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This is a list of Robots, both real and fictional. The list is organized by Region and the real robots and robot fiction that come from each region. They are then organized alphabetically. It is by no means complete or definitive, yet.



Within this section lie the various sources of robots. These sources include real robots used in industry and business, experimental robots of various kinds, artificial intelligences attempting to be anthropomorphic, and the various works of fiction in literature, song, film, and more. This list include Robots, Super Robots, Droids, Androids, and Gynoids. It does not include Cyborgs, as only pure mechanical and artificial creations are to be listed here. Each source is alphabetized as are its subcategories.

Real Robots by Region

Included here are the real robots that have been built, have been in use either in the past or present, robots that are currently being developed for real world applications, and artificial intelligences that are meant to try and emulate human beings either physically or emotionally.


Robots from Australia

Robots from Britain

Robots from Canada

  • Canadarm2
  • Dextre
  • ANATROLLER Dusty Duct Destroyer
  • ANAT AMI-100

Robots from China

Robots from Croatia

Robots from France

Robots from Germany

Robots from Italy

Robots from Japan

Robots from Mexico

Robots from the Netherlands

Robots from New Zealand

Robots from Portugal

Robots from Qatar

Robots from Russia (or former Soviet Union)

Robots from South Korea

Robots from Spain

Robots from Switzerland

Robots from the United States of America

Robots from Vietnam

International Robots

Fictional Robots by Region

Robots in this category do not exist in real life, and can be attributed to a creator who originally thought up the idea for said robot. Some real robots were inspired by some of these fictional robots, but those real robots do not belong in this category. The fictional robots that inspired them do.

Whenever possible, the primary link will direct to the page about the robot in question. The person or persons responsible for the creation of a specific robot are listed in parentheses next to the robot they created. The link within the brackets will link to the book, comic, movie, or series that the robot was primarily featured in.

NOTE ON FILMS: In the event that more than one person can be credited with the creation of a specific robot, then the origin of said robot goes to whichever theater audience it was originally made for.

British Fictional Robots

Literature from the United Kingdom

Radio from the United Kingdom

Television from the United Kingdom

Czech Fictional Robots

Plays from The Czech Republic

French Fictional Robots

Ballets from France

Literature from France

German Fictional Robots

Film from Germany

Literature from Germany

Japanese Fictional Robots



United States of America Fictional Robots

Comics from the USA

Films from the USA

Literature from the USA

Television from the USA

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