6.78 million 
51 "Four Funerals and a Wedding" Elizabeth-Anne Wheal 24 September 2006 (2006-09-24) October/November 2005

A ninety-year-old battle of the sexes comes to a head in Broughton, with casualties on both sides: Mildred Danvers, poisoned, and Rev. Anthony Gant, shot. Guest stars: Daphne Oxenford, Sian Thomas, Struan Rodger, Jessica Brooks, Sandra Voe, Lloyd McGuire[39]

Number of viewers: 7.29 million 

Series Ten (2006-08)

# Episode Writer Original airdate Filming Date
52 "Dance with the Dead" Peter J. Hammond 12 November 2006 (2006-11-12) May/June 2006

At an old World War Two base, Cooper's Cross a young man gasses himself in a vintage car, and his girlfriend disappears. Guest stars: Danny Webb, Harriet Thorpe, Felicity Dean, Nicola Redmond[40]

Number of viewers: 7.80 million 
53 "The Animal Within" David Hoskins 19 January 2007 (2007-01-19) June/July 2006

The niece of local society photographer Rex Masters arrives in Midsomer from Philadelphia. Nothing too odd about that, but Rex told everyone she was dead. Then Rex himself dies, and a group of locals all produce different wills. Guest stars: Samuel West, Emily Woof, Malcolm Stoddard, John Cater, Lisa Eichhorn , Helen Masters, Linda Bassett, Freda Dowie[41]

Number of viewers: 6.95 million 
54 "King’s Crystal" Steve Trafford[42] 26 January 2007 (2007-01-26) July/August 2006

Six months after glassware company King's Crystal's partner Alan King dies in Shanghai, his brother Charles marries his wife, much to Alan's son Ian's displeasure. Then the accounts executive of the firm, Peter Baxter is stabbed with a Masonic dagger. The King's Crystal firm suffers financial meltdown as a result of Alan's death, is this a motive for murder? Guest stars: John Castle, Ray Lonnen, Tony Haygarth, Sam Heughan, Morris Perry

Number of viewers: 6.88 million 
55 "The Axeman Cometh" Michael Aitkens 2 February 2007 (2007-02-02) August/September 2006

Barnaby's favourite rock band Hired Gun rejoin for a comeback performance in Midsomer, but someone is determined to pull the plug. Guest stars: Suzi Quatro, Phil Davis, Philip Madoc, James Cosmo, Michael Angelis, Rachel Davies, David Horovitch, Mike Read[43]

Number of viewers: 6.87 million 
56 "Death and Dust" Douglas Watkinson 8 May 2007 (2007-05-08) October/November 2006

Dr Alan Delaney is killed by a hit and run driver, but Barnaby soon realises the intended target was Delaney's colleague, Jim Kirkwood, who has many an enemy... Guest stars: Stephanie Cole, Gareth Thomas, Nigel Betts, Sam Hazeldine, Daphne Oxenford[44]

Number of viewers: 6.18 million 
57 "Picture of Innocence" Andrew Payne 3 June 2007 (2007-06-03) November/December 2006

A killer strangles photographer Lionel Bell before trying to frame Barnaby! The detective is thrown off the case by arrogant Martin Spellman, but Barnaby still does his best to catch an obsessed murderer. Guest stars: Nigel Anthony, Andrew Tiernan, Adrian Scarborough, Richard Lintern, Montserrat Lombard, Lynn Farleigh, Liza Goddard[45]

Number of viewers: 7.31 million 
58 "They Seek Him Here" Barry Purchese 21 August 2007 (2007-08-21) January/February 2007

Nick Cheney was once a successful director, but he has now ended up mainly directing low budget films. We meet him as he is directing The Scarlet Pimpernel at Magna Manor. A former convict, Jed Norris, has been hired as a security guard on the film set, and one night he finds the director dead, beheaded by the use of a guillotine. Guest stars: Kieran Bew, Desmond Barrit, Nicky Henson, Richard Hope, Nick Thomas-Webster, Marian McLoughlin, Matthew Marsh, Fiona Mollison, Jay Villiers[46]

Number of viewers: 7.98 million 
59 "Death in a Chocolate Box" Tony Etchells 28 August 2007 (2007-08-28) February/March 2007

Reformed criminal Ronnie Tyler prepares to leave Midsomer Holm, a tranquil village and halfway house. In the village is an historic camera obscura. New arrival Eddie Marston takes Ronnie's place, making DCI Barnaby uneasy. Guest stars: Chris Barrie, Christopher Fairbank, Edward Petherbridge, Clare Higgins, Sue Jenkins, Keith Drinkel, Marcia Warren, Sion Tudor Owen, Martyn Whitby[47]

