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Indonesia had the position of Prime Minister (Indonesian: Perdana Menteri Republik Indonesia) from 1945 until 1966. Following his 1959 decree, President Sukarno assumed the role and powers of prime minister.


List of Prime Ministers of Indonesia

# Name Term of Office Political Party
1 Sutan Sjahrir 14 November 1945–20 June 1947 Socialist Party
2 Amir Sjarifoeddin 3 July 1947–29 January 1948 Socialist Party
3 Mohammad Hatta 29 January 1948–16 January 1950
(Dutch prisoner from 19 December 1948 – 13 July 1949)
4 Abdul Halim 16 January 1950–5 September 1950 non-partisan
5 Muhammad Natsir 5 September 1950–26 April 1951 Masyumi Party
6 Sukiman Wirjosandjojo 26 April 1951–1 April 1952 Masyumi Party
7 Wilopo 1 April 1952–30 July 1953 Indonesian National Party
8 Ali Sastroamidjojo 30 July 1953–11 August 1955 (1st time) Indonesian National Party
9 Burhanuddin Harahap 11 August 1955–20 March 1956 Masyumi Party
10 Ali Sastroamidjojo 20 March 1956–9 April 1957 (2nd time) Indonesian National Party
11 Raden Djuanda Kartawidjaja 9 April 1957–9 July 1959 non-partisan


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  • (1959) Keterangan Presiden/Perdana Menteri didepan sidang pleno D.P.R. English Statement by President/Prime Minister Sukarno to the Dewan Perwakilan Rakjat (People’s Representative Council, the legislative body) Djakarta, 23 July 1959. Djakarta, Ministry of Information, Republic of Indonesia.


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