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This is a list of the characters in the anime Monster Rancher.


Main characters

The main characters of the Monster Rancher Anime are the seven searchers, consisting of two humans and five monsters, all of which share a strong bond of friendship. During the course of the first two seasons of the show, they continuously struggle against the evil forces of Moo and his army of baddies. They searched for the Phoenix, the only creature capable of purifying the bad monsters and reviving the lost discs scattered throughout the land. While they were initially unaware of this, each of the five monsters in the group bore a piece of the Phoenix's soul. The characters reappear in season three to combat the threat of the remaining baddies, and protect the mystery disc that Moo was sealed inside of after his defeat.

Genki Sakura

Voiced by: Chisa Yokoyama (Japanese), Andrew Francis (English)

Genki Sakura is a 12-year old elementary school boy that is the de facto leader of the group. He has a good heart, and he truly cares for his friends and the monsters. After getting the Monster Rancher video game in the mail, he was transported to the Monster World. His goal is to turn all of the evil monsters into good monsters again. Determined, optimistic, and hopeful, Genki is a real go-getter. Genki also directly fights enemy monsters by donning his roller blades in combat. He is also surprisingly strong for a 12-year old (he has shown to be able to lift objects several times his own weight from time to time in the series), although whether this is due to his own innate strength or because he is in the game world (thereby having been subjected to some game mechanic) is not known. He may have some feelings for Holly.


Voiced by: Mariko Kouda (Japanese), Maggie Blue O'Hara (English)

A 14 year old girl who is on a quest to find the location of the ancient Monster called Phoenix. Holly uses a magical pendant to locate new Mystery Disks that contain monsters. Though she denies it at first, she learned that her father had become a vessel for the soul of the evil Moo. After the Phoenix and Moo destroyed each other, Holly went on a quest to find the Phoenix's Mystery Disc to save her father from it.


Voiced by: Yuri Shiratori (Japanese), Janyse Jaud (English)

A little pink monster who is Genki's tag team partner in many battles. Mocchi came into existence when Genki went to the shrine and unlocked his video game disk which turned out to be a Mystery Disk. Although Mocchi's initial actions indicated that he was a very young child, he soon became a great fighter and a valuable asset in the search for the Phoenix. Like Genki, Mocchi is very brave and good-hearted. When in battle, Mocchi can move very fast by rolling into a ball like an armadillo and bouncing. He can also unleash very powerful attacks, like Cherry Blossom Blizzard and Mocchi Cannon. Mocchi was the Phoenix's happiness. At first, he can only say Mocchi like his Pokémon counterparts but eventually learns to talk human or like other monsters although he still says Mocchi at the end of his sentence/speech. Mocchi was the Phoenix's Courage

  • Note - The method Genki unlocks Mocchi is identical to how you can gain him in Monster Rancher 2, i.e. using your game disc instead of a random disc.


Voiced by: Wataru Takagi (Japanese), Scott McNeil (English)

A simple monster with only a mouth, a huge singular eye, and an upright tail. He is Holly's loyal monster retainer. Suezo serves as a joke in many instances and he can be a little obnoxious and loud-mouthed. He has amazing Telescopic vision and can teleport himself and other objects from one location to another in mere seconds, though it took a bit of practice to perfect this. Thus, eventually a very useful asset to the team. Suezo was the Phoenix's pride.


Voiced by: Naoya Uchida (Japanese), Richard Newman, Doc Harris (English)

A large and powerful humanoid monster made of rocks. He moves slowly, but his punches and other attacks are destructive. Golem is a kind-hearted monster who loves nature. However, when in battle he will fight furiously with powerful techniques. He can break apart to perform his Tornado attack, launching bits and pieces of himself in a whirlwind formation. Because he cannot swim, he is also afraid of water. Despite being the single most powerful member of the group, he is passive and would only resort to violence when the group is desperate or if Holly would be hurt. Golem was the Phoenix's kindness. The idea of a great big stone monster was taken from `The never ending story`.


Voiced by: Kazuki Yao (Japanese), Brian Drummond (English)

(Rygar in Japanese) A blue, wolf-like monster with horns on his head. He is a feared thief and bandit known as "Tiger of the Wind". He was the leader of a pack of rogue mixed-breed Tigers that were isolated from all humans. Eventually, he met up with Genki. At first, he looked down upon Genki's optimistic and caring nature. Tiger had a rough past that changed him forever, giving him a jaded and cold view of life. However, after listening to Genki, he has learned to care more for others. A clan of Dinos commanded by Moo killed off Tiger's pack, so he joined up with Genki's team in hopes of finding and defeating Moo. Tiger is extremely fast and powerful in battle. He uses an array of swift attacks, as well as firing electricity from his horns and using ice-based attacks. Tiger once had a younger brother named Gray Wolf. They lived together as orphaned pups. Eventually, they built a pack of mixed-breed Tigers. When Tiger first met Moo, the giant monster killed every last member of Tiger's pack, and kidnapped Gray Wolf, leaving Tiger to die. Tiger would later find out the cold, harsh truth of what happened to his brother. Tiger was the Phoenix's anger. He and His Friends have to Save him.


