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This article is about episodes of the anime Sister Princess, divided into the two seasons. Since ADV only has the license for the first season, the English titles below for the first season are those officially given by ADV; those of the second season are just approximate translations taken from here.

Sister Princess (1st season)

# Episode Name Original air date
01 "My Graduation"
"Boku no Guradyuēshon" (僕のグラデュエーション) 
April 4, 2001
After failing to pass a high school entrance exam, Wataru is unexpectedly whisked to Promised Island, where he meets four girls who turn out to be his sisters. 
02 "I Love Big Brother So Much!"
"Onii-chan, Daisuki!" (お兄ちゃん, 大好き!) 
April 11, 2001
A chain of initially unexplained events leads Wataru to meet his eight other sisters. 
03 "Together With Dear Brother"
"Onii-sama to Issho" (お兄様といっしょ) 
April 18, 2001
Wataru and his sisters go on their first day of school, but Wataru is feeling the pressure to watch over them. 
04 "Where's Mr. Teddy Bear?"
"Kuma-san, doko?" (くまさんどこ?) 
April 25, 2001
Wataru helps Hinako search for her teddy bear, even if that teddy bear only appears in her dreams. 
05 "E-mailing with Bro"
"Aniki to Mēru" (アニキとメール \(^◇^)/) 
May 2, 2001
The sisters are beginning to be suspicious about the numerous e-mail messages Wataru receives. So they each send their own. 
06 "Twelve Gentle Princesses"
"Onii-chan wa Ojii-sama" (お兄ちゃんは王子様♥) 
May 9, 2001
Wataru plays a prince in a play. His twelve sister get into the act, too. 
07 "Season of Love"
"Koisuru Kisetsu" (恋する季節) 
May 16, 2001
Simple fun with the laundry turned into play as the sisters dress themselves up as brides. 
08 "One Day Two of Us"
"Itsu no Hika Futari de" (いつの日かふたりで) 
May 23, 2001
Wataru spends a day with Marie. Marie, however, becomes sick because of a downpour. 
09 "Summer Has Come"
"Natsu ga Kimashita" (夏がきました) 
May 30, 2001
Wataru spends his initial summer days with his sisters. 
10 "Do Your Best, Big Bro!"
"Gambatte, Anii!" (頑張って, あにぃ!) 
June 6, 2001
Mamoru teaches her Big Bro Wataru how to swim. 
11 "Secret Tour With Bro"
"Aniki to Shīkuretto Tsuā" (アニキとシークレットツアー) 
June 13, 2001
Wataru and his sisters set out in an underwater tour in a submarine single-handedly constructed by Rin Rin. 
12 "Vacation Is Love"
"Bakansu wa Rabu yo" (バカンスはラブよ♥) 
June 20, 2001
After a mishap involving Rin Rin's submarine, Wataru and his sisters are marooned in an island with a very stylish beach house. 
13 "Summer With Big Brother"
"Onii-chan to no Natsu" (お兄ちゃんとの夏) 
June 27, 2001
Wataru reminisces his time with his sisters so far. 
14 "True Feelings"
"Hontō no Kimochi" (本当のキモチ♥) 
July 4, 2001
Wataru proposes to the sisters that whoever has a request, he will grant them. Karen's request to have a lightbulb that illuminates a painting changed ends up with the two spending their time together. 
15 "Aria's Ribbon"
"Aria nō Ribon" (亞里亞のおリボン) 
July 11, 2001
The wind blows away Aria's ribbon (which her Mon Frère Wataru gave her). She is then accompanied by a strange old man to help her find it. 
16 "Kaho Will Do Her Best!"
"Kaho, Ganbaccahau!" (花穂, がんばっちゃう!) 
July 18, 2001
Kaho continues to fumble on her cheerleading routine. She however tries her best to cheer for her Brother Wataru in the autumn sports festival. 
17 "It's Moxibustion...Blush"
"Okyū Desu wa... Po" (おキューですわ......ポッ♥) 
July 25, 2001
Haruka, being shy around her Beloved Brother Wataru, tries to ask him to take her out to the ball
18 "...Eternal...Vow..."
"...Eikyō no...Chigiri wo..." (......永久の......契りを......) 
August 1, 2001
While exploring Chikage's mind/world, Wataru doesn't notice that he is having an out-of-body experience
19 "Boxed Lunch of Love"
"Ai no Obentō Desu no" (愛のお弁当ですのっ) 
August 8, 2001
Shirayuki prepares some bento as a surprise for her Elder Brother Wataru. 
20 "Christmas Love Destiny"   August 15, 2001
Wataru celebrates Christmas with his sisters. 
21 "Me Two to Bro"
"Aniki ni me two" (アニキにme two \(^o^)/〜♥) 
August 22, 2001
Rin Rin introduces her latest invention to Bro Wataru—a gynoid clone of herself. 
22 "Check it Out, Brother Dearest!"
"Anichama, Chekkidesu" (兄チャマ, チェキデス♥) 
August 29, 2001
Wataru helps Yotsuba catch the thief known only as Clover. 
23 "First Guest"
"Hajimete no Okyakusama" (はじめてのお客様) 
September 5, 2001
Wataru's friend Akio arrives at the island for a visit, but his arrival makes Mami worried instead. 
24 "Premonition of a Farewell"
"Sayonara no Yokan" (さよならの予感) 
September 12, 2001
Akio tells Wataru that he had actually passed the exams. Will Wataru leave Promised Island because of this? 
25 "I Want to See...Brother"
"Aitai... Onii-chan" (あいたい...お兄ちゃん) 
September 19, 2001
The sisters' house feels empty as they miss their brother and anticipate his return with all their hearts. Meanwhile, Wataru is back in Tokyo with Akio and is ready to forget his memories in Promised Island. 
26 "Promised Island"
"Yakusoku no Shima" (約束の島) 
September 26, 2001
Against Akio's expectations, Wataru returns to Promised Island for good. The sisters become so happy for his return that they cherish every moment with him. 
There is also an episode 0 called Sister Princess Eve (シスター♥プリンセス 前夜祭) which was just a talk show/documentary which introduced the twelve sisters with their seiyus. It was aired a week before the first episode (March 28, 2001).

