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Project Runway is an American reality television show in which contestants compete to be the best fashion designer, as determined by the show's judges. The series first broadcast in 2004, and six complete seasons have aired as of November 2009. The first five seasons aired on on Bravo, while Season 6 aired on Lifetime.[1] Season 7 is currently airing on Lifetime. During each season, selected competitors are progressively eliminated based on the judges' scores until only a few contestants remain; these finalists prepare a complete fashion collection for New York Fashion Week, from which a winner is determined. Project Runway contestants are chosen by the show's producers through an application process that includes a videotape submission and "virtual portfolio" of sketches and completed designs, semi-final interviews at select cities, and a final interview.[2]

105 contestants have competed, one of whom has competed twice—Daniel Franco competed in both Season 1 and Season 2. The youngest competitors include Nora Caliguri,Christian Siriano, and Jesus Estrada, who appeared on the show at age 21. At age 51, Marla Duran of Season 2 was the oldest contestant to appear on the show. There have been two instances in which a contestant left Project Runway for reasons other than being eliminated by the show's judges. Keith Michael was disqualified in Season 3 for bringing design books to the contest, which is prohibited.[3] HIV-positive contestant Jack Mackenroth of Season 4 had to leave the show early because of a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection.[4] The six winners of the show, in chronological order, are Jay McCarroll, Chloe Dao, Jeffrey Sebelia, Christian Siriano, Leanne Marshall, and Irina Shabayeva.