Voiced by: Nozomu Sasaki (Japanese), Samuel Vincent (English)

(Ham in Japanese) A charismatic humanoid rabbit with large fists, Hare acts as the strategist of the group, and can be very cunning and devious when the situation demands it. When first introduced into the series, he was portrayed as a sneaky con-artist. Using the guise of wanting to help the searchers, Hare tried to steal the gang's valuables. Tiger did not initially trust him, but after Tiger forgave him, he joined the team. Although he was initially in it for the possible rewards, Hare eventually formed strong bonds of friendship with the others, and admitted his past faults. While he and Tiger still argued frequently, they too developed a sense of friendship.

While friendly towards others, Hare tends to be selfish and often gloats about his skills, but often prefers to flee from battle with more powerful opponents. His fighting style revolves around boxing, flying kicks and flatulence (removed from the U.S. version). He is also known to use dirty tricks to get his opponent to drop their guard, which was prominently featured during his first battle with Tiger. Due to his past schemes, Hare is often reminded of his shifty past by his teammates (particularly Tiger). Due to his cunning nature, Hare eventually became the team planner and often devised battle strategies, rescue operations and even methods of retreat when necessary. Hare was the Phoenix's cockiness.

Secondary characters

There are many other characters who appear over the course of the story, and are prominently featured in multiple episodes of the series. While they do not appear in every episode, they provide help to the searchers many times throughout their journey.


Voiced by: Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese), Janyse Jaud (English)

Formerly one of Moo's Big Bad Four, Pixie left Moo after Genki opened her eyes to the truth of Moo's evil. Although her exact age is not known, Pixie appears to be in her early twenties. Pixie is based on the pure-bred pixies depicted on the Monster Rancher video game. Her overall appearance is that of a slim young woman with red hair and a pair of leathery wings. Two silver horns jut from her head and she has a whip-like tail that ends in a small spike. Her usual garb is a reddish-pink bikini-like outfit. Pixie's disposition ranges from quiet and shrewd to level-headed and mature.

Pixie is one of the most physically powerful characters featured on the Monster Rancher series, being the only one to damage Moo in Holly's Rescue. In addition to seemingly superhuman strength and speed, Pixie can fly and generate massive energy surges and fire walls. Pixie came to play a semi-regular role on Monster Rancher, and helped Genki and his friends time and again until she was mortally injured by Moo. By the sacrifice of her follower, Big Blue, Pixie was healed and reborn as Granity. After this transformation, Pixie took on an almost angelic appearance. Her wings became feathery and her hair turned green, and her reddish-pink clothes were replaced with stone battle armor.

She would later resurface to deal with the threat of the remaining baddies, but was possessed by one of Durahan's minions and forced against her will to attack Genki's group. Although she proved more than a match for all seven of them, Genki's encouragement and Big Blue's presence within her body allowed her to overcome the mind control.

Big Blue/ Blue Mountain

Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yokō (Japanese), Ward Perry (English)

An ice-carved giant whose is made of un-meltable ice rock. He functions as Pixie's bodyguard and travelling companion. Although seemingly as cold as he appeared, he was truly loyal to Pixie and fought by her side no matter what she believed in. After Pixie's fatal injuries during her battle with Moo in his newly perfected body, Big Blue loved his master so much that he sacrificed his own existence to save Pixie by fusing his being into her, turning her into Granity/ Venus (Pixie/Golem). Big Blue is a Golem/Tiger mixed breed.

Gray Wolf

Voiced by: Daiki Nakamura (Japanese), Scott McNeil (English)

He was Tiger's younger brother who was made into a member of Moo's Big Bad Four. Although he was once like his brother, Gray Wolf was captured during a battle and the darkness of his heart was exploited by Moo, turning him into a Baddie. As a member of the Big Bad Four, Grey Wolf led a pack of mixed-breed Tigers and commanded armies of Baddies which patrolled the surrounding areas. After many of his minions were defeated by his brother and the others, Gray Wolf fought his brother and was defeated when Tiger ran his baddie crest through with his horn.

