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This is a selected list of Source engine Mods (modifications). This list is divided into single player and multiplayer mods.


Single-player mods

  • Black Mesa - A total conversion mod of Half-Life 2 that features the original Half-Life storyline, characters, and enemies in the high-definition graphics of the Source engine. Currently under development, aimed for a 2009 release, but now release date is undecided.[1]
  • Eclipse - A fantasy themed action-adventure total conversion mod in 3rd person view, developed by students of The Guildhall at SMU.
    • Received 2005 Editor's Choice (released mod) from Mod DB.[2]
  • Flipside - a mod where the player takes the role of a mental patient who is breaking out. Flipside was an IGF 2008 Finalist[3] and received Mod DB's 2007 Editor's Choice award.[4]
  • MINERVA - Episodic single-player mod based in the Half-Life 2 universe, with a style of storytelling inspired by classic games such as Marathon and System Shock. The first episode, Metastasis 1, was released in September 2005, the second, Metastasis 2, was released on the 3rd of March, 2006; and the third and fourth chapters were released on the 1st October 2007. MINERVA was ranked #11 mod of 2005, #5 mod of 2006 and #5 mod of 2007 by Mod DB.
  • Research and Development, a "non-combative" modification created by Matt Bortolino that has been likened to Portal, in which the player uses the gravity gun and other aspects of the Source engine physics to solve puzzles and progress forward.[5][6]
  • Riot Act - A mod set in the universe of Half-Life 2. Players take on the role of Jamil Lee, a young member of the civilian resistance. She begins the game imprisoned at Nova Prospekt by the Combine.[7]
  • Operation Lambda - A Total Conversion Modification of Half-life 2, which explores the origins of the Combine. It takes players through the Combine Homeworld, the debris of Black Mesa, and the beginning of the 7 Hour war.[9]

