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This is a complete list of Sim games, their expansion packs, and compilations. Most games were developed by Maxis and published either by Maxis (pre-1997 acquisition by Electronic Arts) or by Electronic Arts (post-1997). EA has also marketed and recruited companies to develop several games such as Bullfrog Productions, Firaxis, and Tilted Mill under the Sim brand.

Maxis Sim games


SimCity series

Compilation packs

The Sims series

Other Sim games

Compilation packs

  • Sim Mania (Released in 2000 for Windows, it includes SimCity, SimTower, SimIsle, SimCopter, Streets of SimCity and SimSafari.)
  • The Sim Collection (Released in 2003 for Windows, it includes SimTheme Park, The Sims, SimCity 3000 Unlimited and The Sims Online.)
  • Sim Mania 2 (Released in March 19 2003 for Windows, it includes SimCity 3000, SimTheme Park, SimCoaster and Sid Meier's SimGolf.)
  • Sim Mania 3 (Released in June 21 2005 for Windows, it includes SimCopter, SimSafari, SimTheme Park, SimCity 3000 Unlimited, SimCoaster and Sid Meier's SimGolf.)

Canceled games

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