Gray Wolf was later resurrected as a good monster by Mina, and fought a rematch against Tiger in the World Cup Championship. The two subsequently parted on good terms.


Voiced by: Ryō Naitō (Japanese), Matt Smith (English)

Allan was a young human boy with a Worm as his monster partner. He wanted to join Moo, but after three female Weeds known as Seed Sisters double-crossed him and killed his Worm, he decided that he would fight against Moo. Although he used to be a cruel master to his monster, he changed after watching the Seed Sisters kill his Worm. In return for helping them get rid of the Seed Sisters, Genki and the searchers handed Allan a young Worm that they had unlocked from a Mystery Disk. Allan was later seen aboard Captain Horn's pirate ship, helping him defeat Moo's baddies. Allan made one last appearance in "Allan's Advice" where he, young Worm and Allan's resurrected Worm gathering mystery disks to unlock and find good homes for.


Voiced by: Unknown (Japanese), David Kaye, Paul Dobson (English)

A monolith monster who knows the history of Moo and everything else. He occasionally dozes off.


Voiced by: Unknown (Japanese), Doc Harris (English)

Leader of the Pirate Dragons. They helped Genki and Co. rescue Holly from Moo's castle. They later helped the searchers and Pixie fight Moo in order to prevent him from going near the area where the Phoenix' body lies.

Captain Horn

Voiced by: Unknown (Japanese), Paul Dobson (English)

Captain Horn was a pirate who traveled around the world with his crew of Rocky Suezos, hunting for treasure. When he is first introduced into the series, the gang meets him at a port town where they are attacked by Moo's henchmen. In need of transportation across the sea, Genki's group asks him if they can ride aboard his ship. While he seems initially reluctant, Captain Horn proposes that he ferry the gang to the next island after being kissed by Holly. His crew ferries the searchers across the sea with Golem holding the mainmast of the ship, but the group is ambushed by an army of Zillas. While they are able to defeat the water-based monsters, their master, a giant Zilla named Guji, makes an appearance and almost sinks the ship. After a struggle, the crew sends Guji into a whirlpool and reaches land again.

Horn appears later on in the series fighting alongside Alan against some of Moo's baddies.

Minor characters

Characters who only appear once or twice throughout the entire series, save for cameo appearances.

