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This is a complete List of National Historic Landmarks in Michigan, of which there are 34. The United States National Historic Landmark program is operated under the auspices of the National Park Service, and recognizes structures, districts, objects, and similar resources according to a list of criteria of national significance.[1] The state of Michigan is home to 34 of these landmarks.

The table below lists all 34 of these sites, along with added detail and description.

In addition, two sites in Michigan were designated National Historic Landmarks, and subsequently de-designated. One other landmark, a movable object, has been relocated to another state. These three sites appear in another table further below.


Current NHLs in Michigan

[2] Landmark name
Image Date of designation[3] Location[3] County[3] Description[4]
1 Bay View BayViewPetoskyMI.jpg 1987 Petoskey
45°23′08″N 84°55′49″W / 45.38556°N 84.93028°W / 45.38556; -84.93028 (Bay View)
Emmet Established in 1876 as a Methodist camp meeting, this romantically-planned campground was converted to an independent chautauqua in 1885, a role it served until 1915. These two uniquely American community forms are exemplified in this extensive and well-preserved complex.
2 Calumet Historic District Historic painting of the Calumet and Hecla company town in the Calumet Historic District, from an early-20th-century post card, showing multiple buildings. 1989 Calumet
47°14′45″N 88°27′14″W / 47.24583°N 88.45389°W / 47.24583; -88.45389 (Calumet Historic District)
3 City of Milwaukee (Great Lakes car ferry) SS City of Milwaukee.jpg 1990 Manistee
44°37′40″N 86°14′15″W / 44.6277293921°N 86.2374315166°W / 44.6277293921; -86.2374315166 (City Of Milwaukee (Great Lakes car ferry))
4 Columbia (excursion steamer) Historic photograph of the the steamer Columbia under way with streamers flying in about 1905, the stack belching a column of black smoke. 1992 Detroit
42°19′29″N 83°02′38″W / 42.3246002145°N 83.0437623724°W / 42.3246002145; -83.0437623724 (Columbia (excursion steamer))
5 Cranbrook Photograph of the brick tower and quadrangle at Cranbrook's Kingswood School on an early spring day. 1989 Bloomfield Hills
42°34′23″N 83°14′57″W / 42.57306°N 83.24917°W / 42.57306; -83.24917 (Cranbrook)
6 Alden Dow House and Studio Alden B Dow House Midland MI.jpg 1989 Midland
43°37′22″N 84°15′18″W / 43.622792°N 84.255121°W / 43.622792; -84.255121 (Dow, Alden, House and Studio)
Midland This house and studio were the residence and acknowledged masterpiece of 20th century architect Alden B. Dow. The quality and originality of his work, as well as his association with Frank Lloyd Wright, have earned him lasting national recognition.
7 Herbert H. Dow House Herbert H Dow House Midland MI.jpg 1976 Midland
43°37′08″N 84°15′10″W / 43.618847°N 84.252758°W / 43.618847; -84.252758 (Dow, Herbert H., House)
Midland A home of Herbert H. Dow
8 Durant-Dort Carriage Company Office Durant Dort Carriage Co Office.jpg 1978 Flint
43°01′03″N 83°41′43″W / 43.017443°N 83.695280°W / 43.017443; -83.695280 (Durant-Dort Carriage Company Office)
9 Edison Institute (Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum) Clock tower of the Henry Ford Museum adjacent to Greenfield Village. 1981 Dearborn
42°18′17″N 83°13′55″W / 42.30472°N 83.23194°W / 42.30472; -83.23194 (Edison Institute (Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum))
10 Fair Lane (Henry Ford estate) Photograph of the stone front Fair Lane on a dreary winter day, featuring the carriageport. 1966 Dearborn
42°18′51″N 83°13′57″W / 42.31417°N 83.2325°W / 42.31417; -83.2325 (Fair Lane (Henry Ford estate))
11 Fisher Building Photograph of the imposing Fisher Building towering high overhead to a clear sky. 1989 Detroit
42°22′15″N 83°04′38″W / 42.370703°N 83.077310°W / 42.370703; -83.077310 (Fisher Building)
Wayne Built in 1927 by the Fisher brothers, this skyscraper is one of the greatest works by architect Albert Kahn. The Fishers spent lavishly to make this Art Deco masterpiece a monumental gift to Detroit and one of the most finely detailed major commercial buildings in the United States.[5][6]
12 Ford Piquette Avenue Plant Front of the Piquette plant today 2006 Detroit
42°22′7″N 83°3′55″W / 42.36861°N 83.06528°W / 42.36861; -83.06528 (Ford Piquette Avenue Plant)
13 Ford River Rouge Complex Historic photograph of the large and bustling tool and die works at the Ford River Rouge Complex. 1978 Dearborn
42°18′34″N 83°09′44″W / 42.30941°N 83.16212°W / 42.30941; -83.16212 (Ford River Rouge Complex)
14 Fort Michilimackinac High-angle photograph of the reconstructed Fort Michilimackinac with the Straits of Mackinac beyond the wooden palisade wall. A flag is flying vigorously in the wind. 1960 Mackinaw City
45°47′11″N 84°44′8″W / 45.78639°N 84.73556°W / 45.78639; -84.73556 (Fort Michilimackinac)
15 Fox Theater (Detroit) Nighttime photograph of the brightly lit Fox Theater marquee. 1989 Detroit
42°20′16″N 83°03′05″W / 42.337792°N 83.051442°W / 42.337792; -83.051442 (Fox Theater)
16 General Motors Building HABS photograph of the imposing General Motors Building, with four tower sections looming vertically above the street. 1978 Detroit
42°22′09″N 83°04′32″W / 42.369254°N 83.075693°W / 42.369254; -83.075693 (General Motors Building)
17 Grand Hotel Photograph of the Grand Hotel in the bright sunlight, atop a short rise with its great verandah and green roofs clearly showing. 1989 Mackinac Island
