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The following is a list of Tax Commissioners of North Dakota since the office was created in 1919.[1] The office was an appointed position from 1919 to 1940, and an elected position on the no-party ballot from 1940 to 1987, and an elected position on a party ballot since 1987.

Party information given for the commissioners who served before 1940 is based on the party of the Governor of North Dakota who appointed them to the position. From 1940 to 1987, the office became an elected position, but was placed on the no party ballot. Since 1987, the office has been placed on a party-affiliated ballot.

# Name Term Party
1 George E. Wallace 19191921 Republican
2 C.C. Converse 19221925 Republican
3 Thorstein H. Thoresen 19251929 Republican
4 Iver A. Acker 19291932 Republican
5 F.A. Vogel 1933 Republican
6 J.J. Weeks 19331935 Republican
7 Lee Nichols 19351937 Republican
8 John Kenneth Murray 1937 Republican
9 Owen T. Owen 19371938 Republican
10 Claude P. Stone 19381939 Republican
11 William T. DePuy 1939 Democratic
12 Lee Nichols 1939 Republican
13 John Gray 19391952 Democratic[2]
14 Burtis B. Conyne 1952
15 J. Arthur Engen 19531963
16 Lloyd Omdahl 19631966
17 Edwin O. Sjaasstad 19661969
18 Byron Dorgan 19691980 Democratic-NPL[3]
19 Kent Conrad 19811986 Democratic-NPL[4]
20 Heidi Heitkamp 19861992 Democratic-NPL
21 Robert E. Hanson 19931995 Democratic-NPL
22 Rick Clayburgh 19962005 Republican
23 Cory Fong 2005 Republican

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  2. ^ John Gray is listed as a Democrat because he was a first appointed by a Democratic governor, although after 1940 he ran on a no party ballot
  3. ^ Byron Dorgan is listed as a Democrat since he would later represent the party in other offices
  4. ^ Kent Conrad is listed as a Democrat since he would later represent the party in other offices

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