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This is a list of past and present Pixar employees that have served as Pixar's primary directors and creative executives.


  • D : Director
  • C : Co-Director
  • W: Writer
  • Vo : Voiced one or more characters
  • A : Animator
  • Ed: Editorial Department
  • Ex: Executive Producer
  • Pr: Production Designer
  • Ar: Art Department
  • So: Sound
  • St: Story Artist
  • Vi : Visual Effects
Feature Films Shorts Video Shorts
Toy Story A Bug's Life Toy Story 2 Monsters, Inc. Finding Nemo The Incredibles Cars Ratatouille WALL-E Up Toy Story 3 Luxo Jr. Red's Dream Tin Toy Knick Knack Geri's Game For the Birds Boundin' One Man Band Lifted Mike's New Car Exploring the Reef Mr. Incredible and Pals Jack-Jack Attack Mater and the Ghostlight BURN-E
John Lasseter D, W, Vi D, W, Vo D, W, Vo Ex Ex Ex D, W Ex Ex Ex Ex Vi, D, W A, D, W D, W D, W Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex D, W Ex
Joe Ranft Vo, W, St Vo, W, St Vo, St Vo, St, A Vo Vo Vo, W, C W
Brad Bird D, W, Vo D, W, Vo Ex Ex D, W
Jeff Pidgeon Vo, St, A Vo, Ar, St A, St, Vo Vo, W Vo W W
Dan Scanlon St, Ar, Vo W, C
Teddy Newton Vo, A Vo Vo W
Jason Katz A, St A, St A, St A, St St
Lou Romano Ar Vo, Pr Vo Vo Vi
Brenda Chapman W W
Dan Lee A, Ar A, Vi A, Vi A
Glenn McQueen A A A A
William Reeves A, Vi Vi Vi, A A
Daniel Gerson W, Vo St
Roger L. Gould C D, W D, W D, W
Mark Andrews St D, W W
Andrew Jimenez Vi Vi Vi Vi A, Vi D, W, A A, Vi
Pete Docter W, A St, Ar W D, W, Vo Vo Ex D, Vo A D, W
Bob Peterson A A, St A, St Vo, St W, Vo Vo Vo Vo, C Vo W
Gary Rydstrom So So So So So W So So So So D
Jan Pinkava A A, St C, W A, W, D
Ralph Eggleston Ar Ar, W Pr Ar Pr D, Vo
Andrew Stanton W, Vo, A, St C, W, Vo, A, St W, Vo Ex, W D, W, Vo Vo Vo Ex D, W Ex Ex
Guido Quaroni Vi Vo, Vi Vo
Lee Unkrich Ed Ed, Vo C, Ed, Vo C, Ed, Vo C, Ed, Vo, St Ed D
Jorgen Klubien St, A Ar, St St, Ar W, Ar
Bud Luckey St, A St, A, Ar St, A St, A, Ar Vo A, Ar D, W, Vo, Pr Vo


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