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This is a list of Prime Minters of the Czech Republic, a political office that was created in 1993 following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. The office was preceded by that of the Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia. The Czech Republic is a parliamentary representative democracy, with the Prime Minister acting as head of government and the President of the Czech Republic acting as head of state.

The first Prime Minister of the Czech Republic was Václav Klaus, who is currently serving as President. The current Prime Minister is Jan Fischer, who has held office since 8 May 2009.

Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic

Name Portrait Entered office Left office Political party
Václav Klaus Vaclav Klaus headshot.jpg 1 January 1993 17 December 1997 Civic Democratic Party
Josef Tošovský 17 December 1997 17 July 1998 Independent
Miloš Zeman Milos Zeman.jpg 17 July 1998 12 July 2002 Czech Social Democratic Party
Vladimír Špidla Vladimir Spidla.jpg 12 July 2002 19 July 2004 Czech Social Democratic Party
Stanislav Gross 19 July 2004 25 April 2005 Czech Social Democratic Party
Jiří Paroubek Jiri Paroubek.jpg 25 April 2005 16 August 2006 Czech Social Democratic Party
Mirek Topolánek Mirek Topolanek.jpg 16 August 2006 8 May 2009 Civic Democratic Party
Jan Fischer Jan Fischer KVIFF-2.jpg 8 May 2009 present Independent

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