Number of viewers: 6.88 million 

Series Eleven (2008)

# Episode Writer Director Original airdate
60 "Shot at Dawn" Michael Aitkens Richard Holthouse 1 January 2008 (2008-01-01)

The unveiling of a disgraced soldier's name on a First World War memorial in Midsomer Parva leads to a number of deaths... Guest stars: Donald Sinden, Samantha Bond, George Cole, Brian Capron[48]

Number of viewers: 6.62 million 
61 "Blood Wedding" David Lawrence Peter Smith 6 July 2008 (2008-07-06)

A society wedding takes place between Sir Ned Fitzroy (Charles Edwards) and Beth Porteous (Elisabeth Dermot-Walsh), and the maid of honour is stabbed to death at the reception. Meanwhile, Cully, who has been offered an acting job in London, is soon to marry Simon Dixon (Sam Hazeldine), and Sgt. Troy turns up for the wedding as do Cully's grandparents (John Burgess and Daphne Oxenford).

Number of viewers: 7.2 million 
62 "Midsomer Life" David Hoskins Peter Smith 13 July 2008 (2008-07-13)

Charlie Finleyson (Richard Ward) is found in his car in Dray's Copse, having been dead for two weeks. His wife Christina (Serena Gordon) seems indifferent to his death, and he thought she was having an affair with Guy Sandys (Simon Williams), the editor of the Midsomer Life magazine. Other Midsomer Life employees include Garth Platt (David Crow) and sister Gemma (Debbie Chazen), and Julia Benson (Pooky Quesnel). Christina's brother Martin Reid (Daniel Hill) works at Moorcroft Hotel, after his restaurant went bankrupt following a review by Sandys. His colleagues include Eleanor Crouch (Selina Cadell).

Number of viewers: 7.16 million 
63 "Left for Dead" Michael Crompton Renny Rye 20 July 2008 (2008-07-20)

While out getting signatures for a petition against a local by-pass, Lynne Fox (Maggie Steed) finds Ron and Libby Wilson dead in their house. Shortly afterwards the man behind the by-pass Jack Purdy (Matthew Flynn) is found dead in his car, the day before the wedding of his brother Mark (Shaun Dooley). Mark is a school friend of Jones, and many years ago while at school the Wilsons' son Michael was killed in a road accident. With Jack meant to have been the best man, Jones is asked to perform the duty at Mark's wedding. Meanwhile, another opponent of the by-pass, Alyssa Bradley (Marion Bailey) believes her son Patrick (Harry Peacock) will return home having gone missing 19 years ago.

Number of viewers: 7.25 million 
64 "The Magician's Nephew" Michael Russell Richard Holthouse 27 July 2008 (2008-07-27)

Ernest Balliol is the high priest of the Temple of Thoth, a pagan cult, and is extremely upset when Aloysius Wilmington, an old friend and local magician, publishes a book declaiming the cult as nothing more than a drunken invention. During the Cabinet of Death routine in Aloysius' magic act, his assistant Jean Wildacre is stabbed with poisoned daggers and a ritual knife is left in the cabinet. Meanwhile, Ernest is relying on his daughter Isolde to charm Aloysius' nephew Simon into finding a book in Aloysius' library that her father thinks will prove the existence of the cult. When odious bookseller Hugo Cartwright dies in a similar fashion to Jean, Barnaby and Jones are forced to delve into the past to catch the killer.

Number of viewers: 7.01 million 
65 "Talking to The Dead" David Harsent Sarah Hellings 5 August 2008 (2008-08-05)
Barnaby finds connections between a supposedly haunted forest, the traceless disappearances of two couples and a gang of antiquity thieves. 

Christmas Special (2008)

# Episode Writer Director Original airdate
66 "Days of Misrule" Elizabeth-Anne Wheal Renny Rye 24 December 2008 (2008-12-24)

Barnaby and Jones are forced to take part in a team building exercise and Tom has problems with the young new acting Chief Superintendent John Cotton (Nick Fletcher). Following an explosion in a truck, a body is soon discovered. It belongs to Alec Grainger, who had been seen arguing with James Parkes (Joseph Millson), the son of Colonel Matt Parkes (Tim Pigott-Smith). James appears to be involved in shady business deals and is blamed by his grandmother Caroline Halsey (Judy Parfitt) - and others - for the suicide of a woman he got pregnant two years ago.