Contestant appeared in more than one season
Winner of listed season
In addition to the winner, competed in final round
Season Name Age[I] Hometown Finish
1 Franco, DanielDaniel Franco* 33 Los Angeles, California 12th
1 Cadenas, MarioMario Cadenas 23 Miami, Florida 11th
1 Ilzhoefer, StarrStarr Ilzhoefer 27 Charlotte, North Carolina 10th
1 Riley, VanessaVanessa Riley 34 Houston, Texas 9th
1 Caliguri, NoraNora Caliguri 21 Cheshire, Connecticut 8th
1 Vidal, AlexandraAlexandra Vidal 22 Miami, Florida 7th
1 Johnn, KevinKevin Johnn 44 New York City, New York 6th
1 Plotkin, RobertRobert Plotkin 28 New York City, New York 5th
1 Scarlett, AustinAustin Scarlett 23 New York City, New York 4th
1 Pepper, WendyWendy Pepper 39 Middleburg, Virginia 3rd
1 Saun, KaraKara Saun 37 Los Angeles, California 2nd
1 McCarroll, JayJay McCarroll 29 Dallas, Pennsylvania 1st
2 Wade, JohnJohn Wade 24 Los Angeles, California 16th
2 Standridge, HeidiHeidi Standridge 25 Atlanta, Georgia 15th
2 Ehrig, KirstenKirsten Ehrig 37 Los Angeles, California 14th
2 Baltazar, RaymundoRaymundo Baltazar 24 Los Angeles, California 13th
2 Franco, DanielDaniel Franco* 34 Los Angeles, California 12th
2 Vidal, GuadalupeGuadalupe Vidal 29 Los Angeles, California 11th
2 Duran, MarlaMarla Duran 51 Allentown, Pennsylvania 10th
2 Eng, DianaDiana Eng 22 Jacksonville, Florida 9th
2 McCarthy, EmmettEmmett McCarthy 42 New York City, New York 8th
2 Griffin, ZulemaZulema Griffin 28 New York City, New York 7th
2 Gonzalo, AndraeAndrae Gonzalo 32 Los Angeles, California 6th
2 Verreos, NickNick Verreos 38 Los Angeles, California 5th
2 Janx, KaraKara Janx 29 Johannesburg, South Africa 4th
2 Rice, SantinoSantino Rice 30 Los Angeles, California 3rd
2 Vosovic, DanielDaniel Vosovic 24 New York City, New York 2nd
2 Dao, ChloeChloe Dao 33 Houston, Texas 1st
3 Estrella, StaceyStacey Estrella 40 San Francisco, California 15th
3 Breton, MalanMalan Breton 32 New York City, New York 14th
3 Gerdes, KatherineKatherine Gerdes 24 Minneapolis, Minnesota 13th
3 Michael, KeithKeith Michael 34 New York City, New York 12th
3 Dominguez, BonnieBonnie Dominguez 31 San Diego, California 11th
3 Baumkirchner, BradleyBradley Baumkirchner 31 Los Angeles, California 10th
3 Kelly, AlisonAlison Kelly 25 New York City, New York 9th
3 Best, RobertRobert Best 36 Hollywood, California 8th
3 Keslar, AngelaAngela Keslar 33 Amesville, Ohio 7th
3 Libretti, VincentVincent Libretti 49 Santa Monica, California 6th
3 Gillaspie, KayneKayne Gillaspie 27 Norman, Oklahoma 5th
3 Knight, MychaelMychael Knight 28 Atlanta, Georgia 4th
3 Bennett, LauraLaura Bennett 42 New York City, New York 3rd
3 Herzner, UliUli Herzner 35 Miami Beach, Florida 2nd
3 Sebelia, JeffreyJeffrey Sebelia 36 Los Angeles, California 1st
4 LeBlanc, SimoneSimone LeBlanc 32 Los Angeles, California[5] 15th
4 Lee, MarionMarion Lee 39 Dallas, Texas 14th
4 Webber, CarmenCarmen Webber 37 New York City, New York[6] 13th
4 Mackenroth, JackJack Mackenroth 38 New York City, New York 12th
4 Rosengard, StevenSteven Rosengard 29 Chicago, Illinois 11th
4 Jimenez, ElisaElisa Jimenez 42 El Paso, Texas[7] 10th
4 Christiana, KevinKevin Christiana 30 New York City, New York[6] 9th
4 Scarbo, Christina "Kit"Christina "Kit" Scarbo 26 Los Angeles, California 8th
4 Hong, VictoryaVictorya Hong 34 Winchester, Virginia[8] 7th
4 Lizalde, RickyRicky Lizalde 35 Escondido, California[9] 6th
4 Vaughn, Kathleen "Sweet P"Kathleen "Sweet P" Vaughn 46 Los Angeles, California[10] 5th
4 March, ChrisChris March 44 New York City, New York[5] 4th
4 Lewis, JillianJillian Lewis 26 Selden, New York[11] 3rd
4 Kashou, RamiRami Kashou 31 Los Angeles, California[12] 2nd
4 Siriano, ChristianChristian Siriano 21 Annapolis, Maryland[9] 1st
5 Tam, JerryJerry Tam 32 New York City, New York[13] 16th
5 Nault, WesleyWesley Nault 23 Blackstone, Massachusetts[14] 15th
5 Brandle, EmilyEmily Brandle 27 Los Angeles, California[15] 14th
5 Diederich, JenniferJennifer Diederich 27 East Syracuse, New York[16] 13th
5 Martin, KelliKelli Martin 27 Columbus, Ohio 12th
5 Feld, DanielDaniel Feld 25 Brooklyn, New York 11th
5 Bryce, KeithKeith Bryce 26 Salt Lake City, Utah[17] 10th
5 Zotis, StellaStella Zotis 42 Queens, New York[13] 9th
5 Walsh, BlayneBlayne Walsh 23 Seattle, Washington 8th
5 Stevens, TerriTerri Stevens 39 Chicago, Illinois 7th
5 Faris, JoeJoe Faris 41 Detroit, Michigan 6th
5 Baum, Stephen "Suede"Stephen "Suede" Baum 37 New York City, New York 5th
5 Scott, JerellJerell Scott 28 Los Angeles, California 4th
5 Collins, KenleyKenley Collins 25 New York City, New York 3rd
5 Momolu, KortoKorto Momolu 33 Little Rock, Arkansas 2nd
5 Marshall, LeanneLeanne Marshall 27 Portland, Oregon 1st
6 Fish, AriAri Fish 25 Kansas City, Missouri 16th
6 Vien, MalvinMalvin Vien 23 New York City, New York 15th
6 Hall, MitchellMitchell Hall 25 Savannah, Georgia 14th
6 Frazier, QristylQristyl Frazier 41 New York City, New York 13th
6 Sakalis, JohnnyJohnny Sakalis 29 West Hollywood, California 12th
6 Lawrence, Ra'monRa'mon Lawrence 30 Minneapolis, Minnesota 11th
6 Black, LouiseLouise Black 31 Dallas, Texas 10th
6 Epperson, RodneyRodney Epperson 49 New York City, New York 9th
6 Askari, ShirinShirin Askari 23 Richardson, Texas 8th
6 Putvinski, NicolasNicolas Putvinski 26 New York City, New York 7th
6 Neitzel, LoganLogan Neitzel 25 Seattle, Washington 6th
6 Straub, ChristopherChristopher Straub 29 Shakopee, Minnesota 5th
6 Gelhausen, GordanaGordana Gelhausen 44 Charleston, South Carolina 4th
6 Whitfield , Carol HannahCarol Hannah Whitfield 23 Charleston, South Carolina 3rd
6 Harper, AltheaAlthea Harper 23 Dayton, Ohio 2nd
6 Shabayeva, IrinaIrina Shabayeva 26 New York City, New York 1st
7 King, ChristianeChristiane King 29 Los Angeles, California 16th
7 Ptak, PamelaPamela Ptak 47 Bucks County, Pennsylvania 15th
7 Wu, PingPing Wu 34 Chicago, Illinois 14th
7 Estrada, JesusJesus Estrada 21 San Diego, California 13th
7 Lynett, AnnaAnna Lynett 23 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 12th
7 Ceccanti, Janeane MarieJaneane Marie Ceccanti 27 Portland, Oregon 11th
7 LeNoir, JesseJesse LeNoir 24 Orlando, Florida 10th
7 Chmura, BenBen Chmura 29 Tampa, Florida 9th
7 Henderson, Seth AaronSeth Aaron Henderson 37 Vancouver, Washington
7 Hermanovski, MilaMila Hermanovski 40 Los Angeles, California
7 Luz, MayaMaya Luz 21 New York City, New York
7 Peters, JonathanJonathan Peters 29 Providence, Rhode Island
7 Sarabi, AmyAmy Sarabi 25 Oakland, California
7 Sario, Jay NicolasJay Nicolas Sario 31 San Francisco, California
7 Sosa, EmilioEmilio Sosa 43 New York City, New York
7 Williams, AnthonyAnthony Williams 28 Atlanta, Georgia

^[I]  Contestant's age at the start of the season


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