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Graves of Polish Jews among the fallen soldiers of the Polish Defensive War of 1939; Powązki Cemetery, Warsaw

From the Middle Ages until the Holocaust, Jews comprised a significant part of the Polish population. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, known as a "Jewish paradise" for its religious tolerance, attracted numerous Jews who fled persecution from other European countries, even though, at times, discrimination against Jews surfaced as it did elsewhere in Europe. Poland was a major spiritual and cultural center for Ashkenazi Jewry, and Polish Jews made major contributions to Polish cultural, economic, and political life. At the start of the Second World War, Poland had the largest Jewish population in the world (over 3.3 million[3]), the vast majority of whom were killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust during the German occupation of Poland, particularly through the implementation of the "Final Solution" mass extermination program. Only 369,000 (11%) survived. After massive postwar emigration, the current Polish Jewish population stands at somewhere between 8,000 and 20,000.

Note that the list includes people of Jewish faith, Ashkenazi culture and/or Jewish ancestry.


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  • Bogusław Bagsik, financial hochstapler, swindler
  • Julia Brystigerowa, communist Security Services
  • Anatol Fejgin, Polish State Security Services,criminal
  • Maria Gurowska or Berger, Polish State Security, Services communist criminal
  • Wiktor Herer, Polish State Security Services, communist criminal
  • Adam Humer, Polish State Security Services, communist criminal
  • Aaron Kosminski, UK Jack the Ripper suspect
  • Meyer Lansky, US gangster
  • Salomon Morel, Polish State Security Services, communist criminal
  • Julian Polan-Haraschin, chairperson of the military tribunal in Cracow
  • Roman Romkowski, 1st vice-minister of MPS
  • Józef Różański, head of the Department of Investigations
  • Helena Wolińska-Brus, former Stalinist military prosecutor from Poland, court criminal

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