Sister Princess Repure (2nd season)

Except for the last episode, each episode is divided into two parts, labelled below as "A-side" and "B-side."

Episode No. Title
(English titles unofficial)
Original Air Date
1 "Heart Days"
"Hāto Deizu" (ハートデイズ)
October 2, 2002
"Karen: The Secret Locket"
"Karen: Karen-chan to Roketto no Himitsu" (可憐 - 可憐ちゃんとロケットの秘密)
2 "The Secret Garden"
"Himitsu no Hanazono... Nano!" (秘密の花園...なの!)
October 9, 2002
"Mamoru: When I Play Soccer..."
"Mamoru: Sakka wo Yaru Toki wa..." (衛 - サッカーをやる時は...)
3 "The Temptation of Chestnuts"
"Maron no Yūwaku" (マロンの誘惑)
October 16, 2002
"Aria: The Day the Circus Came"
"Aria: Sākasu ga Kita Hi" (亞里亞 - サーカスが来た日)
4 "It's Sleepover Day"
"Ehehe... Otomari no Hi Desu." (えへへ...お泊まりの日です.)
October 23, 2002
"Hinako: Piyo-chan and the Rainy Frog"
"Hinako: Piyo-chan to Amefuri Kaeru" (雛子 - ピヨちゃんと雨降りカエル)
5 "An Endless Wish to the Shooting Stars"
"Nagareru Hoshi Nitsukime Negai wo" (流れる星につきぬ願いを)
October 30, 2002
"Kaho: The Shining Red Shoes"
"Kaho: Pikka-pikka no Akai Kutsu" (花穂 - ピッカピッカの赤いくつ)
6 "A Mug of Big Bro and Me"
"Anii to Boku no Magukappu" (あにぃとボクのマグカップ)
November 6, 2002
"Rinrin: If the Spring Wind Blows"
"Rinrin: Nishikaze ga Fuitara" (鈴凛 - 西風が吹いたら)
7 "The Magic Word"
"Mahō no Kotoba" (魔法の言葉)
November 13, 2002
"Chikage: A Golden Fruit"
"Chikage: Kin-iro no Kajitsu" (千影 - 金色の果実)
8 "It's Visiting Day"
"Menkaibi Nano Desu!" (面会日なのです!)
November 20, 2002
"Yotsuba: Broken Unicorn"
"Yotsuba: Kowareta Yunikōn" (四葉 - 壊れたユニコーン)
9 "Are You Close to Me... Bro?"
"Sobani Iruyo ne... Aniki" (そばにいるよね...アニキ)
November 27, 2002
"Haruka: My Swinging Heart to the Strip of Paper"
"Haruka: Yureru Omoi wo Tanjaku ni..." (春歌 - 揺れる想いを短冊に...)
10 "The Red String of Fate"
"Unmei no Akai Ito" (運命の赤い糸)
December 4, 2002
"Marie: In the Sunny Day"
"Otenki no Ii Hi wa..." (鞠絵 - お天気のいい日は...)
11 "The Box of Memories"
"Omoide no Takarabako" (思い出の宝箱)
December 11, 2002
"Shirayuki: Teaching of Madam"
"Shirayuki: Madamu no Oshie" (白雪 - マダムの訓え)
12 "Dear Brother's Restaurant"
"Oni-sama no Resutoran" (お兄さまのレストラン)
December 18, 2002
"Sakuya: Holy Wedding"
"Sakuya: Hōrī Uedingu" (咲耶 - ホーリーウエディング)
13 "Pure Christmas"
"Pyua Kurisumasu" (ピュアクリスマス) 
December 25, 2002


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