45°50′56″N 84°37′33″W / 45.8488968693°N 84.6259042142°W / 45.8488968693; -84.6259042142 (Grand Hotel)
18 Guardian Building Interior photograph of a public area of the Guardian Building. Its high, arched ceilings are elaboraely patterned with brightly-colored designs, while an intricate metal screen partially hides a large mural behind. 1989 Detroit
42°19′45″N 83°02′46″W / 42.329153°N 83.046122°W / 42.329153; -83.046122 (Guardian Building)
19 Ernest Hemingway Cottage Ernest Hemmingway Cottage Walloon Lake MI.jpg 1968 Walloon Lake
45°16′41″N 84°59′58″W / 45.2781756787°N 84.9993079874°W / 45.2781756787; -84.9993079874 (Hemingway, Ernest, Cottage)
Emmet Boyhood summer home of author Ernest Hemingway. His father built the house in 1900 when his son was a year old, and it was here the future writer learned to hunt and fish and appreciate the outdoor life he came to celebrate in his writings.
20 Highland Park Ford Plant Main building of the Highland Park Ford plant complex 1978 Highland Park
42°24′38″N 83°06′02″W / 42.410687°N 83.100528°W / 42.410687; -83.100528 (Highland Park Ford Plant)
21 Lightship No. 103, "Huron" Lightship 103 01989-12-20 December 20, 1989 Port Huron
42°59′15″N 82°25′36″W / 42.9873726441°N 82.4266676043°W / 42.9873726441; -82.4266676043 (Lightship No. 103, "Huron")
St. Clair
22 Mackinac Island Photograph of a downtown street on Mackinac Island, lined with historic storefronts and pedestrians. 1960 Mackinac Island
45°52′N 84°38′W / 45.867°N 84.633°W / 45.867; -84.633 (Mackinac Island)
Mackinac This island's key role in the early fur trade was secured by its location at the center of the Great Lakes region. Hosting the northern headquarters of John Jacob Astor's American Fur Company until the 1840s, it preserves numerous buildings relating to the fur industry. Its geopolitical importance is illustrated at Fort Mackinac; control of this strategic island was not settled until the 1814 Treaty of Ghent.
23 Marshall Historic District Marshall MI Abner Pratt House.jpg 1991 Marshall
42°16′19″N 84°57′51″W / 42.27194°N 84.96417°W / 42.27194; -84.96417 (Marshall Historic District)
24 Michigan State Capitol Michigan State Capitol with a statue of Austin Blair in the foreground. 1992 Lansing
42°44′01″N 84°33′14″W / 42.733661°N 84.553911°W / 42.733661; -84.553911 (Michigan State Capitol)
25 Milwaukee Clipper (passenger steamship) MilwaukeeClipperStarboardStern.jpg 1989 Muskegon Muskegon
26 North Manitou Island Lifesaving Station Original building. 1998 Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
45°07′09″N 85°58′39″W / 45.1191943132°N 85.9775173687°W / 45.1191943132; -85.9775173687 (North Manitou Island Lifesaving Station)
27 Norton Mound Group image pending 1965 Grand Rapids Kent Center of Hopewellian culture in the western Great Lakes region, from ca. 400 B.C. to A.D. 400.
28 Parke-Davis Research Laboratory Parke-Davis Research Laboratory Detroit MI.jpg 1976 Detroit
42°20′06″N 83°00′52″W / 42.3349347044°N 83.0144806964°W / 42.3349347044; -83.0144806964 (Parke-Davis Research Laboratory)
Wayne Built in 1902, this was the first industrial research laboratory in the U.S. established for the specific purpose of conducting pharmacological research, inaugurating the commercial pure science approach which has driven the rapid development of pharmaceutical technology. National Park Service staff recommended withdrawal of landmark status in 2002 due to loss of the building's historic integrity during conversion to a hotel.
29 Pewabic Pottery Pewabic Pottery 1991.jpg 1991 Detroit
42°21′42″N 82°58′52″W / 42.361567°N 82.981083°W / 42.361567; -82.981083 (Pewabic Pottery)
Wayne This 1907 building, designed by William Stratton, is the home of ceramic artist Mary Chase Perry Stratton's studio and production facilities. Her work in the Arts and Crafts movement raised the artistic standard of American pottery, and is featured architecturally or curatorially in numerous prominent buildings and distinguished institutions.
30 Quincy Mining Company Historic District Winter photograph of the #2 shafthouse and hoist house in the Quincy Mining Company Historic District. 1989 Hancock
47°8′7″N 88°34′33″W / 47.13528°N 88.57583°W / 47.13528; -88.57583 (Quincy Mining Company Historic District)
31 St. Clair River Tunnel Historic post card photograph of the St. Clair River Tunnel, with a locomotive just emerging from the round tunnel bored into a hillside. 1993 Port Huron
42°57′29″N 82°25′59″W / 42.9581178075°N 82.4329796687°W / 42.9581178075; -82.4329796687 (St. Clair River Tunnel)
St. Clair
32 St. Ignace Mission St Ignace Mission 2009.jpg 1960 St. Ignace
45°52′11″N 84°44′38″W / 45.8696512471°N 84.7439450381°W / 45.8696512471; -84.7439450381 (St. Ignace Mission)
Mackinac Now a park, this was the site of a mission established by Père Jacques Marquette, and the site of his grave in 1677. A second mission was established at a different site in 1837, and moved here in 1954.
33 St. Mary's Falls Canal Aerial photograph of the St. Mary's Falls Canal, showing also the Canadian Sault Ste. Marie Canal and the city of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, beyond. 1966 Sault Ste. Marie
46°30′11″N 84°21′17″W / 46.50306°N 84.35472°W / 46.50306; -84.35472 (St. Mary's Falls Canal)
34 Silversides, USS (submarine) Photograph of the USS Silversides at dock in Muskegon with signal flags flying. 1986 Muskegon Muskegon