  • Henger - In a city fully preserved by robotic monsters called Hengars, the searchers encountered a malfunctioning Hengar (who was found dismantled) who helps the searchers regain the Pendant Stone confiscated by the other Hengars. He is destroyed again by the city's leader, Techno Dragon when he successfully retrieved the Pendant Stone. He was reassembled once more and tells Genki that he will stay behind and try to convince the other Hengars and Techno Dragon about the outside of the city. He returns to assist Jim in attacking baddies sent by Moo. Voiced by Don Brown
  • Centaur - This noble warrior has the lower half of a horse, while his upper body parts appear as a reptillian humanoid. He and his fellow warriors Dragoon (a draconic centaur) and Ceilous (a wolf-like centaur) live by a code of honor, and once protected humans. When Grey Wolf defeated him in battle, Centaur and the others swore allegiance to Grey Wolf as their commander immediately under Moo. They eventually met and fought Genki, Suezo, and Hare, but the battles outcome was unclear due to the interference of the Salamanders. They fought side by side with Genki and his friends to defeat the Salamanders. He, Dragoon and Celious help Jim in attacking baddies sent by Moo. Voiced by Paul Dobson
  • Dragoon - This noble warrior is a draconic centaur. He, alongside Centaur and Celious live by a code of honor and once protected humans. When he, Centaur, and Celious were defeated in battle, they were forced to swear allegiance to Gray Wolf. He defeated Hare in battle. Dragoon, Centaur and Celious later joined Jim in attacking baddies sent by Moo. Voiced by Scott McNeil
  • Celious - This noble warrior is a lupine centaur. He, alongside Centaur and Dragoon live by a code of honor and once protected humans. When he, Centaur, and Celious were defeated in battle, were forced to swear allegiance to Gray Wolf. He lost to Suezo in battle. He, Centaur and Dragoon later joined Jim in attacking baddies sent by Moo. Voiced by David Kaye
  • Color Pandoras - Caterpillar-like monsters that the searchers befriend. They assist the group in defeating a Stone Dragon sent by Naga. They assist Jim in his battle against some of the baddies. Voiced by Terry Klassen
  • Jim - Jim is a former sailor who the gang meets when they find a restaurant. He has an Eared Mew as a pet. He knows how to cook spaghetti (he cooked it for them) and helps the gang across the river by fighting with the Arrow Heads. He later participated in fighting against Moo where he led other monsters like Kato and his students, the Tainted Cat Brother, Centaur and his fellow warriors and Color Pandoras into battle. Voiced by Michael Dobson
  • Tainted Cat Brothers - Two cat monsters that are students of Kato. They were tricked by Naga into attacking the searchers. When Genki broke their claws, Kato stopped them and showed them the error of their ways. They assisted Jim in fighting baddies sent by Moo. Voiced by Richard Newman and Richard Ian Cox
  • Kato - An short old cat monster that is the mentor of the Tainted Cat Brothers. During Genki's fight with the Tainted Cat Brothers, Kato showed them the error of their ways. He assists Jim in attacking baddies sent by Moo where he is shown attacking a Jel. Voiced by Colin Murdock
  • Jagged Hound - A jagged version of Tiger who watches over an abandoned baby. He was used by Lilim to attack Tiger.
  • Baku - A large monster with near-canine features that Genki met while he and his friends were crossing the forest, which the monster was guarding. The anime has shown the monster to be extremely formidable. He used up his energy to defeat Chariot and dies.
  • Jill - A Yeti-like monster who takes the searchers to where the Phoenix's body lies. Voiced by Terry Klassen
  • Sandra Sandra is a taxi driver that takes the gang across the marsh. She apparently likes gum, since she is always blowing a bubble. Voiced by Saffron Henderson
  • Rosetta - Rosetta is a grouchy restaurant owner, who happens to make the world's greatest pizzas. She takes up Golem as an apprentice and teaches him many skills for when he opens a restaurant himself one day. Voiced by Shirley Millner
  • Most - The past Monster Grand Prix winner for many years. Most is a giant white Moochi with incredible speed and skill. He first meets Moochi when a group of kidnappers steal a large number of moochi-type monsters. He duels with Moochi in the finals, and although close, Most comes on top again. But understanding Moochi's team desire of the tournament belt and the mystery stone inside, gives them the stone and his personal Iron Bird to evade the baddies. Most is presented as one of the most powerful monsters in the series, shown capable of defeating multiple monsters at once without the use of his special attacks and being strong enough to single-handedly lift a golem with relative ease and throw him out of the ring. His reputation was fierce enough that even Durahan's minions were terrified just by the very sight of Most. Voiced by Terry Klassen
  • The Phoenix - The Legendary Phoenix was a giant fire bird created during ancient times to defeat Moo after he turned on his creators. Where Moo had the power to turn good monsters into bad ones, the Phoenix had the power to turn bad ones into good ones, as well as resurrect lost monsters back to life. During the battle, Phoenix and Moo were evenly matched in strength, resulting in the scientists pulling one last attempt to stop Moo. They created a machine that separated both Moo and Phoenix's souls from their bodies. Phoenix's soul however split into five, and became a part of five different monsters (Mocchi, Suezo, Golem, Tiger and Hare).


The main antagonists of the series consisting of Moo and his army of baddies. After Moo's defeat, the surviving baddies who had not been purified by the Phoenix were led by General Durahan in an attempt to revive Moo's power and steal it for themselves.


Voiced by: Juurouta Kosugi (Japanese), Paul Dobson (English)

(Muu in Japan) He was an extremely powerful giant dragon-like monster engineered as the ultimate weapon in the great war of ancient times. His dark powers eventually grew too powerful to be controlled, and he created legions with his ability to transform good monsters into his evil servants for the purpose of destroying the world. The surviving scientists created the one creature capable of defeating Moo, the Phoenix. They battled, but proved to be closely matched. Realizing that they had no other choice, the scientists created a machine that would put an end to the war of the monsters, but they knew that it would affect all monsters. Using the machine, Moo's spirit and the Phoenix's spirit were separated from their bodies, and all other monsters became sealed into Mystery Disks. Moo's soul became a Mystery Disk imprisoned in his castle, along with the Mystery Disks containing many of his old troops.

Centuries later, Holly's father was banished from his village and went in search of the Phoenix without the aid of the Magic Stone. He eventually found Moo's castle, where he unintentionally unlocked Moo's soul. The malevolent spirit entered his body and thus Moo was reborn. He reassembled his army with his Big Bad Four enforcing his injustice and terrorizing the world while in search of the location of his old body. After kidnapping Holly, he told her that he was her father. Although she did not want to believe it at first, he showed her the dagger that her father once had. Moo then used the Magic Stone to point out the location of his ancient body. Thanks to a little interference from Holly's companions and Pixie, the stone was taken from him and given back to Holly and they fled to escape his clutches. Moo flew to the North in his Castle and ordered his minions to begin an excavation so that he could find his ancient body. He found it, but failed to merge with it. The discovery of the machine that had been used to defeat him allowed his servants to use it and allow him to fuse with his body. With his body back, Moo immediately flew to meet Genki and his friends and destroy them. Despite the fact that Pixie helped them, Moo was still victorious. When they seemed defeated, the sun rose over the horizon causing him pain. He fled in confusion and sought to solve whatever problem had occurred.