Multiplayer mods

  • Age of Chivalry - A multiplayer modification. Players fight for either the Mason Order or Agathian Knights in a fictional medieval environment using swords, spears and many other medieval weaponry. Version 1.0 was released on 12/01/07. Age of Chivalry received Mod DB Editor's Choice for 2007.[4]
  • Dystopia - A cyberpunk-themed total conversion that pits Punk mercenaries against Corporate security forces in both the physical world and cyberspace. Last release February 06, 2009. Dystopia received the Player's Choice Honorable Mention from Mod DB in 2006,[10] Best Mod for Half-Life 2 during the Independent Games Festival in 2006,[11] and received the "Mod Of The Year - 3rd place" and "Genre Award - Action" for mods of 2005 by Mod DB.[12]
  • Fortress Forever - A mod based on Valve's Team Fortress Classic, but has been created entirely from scratch by the Fortress Forever development team. The intended scope of Fortress Forever is to please the adamant Team Fortress Classic fans, while at the same time creating a game enjoyable enough to players new to Team Fortress styled games. The mod was released on September 13, 2007.[24] Fortress Forever received "Best mod of 2007" in PC Gamer magazine.[25]
  • Garry's Mod - A "sandbox" mod that allows the player to manipulate objects using the Source physics engine. Allows both single- and multi-player interaction. Version 10 released commercially and version 9 available for free on Steam. Garry's Mod received Mod DB's "Player's Choice Honorable Mention" from Mod DB in 2006,[10] "Mod of the Year" in 2005[26] and "Genre Award: Puzzle" from in 2005.[27]
  • GoldenEye: Source - A total conversion for Half-Life 2 that aims to recreate the original Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye 007. It received Mod DB's "Editors' Choice for Reinvention" in 2006,[28] "Third Place, Mod of the Year" in 2006,[10] and "Fourth Place, Top Unreleased Mods" in 2005.[29]
  • Half-Life 2: Capture The Flag - A simple capture-the-flag mod. Players are divided into two teams, Combine and Rebels, and try to steal the other team's flag from their base and return it to their own for points, with the aid of ability enhancing runes and various weapons.
  • Hidden: Source - Pits one player (called The Hidden) as an invisible genetically-modified human against a team of SWAT-like operatives called the Infinitum Research Intercept Squad, (IRIS) with regular human attributes but a selection of weapons to choose. The IRIS team's objective is to hunt down the Hidden, while the Hidden attempts to stalk and kill the IRIS team without being detected. Hidden: Source won Mod DB's "Fourth Place, Mod of the Year" in 2006,[10] "Editors' Choice for Ambience" in 2006,[28] and "Editors' Choice for Multiplayer" in 2005.[2]
  • Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat - Is a total conversion mod for Valve Software's Source Engine. Insurgency is a multiplayer, tactical first person shooter, and implements elements of realism, in an attempt to increase player immersion and promote teamwork. The game is primarily set in the Iraq war, however some maps are set in Afghanistan, and future updates are planned to expand the setting into a hypothetical conflict in Kosovo and other theatres. Insurgency received the Player's Choice 2007 "Mod of the Year" award from ModDB,[30] as well as the "Best Source Mod of 2007" Gold Award from Steamfriends.[31]
  • Iron Grip: The Oppression - A first-person shooter/real-time strategy hybrid set within the fictional Iron Grip universe in a predominantly urban setting. The game pits two separate factions against each other: the Rahmos and the Resistance. Playing as the Rahmos gives at least one, but typically fewer players control of an array of AI-controlled NPCs in a top-down real-time strategy perspective. Players in the resistance, conversely, are individual players in the first-person perspective fighting the player-controlled NPCs. Awarded Editors' Choice for Innovation from Mod DB in 2006[28], and Players' Choice Honorable Mention for Multi-Genre from Mod DB in 2006.[19]
  • Jailbreak Source - A team based first-person shooter where each team has a jail in their base. When an enemy player is killed, they will respawn inside your jail, where they can either await release by their own team who are fighting to get to the release button, or escape by their own means, through devious and deadly escape routes. Jailbreak Source has received media coverage and reviews from Planet Half-Life,[32] Total PC Gaming Magazine,[33] and ModDB[34]. Alongside Interviews with ModDB [35] and [36]
  • Mario Kart Source - A Half-Life 2 mod which attempts to use the best features from each game in the Mario Kart series. It is not licensed by Nintendo[37] and has received criticism for its lack of originality.[38] The release date for this mod has yet to be announced.
  • Pirates, Vikings and Knights II - A mostly melee-based mod featuring three factions – Pirates, Vikings and Knights – and includes map objectives such as Deathmatch or Capture the Flag. The beta version supports six playable characters.
  • Plan of Attack - A multiplayer first-person shooter that highlights strategy, teamwork, and out-thinking the enemy. Last official release October 5, 2005. However, the development team has halted development and released the source code of the mod. Currently a new mod team is recruiting to continue development of the mod.
  • SourceForts - A capture-the-flag mod. Teams use gravity guns to build a fort out of given parts during the build phases, and assault the other team's fort during the combat phases. One can play as a Soldier, Sniper, Engineer, Rocketeer, or Scout in a fast-paced battle for glory. Last release September 1, 2008.
    • Thirteenth Place, Mod of the Year from Mod DB in 2005[41]
    • Players' Choice Genre Award: Action from Mod DB in 2006[19]
  • Synergy - A cooperative mod. Synergy supports official campaigns by Valve, user-made levels, and other third-party mods (MINERVA, City 7, and Riot Act so far). In September 2008, Valve introduced it as one of the first five Source mods being offered on Steam and supported by Steamworks.[42][43]
  • Zombie Master - Zombie Master is a multiplayer Half-Life 2 modification centered around a zombie-apocalypse. Zombie Master incorporates Real-time Strategy elements for one "zombie master" player while the other players continue to use a First-person Shooter style of play. The goal of the modification is to introduce an innovative game style into the popular Survivors vs Zombies game genre. Zombie Master is available as a free download to anyone owning a legal Source Engine based game. The last update has been released and development will not continue. However, the community is planning on continuing work on it as a separate mod titled Zombie Master : Industries.
  • Zombie Panic! Source - A team-based zombie themed mod which pits player-controlled survivors against player-controlled zombies. The gameplay style simulates an outbreak: The zombie team starts with only a few players, but their ranks grow as survivors are defeated and switch to the zombie team. Its first public release was on December 28, 2007[44], and it received the Mod DB, players' choice, top unreleased mod award for 2007.[45]
  • Portal:TTS - A modification for the valve game portal ( ) that allows multiplayer support on the the game. Unlike any other modifications to the source engine the combat system is unique and great fun. Portal:TTS has 5 Gamemodes that test the players Skill, Teamwork and concentration throughout the game. Until the game is released and available for download no other information will be released. The modification is almost finished and is expected to be released near April.

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