Former NHLs in Michigan

Landmark name
Year listed
Lincoln Motor Company Plant image pending 1978,
withdrawn 2005
Detroit Wayne Henry M. Leland acquired a factory here in 1917 and greatly expanded it in order to produce Liberty Engines as part of the World War I war effort. After the war, Leland used his long and prominent experience with Cadillac to inaugurate the Lincoln line of automobiles. Leland sold his company to Henry Ford in 1922; by 1952 this original Lincoln plant was retired from automotive production. Most of the complex was demolished in 2002/03, leading to withdrawal of its landmark designation. [8]
Reo Motor Car Company Plant [8] Photograph of the Reo Motor Car Company Plant in the snow, with a large "Diamond Reo - World's Toughest Truck" sign on the roof and industrial surroundings. 1978,
withdrawn 1985 [8]
Lansing [8] Ingham [8] In his third venture in the automotive industry, and after his departure from the highly successful Oldsmobile, Ransom E. Olds established the Reo Motor Car Company at this plant in 1904. Reo enjoyed early success and was responsible for many innovations in automobile manufacturing, but remained a niche company for most of its existence. The factory complex was demolished in 1980 to make way for site redevelopment, and landmark status was withdrawn in 1985. [8]
Ste. Claire (passenger steamboat) Steamer Ste. Clair, c. 1915 1992 Ecorse
Relocated to Ohio.


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