After obtaining the Magic Stone from the treacherous General Durahan who taken it from Holly, Moo perfected his body. He went to finish what he had failed to do earlier, but made the mistake of absorbing too much hatred (which normally makes him stronger) which consumed his mind in the darkness of his own heart. The process drove him insane. After the Phoenix arose, the enraged Moo and the Phoenix destroyed each other. Though his body was destroyed, Moo's soul was sealed inside a mystery disc with Holly's father. This Disk was later found by Holly and Mocchi and after reuniting with Genki, Holly sensed her father's soul along with Moo's. After resembling the old gang, the crew decided to find a shrine and free Holly's father from the disk but keep Moo trapped. However, Durahan was searching for the disc so he could absorb Moo's soul and use its power as his own. Though he succeeded in his plan Moo turned out to be too powerful and took over Durahan and merged the body's of Durahan's team together to form a body. When Genki and Group (with Holly's father helping them) were absorbed by Moo into his body they encountered his soul,when Mocchi and the other monsters formed the Phoenix,Genki,Holly,her Father,Durahan and his team merged with the Phoenix and destroyed Moo for good. Muu is a play on the Japanese word mu meaning "void" or "nothing".


Voiced by: Kaneto Shiozawa, Tsutomu Kashiwakura (Japanese), Scott McNeil (English)

Formerly one of Moo's Big Bad Four, this suave and cultured creature is invisible save for the golden mask and cape that he wears. Gali enjoys mocking his opponents and toying with lesser rivals, but if pressed, he can unleash fearsome attacks that batter and drain even the most formidable enemies. His calm and arrogant nature hides a wrathful temper; if angered or insulted, Gali attacks without mercy.

After receiving order to destroy Genki's group, Gali initially dispatches his soldiers to accomplish the task, but the searcher eventually reach his castle. During his encounter with Genki and the searchers, Gali tricked them into entering his castle, and trapped them in a sand pit. He rendered them useless by draining their energy, but Mocchi was shielded from this attack and was able to escape the darkened area beneath the sand pit and battle with Gali. Near the end of the fight, the others overcame the effects of his attack and rejoined the battle. Genki struck Gali and damaged his mask, causing him to go into a rage. In his wrath he released a giant hurricane in an attempt to destroy them, but was killed by Mocchi's newly learned Mocchi Cannon attack.

Gali later resurfaced as a purified monster and entered the Monster Grand Prix along with Sandy, the gold-colored Monel from his old castle. The pair are eventually confronted by Poison who offers them a place among the remaining baddies, but he decides to give her his answer after his match against the searchers in the Monster Grand Prix. Gali and Sandy battle against Mocchi and Naga during the tournament, but are ultimately defeated. Inspired by Naga's change of heart, Gali betrays Poison and sets off to train for the next tournament.


Voiced by: Kazuya Kobayashi (Japanese), Scott McNeil (English)

Formerly one of Moo's Big Bad Four, a humanoid serpent with a stinger on his tail. He lives for battles, and his cruel fighting style horrifies other monsters. Naga was probably the most sinister of the Big Bad Four, and personally appeared in Holly's Village during the attack years ago. He was also implied to have been the most pro-active of the Big Bad Four, taking part in the destruction of countless villages and monsters. He would later battle against Genki's group, but was defeated when Mocchi used the Mocchi Cannon on him. He was hanging onto the edge of his tower, and chose to take his own life by falling off and into the canyon below. Naga was resurrected later as a purified monster, and became influenced by Genki's team and their good deeds to become a protector. Although the group welcomed him, Suezo still displayed distrust. It wasn't until the Grand Prix fight, that Suezo's encouragement gave Naga the strength to defeat Gali and win the fight for Genki. Impressed by Naga's change, Gali agreed to train and become stronger too.