Number of viewers: 5.89 million 

Series Twelve (2009)

# Episode Writer Director Original air date
67 "The Dogleg Murders" Andrew Payne Richard Holthouse 22 July 2009 (2009-07-22)

A prestigious golf club is the setting for murder when a player is bludgeoned to death on the 13th hole. Barnaby and Jones discover gambling, illegal money lending and assault are rife among the snobbish members, who are also dismissive of the local villagers and only allow them onto the course for a few hours a week. Before long, another body turns up, making the detectives determined to catch this terror of the fairways.

Number of viewers: 6.14 million 
68 "Secrets and Spies" Michael Aitkens Renny Rye 29 July 2009 (2009-07-29)

A former secret agent Geoffrey Larkin arrives in Midsomer Parva and stays at Allenby House, a country mansion run by former spies Sir Malcolm Frazier (Benjamin Whitrow), his son Nicky (Peter Davison) and Nicky's wife Jenny (Alice Krige) as a safe house. Geoffrey is soon gashed to death after a cricket match in Midsomer Parva, and the locals blame the 'beast of Midsomer'. However, Barnaby - a former spy himself - soon realises that the killing has links to Allenby and Cold War Berlin, but is initially thrown off the case by MI6. But when a further murder occurs he is put back on the case.

Number of viewers - Overnight: 6.4 million (28.8% viewer share)[49] Final: 6.9 million. 
69 "The Black Book" Nicholas Martin Peter Smith 5 August 2009 (2009-08-05)

A newly discovered masterpiece by landscape artist Henry Hogson causes a stir when it is auctioned for £400,000 - just hours before its former owner is tortured and killed. When another Hogson is stolen, Barnaby decides to become an expert on the Midsomer painter, with the help of art teacher Matilda Simms (Susannah Harker). He soon realises the paintings are not what they seem – but the death toll is rising.

Number of viewers - Overnight: 5.8 million (26.4% viewer share)[50] Final: 6.28 million. 
70 "The Glitch" Michael Russell Richard Holthouse 23 September 2009 (2009-09-23)

Midsomer University science fellow George Jeffers threatens to make public a problem with his state-of-the-art invention Kernel Logic, but American software boss Clinton Finn fears he will lose millions if the truth comes out. When a schoolteacher is killed in a hit-and-run, Barnaby suspects Jeffers was the intended target.

Number of viewers - Overnight: 6.0 million (27% viewer share)[51] Final: 6.34 million 
71 "Small Mercies" Peter J. Hammond Peter Smith 28 October 2009 (2009-10-28)

A mentally deranged killer is on the loose in Little Worthy. With the body count rising, Barnaby and Jones face a race against time to identify the perpetrator.

Number of viewers - Overnight: 5.9 million (25% viewer share)[52] Final: 6.43 million 
72 "The Creeper" Andrew Payne Renny Rye 27 January 2010 (2010-01-27)[54]

A cat burglar is on the loose, but what connects the victims? And has "the Creeper" now resorted to murder? This seems to be the case when David Roper is found smothered in his bed on the Chettham family estate.

Number of viewers - Overnight: 5.8 million (23% viewer share)[53] Final: 6.35 million 
73 "The Great and The Good" David Hoskins Richard Holthouse 2010 (2010)
A sleep-walking school teacher starts to believe she is slitting the throats of men in her sleep, but Barnaby isn't convinced that she is the culprit. 

Series Thirteen (2010)

# Episode Writer Director Original airdate
74 "The Sword of Guillaume" Michael Aitkens Renny Rye 10 February 2010

Barnaby decides to join Causton's annual trip to Brighton when he becomes suspicious about the mayor, Dave Hicks' plans to buy up coastal land for holiday chalets. But before he can get to the bottom of the dubious deal, a hated property developer is beheaded at a funfair and a collection of valuable historical swords goes missing. With the help of his cousin DCI John Barnaby, the detective sets out to crack the case. Drama, guest starring Neil Dudgeon, Mark Gatiss, Brian Capron, Julia Watson, Lucy Cohu and Tim McInnerny

Number of Viewers - Overnight: 6.4 Million (25% viewer share)[55] Final: 7.02 Million 
75 "The Made-to-Measure Murders" Peter Smith TBA
76 "Blood on the Saddle" David Lawrence Richard Holthouse TBA
77 "The Silent Land" Peter Smith TBA

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