General Durahan

Voiced by: Kenyū Horiuchi (Japanese), Lee Tockar (English)

A living suit of armor that serves Moo, housing the soul of a proud, ancient knight. After the defeat of Naga, General Durahan was summoned by Moo to defeat Genki and Holly's group of rebels and stop their search for the Phoenix. Durahan's base of operations was a giant Iron Bird, equipped with powerful weapons and his craft also holds a collection of Moo's most powerful warriors. After Durahan's meeting with Master Moo, he created a plan to defeat his weakened master and taken over as ruler of the baddies, but first agreed to take out the Moo's enemies. Opening the capsules holding the warriors, he dispatched his powerful warriors and one by one they were defeated.

After hearing that Moo needed the Magic Stone from Holly to perfect his body, Durahan released the Gangsters from their capsules and sent them to claim the stone, but they were deactivated after Lilim took the Magic Stone from Holly. Durahan returned to Moo, but instead of giving him the stone, he attacked his master and was badly injured in the process. He fled in his Iron Bird when Lilim turned on him and helped Moo. Suezo teleported the others aboard the craft. They defeated Durahan, but Moo's baddies took the stone from him, and Suezo was forced to teleport himself and his friends to safety before the Iron Bird crashed.

Although Durahan was on board the Iron Bird when it crashed, his head managed to survive the impact. Kept alive by cybernetic equipment, the evil general would resurface a year later as the leader of the remaining baddies. With Mum Mew, Gobi, Poison and Weed at his command, Durahan planned to find Moo's disk and absorb him into his own body. Using what remained of his collection of warriors, Durahan and his minions challenged Genki's group. His plans eventually succeed,however when Genki and his friends interfered, Moo was able to possess Durahan and form a body out of Durahan's team. When Genki and crew were absorbed into Moo's new body they saw Durahan,Gobi,Mum mew,Poison and Weed being absorbed by Moo's soul, Genki's monster friends then formed the Phoenix and freed them. Durahan was puzzled why Genki would save them since they were enemy's, however half way through the fight with Moo and the Phoenix Durahan finally understood what made the good side stronger then the evil side."The most vulnerable path is the hardest one to follow, and that is what makes it the strongest". Upon learning this he became a good monster again (along with his team) and merged with the Phoenix with Genki,Holly,her Father,Gobi,Mum mew,Poison and Weed and destroyed Moo's soul. After this he was rewarded with his old body and his baddie crest taken away.


Voiced by: Haruko Takahagi (Japanese), Janyse Jaud (English)

Lilim is a combination of a Pixie and Joker and was probably one of the most cunning and devious of the baddies. Although she resembles Pixie, she proved to be much more treacherous than her counterpart. After Durahan's brief meeting with Master Moo, she suggested that he defeat their weakened master and rule over the baddies. Durahan agreed, but he first set out to destroy Genki and his companions. When Durahan's collection of warriors began to shrink due to their destruction, Lilim stepped in and decided it was best if she enacted her own devious plan rather than rely on his warriors. Lilim kidnapped a human baby and forced its caretaker Jagged Hound, to attack the searchers. Although it appeared to work, Lilim was outsmarted when Tiger and Jagged Hound tricked her and took the baby to safety. Lilim fled in anger, but would later aid Durahan in claiming the Magic Stone for him. After learning how strong the stone could make Moo, she turned on him and helped Moo get back the stone. During this attempt, she and Durahan crashed in his destroyed Iron Bird. It is impled that seconds before the crash, Durahan stabbed her as revenge for her betrayal.

Mum Mew/ Mamanya

Voiced by: Keiko Han (Japanese), Pauline Newstone (English)

A hybrid of Pixie and Mew, Mum Mew works under General Durahan as a sub-leader of the baddie remnants. Vain, Mum Mew spends most of her time primping herself in front of a mirror, believing herself to be more beautiful than she is. Possessing a fierce temper, she will attack anyone who calls her old. Although she has numerous bad traits, she is not as evil as the baddie leaders during Moo's reign. Commonly accompanied by Gobi. At the end of the season she became a good monster and became nicer to Gobi.


Voiced by: Jūrōta Kosugi (Japanese), Paul Dobson (English)

A Golem/Henger hybrid, Gobi is the accomplice of Mum Mew. He usually acts as the muscle of the pair, and is not very intelligent. This characteristic is present to such a degree, that so much that any attempt at deep thinking results in him experiencing violent headaches. He enjoys making friends, as he is shown taking pictures of him with the warriors Durahan awakens and weeping when they leave. At the end of the season he became a good monster.


Voiced by: Miki Nagasawa (Japanese), Janyse Jaud (English)

A Pixie type, Poison essentially fills the same position Lilim did during Moo's reign, though more loyal to the General than Lilim was. She has a rivalry of sorts with Mum Mew, pointing out the Mew/Pixie's lack of feminine traits in comparison to her own. Unlike the previous two Pixies, Poison was slightly more comical compared to Pixie and Lilim, occasionally engaging in slapstick humor with Mum Mew and Gobi. At the end of the season she became a good monster.

Cyborg Weed

Voiced by: Unknown (Japanese), Paul Dobson (English)

This Weed was the one responsible for bringing Durahan back to life and was the most loyal to him. However the many accident's at this attempt had cost him parts of his body which is how he became a cyborg. At the end of the season he became a good monster and was given back his old flesh and blood body.

Other baddies

Minor villains in the Monster Rancher anime, these characters often served as soldiers and henchmen for the leaders of the baddies.

  • Jells - The Jells were possibly some of the most common troops in Moo's army of baddies. Although they were not the strongest troops that Moo's army had to offer, that does not mean that they weren't dangerous. The Jells appear in a humanoid shape composed of a blue jell material (which is often comically mistaken for a water puddle), have a shapeless blob in place of legs, and have a large red ball in their chest (visible through their torsos). Their powers mostly lie in their ability to transform into other forms, particularly types of weaponry. They are most noted for taking the form of a cannon and blasting their opponent using the red ball in their chests as a projectile weapon (this is rather ironic as the red ball appears to be their weak point).
  • Black Dinos: - Although they appear to be smaller versions of carnivorous dinosaurs, the Black Dinos are reasonably intelligent and do not hesitate to use violence. They are simple monsters who use physical attack methods such as biting to defeat their opponents. Although they have the ability to speak quite well, they are used as beasts of burden by their fellow baddies while serving Moo.
  • Kuros -
  • Weeds - The Weeds are a group of purplish plant-like monsters who appear to serve as Moo's attendants and messengers. In season 3, one Weed becomes a cyborg in the process of trying revive Durahan. While they usually shuffle along on their lower tendrils, they use their longer, upper tendrils to catch the wind and float or fly through the air. They also possess the ability to shoot seeds from their blossoms.
  • The Seed Sisters - They are three female monsters who resemble the Weeds. One of them was killed by Genki with a boulder, and the other two were killed offscreen by Allan after they killed his Worm by draining his energy. Voiced by Shirley Millner, Janyse Jaud and Saffron Henderson
  • Evil Hares - Although they appeared as darker colored versions of Hare, these baddies did not possess the skill, trickery, and special attacks of the Hare who traveled as one of the courageous searchers. The Evil Hares relied mostly on punching and kicking attacks. Although incompetent, they often served as Moo's foot soldiers and were easily dispatched or driven off by skilled fighters.
  • Unsabas - These one-eyed pests are yellow plant-like monsters who resemble the Weeds. They served as guards and ground soldiers and are not the smartest monsters in Moo's army.
  • Clays- These creatures have a strong resemblance to the Jells and share many qualities with their counterparts. They too can transform into a variety of weapons, and serve as Moo's ground troops. In contrast to the blue coloring of the Gells, the Clays are colored very dark and have a red mark on their torsos.
  • Zuums -
  • Zillas - The Zillas are a group of powerful underwater baddies who attack relentlessly at sea and do not usually retreat. While their bodies resemble that of small whales, their arms allow them to grasp weapons while their legs allow them to stand upright like humans. The Zillas who patrol the ocean are under the command of their master, Guji.
  • Guji - This large and powerful Zilla is the leader of the Zillas, and Captain Horn's arch enemy. Although large, Guji can swim extremely fast in the water and could easily sink a ship. When Guji was ordered by Gali to defeat the searchers who were onboard Captain Horn's pirate ship, he sent his Zillas to defeat them. When they failed, Guji himself attacked the ship, and although he was much more powerful than his minions, he was defeated and cast into a whirlpool while the others escaped. Voiced by Doc Harris
  • Joker - He is probably one of the trickier baddies and uses the power of illusion and the scythe he carries to defeat his opponents. The tricky Joker was sent by Gali to deal with the searchers. When they journeyed through an underground cavern, Joker trapped them in illusions of their own fears, and attempted to kill them while they were defenseless. He was defeated by Hare who had split from the group and returned to rescue his friends.
  • Scaled Jells - The Scaled Jells are a group of green colored Jells who are covered in green scales. Although they bear a close resemblance to their counterparts, they are more powerful and appear to have stronger abilities. They have the ability to combine their bodies together to create large and powerful weaponry, and they can even stretch their bodies out like sheets in order to float from high places.
  • Dokus - This balls of sludge are a tricky bunch who specialize in surrounding their opponents and attacking with a variety of punches. Although not the strongest baddies, they can still do their job.
  • Black Worms - Even more poisonous than regular worms, these baddies are a force to be reckoned with. They roll through the surrounding terrain at a fast pace, and stop to deliver attacks to the enemy by shooting their poisonous stingers like darts and even emit poisonous smog. Holly became a victim of their poison in an effort to protect Tiger from the stingers.
  • Salamanders - Reptile-like monsters who chased the searchers to the ruins where Centaur, Dragoon, and Celious lived. Their leader was the one responsible for injuring Tiger. They were fended off by him. They returned to capture the searchers during the tournament and were thwarted.
  • Undine - Undine is a seemingly harmless mermaid-like monster. Serving under Grey Wolf, she lived in a serene lake and was ordered by him to destroy the searchers. After befriending Golem, she tricked his friends and fought them using her power to manipulate the water. Although she proved treacherous, Golem protected her as he had promised. When he attempted to rescue her from the fire that surrounded the area, she simply told him that she didn't deserve his friendship and chose to remain behind and die. She is later seen to be resurrected at the end of the series. Voiced by Kelly Sheridan
  • Jaggernauts - Beetle-like monsters sent to attack the searchers. They were all destroyed by the giant robot Melcarba.
  • Melcarba - A giant beetle-like robot that was built by humans. It ended up activated and decimated the Jaggernauts sent by Gray Wolf. Though indestructible, the searchers impaled a metal pole into it enough for a jolt of lightning to deactivate it.
  • Stone Dragon - This large and powerful behemoth is a stone version of the Pirate Dragons. A Stone Dragon is one of the stronger monsters who serve Naga. He terrorized other monsters and attacked Genki and the searchers until one Colored Pandora sent him flying into a pit of quicksand, sending him to his doom. Another Stone Dragon fought Eddie and other people in their Iron Birds.
  • Arrowheads - Crustacean-like monsters that attacked the searchers and Jim as they cross the Yellow River.
  • Bajarl - Bajarl was a powerful genie-like monster who lived in a jar, and would use his powers to shrink his opponents and trap them in his jar. He once laid waste to an entire town. When he attacked the searchers and placed them in his jar, Holly and Mocchi escaped and fled to the ruins of the destroyed town. After Bajarl found them, Mocchi held him off while Tiger used his blizzard attack to freeze Bajarl's jar. After they escaped, the searchers defeated Bajarl. Voiced by Alec Willows
  • Endbringer - The robot-like Endbringer was one of General Durahan's most powerful warriors and was the first to be summoned to destroy the searchers. After using his hologram projecting ability to deliver Durahan's message, Endbringer relentlessly attacked the rebels but using their teamwork, they destroyed him. A strange tiny orb flew from his lost Mystery Disk and reached Durahan. After watching the recording, Durahan knew that he was facing a reasonably powerful band of rebels.
  • Chariot - This Centaur-looking monster was clothed in armor and fought Genki and the searchers under General Durahan's orders. While he and his army proved relentless, Chariot's lightning attacks failed to destroy him and was defeated due to the interference of a friendly pet monster name Baku, who Genki reminded of his owner. They entered a beam struggle and Baku won. Voiced by [[Scott McNeil]
  • Metal Jell - A servant of Durahan. He is a gray version of a Jell. He was sent alongside some Knight Mocchis to attack Genki and the searchers. He and the Knight Mocchis were destroyed by the searchers. Voiced by Paul Dobson
  • Knight Mocchis - Armored versions of Mocchi who accompanied Metal Jell in attacking the searchers. They were destroyed by the searchers.
  • Astros - Giant robot monsters used for space work. They were turned evil by Moo as an offer to get revenge on the Vangeans who tortured them and were unleashed by Durahan to attack the searchers. Voiced by Doc Harris.
  • Renocraft - A giant bug-like robot that can move through sand. While Genki and Mocchi were in a fight with each other, Renocraft was unleashed by Durahan and attacked the searchers. Genki saved Mocchi as Tiger, Golem, Suezo, and Hare combined their attacks to destroy Renocraft.
  • Gangsters - Robot monsters that are loyal to Durahan, they were given to captain Weed to help him find Genki's crew. When Lilim took the stone from Holly, the gangsters killed captain Weed and attempted to do the same to Genki and crew. However the dying Weed used what strength he had left to take out the leader Gangster, without that Gangster the others shut down.
  • Geisha or ShiShi[1] - It's a special character that looks like Icelandic artist Björk. The curious thing is that this character only appears when you introduce into the console Björk's CD Homogenic.


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